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MARYLAND - (Dear Audience Family) First, thank-you for visiting!!!  I hope you learned of my platform website address from a suggestion by a family member or friend. We love word-of-mouth here; it is important to note that I really appreciate and value written communication, too. I have aspirations of being a talk-show host of my own nationally-syndicated TV show. Formerly located in Union City, Georgia.

®, supporting personal and family goals since 1979.

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Offering Home Management Concierge including B2B Services. Home and family-friendly services including amusement advertisement publications to approach the family lifestyle in local American communities. Providing services in a way that preserves and cultivate the dignity and respect of the family lifestyle and family-friendly local-community amusements. An audience-family style membership, loyalty social outlet [for-profit] brand. Simply choose from the many social activities of this platform that are appropriate for or at your unique household, that's it!


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Amusements. News. Family Lifestyle In Local Communities.


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A so helpful customer service brand name.



Helping People. Helping Families.

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  • Landscapers Project®, a national project.
  • Personal Devotion (GICPA community outreach). Assembly Care, christian-ministry social activities for those who chose to include or participate within your unique household (worship, prayer and meditation, and sermons). Yes, your unique household, you will see or hear me comment these descriptive words to identify your immediate-family lifestyle, "your unique household."  Ministry color - Turquoise and an open-cross style vision purpose. God, the Holy Trinity of God, is not purposed to our small thinking or seclusion. Jesus has risen and no longer nailed or restricted on the more-than-2,000-year-old cross.

Real-Talk Information, Who Cares
Who cares? Yes, I am financially challenged right now and on a fixed income, so are a lot of other people who have gone through horrific situations. My cup is half-full not half empty; how about yours? Yes, I am an active entrepreneur and founder of this company. Yes, I am also the founder, president, and principal director of a career-exploration and consumer-education website platform, A Time To Learn Academy (ATLA). Yes, I am the biological mother and co-parent of four kids--3 daughters and 1 son. Yes, preachers and other leaders make or try to make reference, or use me as their highly public-leader example of what not to become or what lifestyle not to pursue. I can't change, for decline of said discrimination, my racial identity (black Indian), my gender (female), or the fact that I am divorced from my first husband [It wasn't my desire]: we love our kids; we are parenting, we are parents. My biological kids,are now teens and young adults. They are adapting to living in our unique home-styles, lifestyles, and parental ways/mannerisms.

My journal-memoir, The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness. I call it a compilation of forgiveness while growing up, life experiences, on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Tate Publishing, my original book publisher, has closed its office and company brand (spring, 2017).  I am currently accepting book orders for new publishing-company and movie-deal opportunity. I would like to have a movie-deal opportunity, and TV national talk-show opportunity based on my published work and consulting customer care. 

Please take a moment to explore this platform and all that is offers. You may call, email, or chat with me.


With Love, 


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