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Sherlene D. Stevens (pronounced Shur-leen Stee-vens) is formerly known as Sherlene Stevens-Gould (divorce, 2007). 

Young me ...
Young me ... Native American of Color ... child.  

Online, Offline, and Local

Family-Friendly Services

1. Cultural seasonal traditions including holiday decors;

2. Family-Friendly News; 

3. Family-Appropriate Amusements;

4. Home Management Services;

5. Family Lifestyle Counseling;

One of our Family Reunions - Great Grand Parents and My Great Aunts and Uncles
A photo of maternal family [Family Reunion]--Great Grandparents, my grandmother (the only one looking in opposite direction), and Great Aunts and Uncles (as of 2018, just a few of pictured still living).
6. Family personal stylist and shopper; and,

7. Published memoir-journal, 

The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness. (originally, A Compilation of Forgiveness.) 


To see more pictures of my maternal family, click to view pics.






Why?! This is my "why" of why I believe in consistent family values and traditions:


Making of Brand: Company Timeline


 "Have you taken time to  arrange situations in your life's experiences box?" ~The Script In My Box

Childhood and Early Life

Wonderful Upbringing ...

Thankful Every Day

For The Mother and Father

That The Holy Trinity of God Chose For Me.

A Typical, Normal Large Family So I Thought . . . 


-1978; 1984 I began participating in external local programs for gifted and talented public school youth (ex., 4-H, volunteering activities in my local community, and entrepreneurship) fulfilling the learning goals/objectives "as if" I was in a more urban environment, realizing that I lived in a very rural and southern disadvantaged area: a child (G&T student, minority and minority academic level) who still needed to be educated. In 1984, I began babysitting (in-home, mother's helper, and at my Johnson Town/ Pomona Maryland home while my mother was present) for friends, family, and neighbors. Sherlene was also home schooled by her mother during her early years.


-1985 High School studies Business: Office Technology and Education. She participates in the school's choir and committee for class events. She tutors youth of Chestertown, Maryland in math, reading, and the arts.

-1988 Sherlene is a long time member (age 7 - 15) of Chestertown Reach Outs 4-H Club located in Kent County, (Chestertown) Maryland. Discusses plans with the Town of Chestertown in regards to a youth center in the old location of the Super Fresh grocery store building that now houses a Dollar General.

-1989 Sherlene graduates Queen Anne's County High School (Specialization: Business: Office Technology and Education). She receives a full college scholarship by the 4-H Youth Development program. Hired full-time at State Highway Administration (Chestertown, MD; State roads industry and tracking State weather for citizens' and staffs' travel) as an administrative assistant for the front-end office.

-1990-1994 Sherlene forms a 4-H Club (age 19), Young Developers, which includes a tutoring program in Chestertown. She developed the curriculum (lesson plans) used for the club with resources provided by the local community businesses. She works as a substitute teacher for the Kent County Board of Education.


College Years

Meaness, Racial Hatred, and Cultural Dysfunction

-1992 Sherlene transferred from Chesapeake College (Wye Mills, MD) to Delaware State College (University), Dover, Delaware. She majored in a specialty dual major education program: Business Management/Communication and Education, Grade 5-12. The program is not offered anywhere else within a 200 mile radius. She continues to work as a substitute teacher, and several other part-time jobs while attending college, full-time.

-1993 Sherlene is hired full-time at a local, Kent County, elementary school as a teacher's aide while still attending Delaware (DE) State College, full-time.

-1994-1996 Sherlene works full-time as an Instructional Assistant at a local middle school. Her work experience includes creating an Alternative Education program for middle-school youth to increase desire, and discipline of learning in a traditional classroom environment. Sherlene was given her own classroom to be used for the program. In June 1996, she was close to completing her undergraduate degree, she temporarily resigned from her full-time position to complete requested day hours in the Teacher Education program at DE State college. During this time, she home schooled her first daughter.

-1997 Sherlene is still enrolled in college (full-time), and works part-time at a local hospital in Chestertown as a front-end main switchboard (CBX) operator.

-1998 Sherlene (and other students in major) was told that her dual major would no longer be honored during the renovation phase of the college becoming a University due to NCATE (teaching reform) policies. She was given the option of changing her major, or transferring to a different college. She commuted 3/4 times a week from Chestertown to Delaware to attend college due to her committment of working with the community in Chestertown. Her second daughter was born.

-2000 Sherlene announces her divorce request to the community of Kent County.

-2001 Sherlene remains married, and is taking courses to become a child care director at Chesapeake College,Wye Mills, MD (funding provided by a local government agency based on the Chestertown need's base for such a program). Her goal is to open a day care/learning center in the Chestertown community. She is also taking Liberal Arts courses, and has completed a 90-clock hour certification in Early Childhood Education. She is employed part-time at Queen Annes' County Board of Education as a home hospital teacher, and substitute teacher. Her third child was born, a son.

-2002 Sherlene has four children now -3 girls and 1 boy. All are being home schooled.

-2003 Sherlene discusses another leadership plan with the Town of Chestertown in regards to using the old building of the Family Support Center in the Business Park (Emory Hill) complex. All constituents approved location site. Kent County Schools approves site for (A Time To Learn) Learning Center. Her husband moved Sherlene and children out of Kent County due to his job. The family is currently residing in Centreville, MD. Due to Storm Isabel, Sherlene and kids moved to Hartly, Delaware. This move lasted only a short time. Several ministries were formed while a member of Aaron Chapel United Methodist Church, Rock Hall, MD. She is currently a lay speaker for the United Methodist Church, Easton, MD, (Eastern Peninsula) 2002-2003. Sherlene completed (state-government and national) Parents and Families Education Information training, Spring 2003

-2004 She and her family currently reside in Greensboro, MD due to her husband's job. Final year of home schooling review of her children by the local Board of Education in Caroline County, MD.

-2005-2006 Sherlene is separated from her husband and children, and is attending Sojourner Douglass College to complete courses needed for Delaware State University credential review. She has filed for divorce. Currently, she is no longer home schooling her children.

-2007-2008 Sherlene attends Wilmington University, and completes her undergraduate degree in General Studies, concentrating in Business and Education. She currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

-2008 Sherlene looks for a full-time teaching job during a recession, and lay-off of teachers in the Delaware area.


Launch of Existing Company Brand

May I Help You? ... Your Family?...

-2009 Sherlene creates her business using her personal experience. In October 2009, she launched the Department of Its An Event And Company. The company's web site was introduced with several web site names. It's now written in stone:) She returned to substituting in her current community with intentions on working as a teacher, full-time.

-2010 Sherlene created for the New Monday Show. The Department of A Time To Learn Academy was reopened with more programs and services in the state of Delaware. It is the first school of its kind in the state.

-2011 In September, Sherlene developed H.E.L.P. (Helping Each Loving Person) services.

-2012 Her first-book, a memoir releases (June 5), The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness is a straight-talk mystery novel for young adults, and adults. It discusses life experiences or challenges that can be avoided. Sherlene Stevens' Outreach (H.E.L.P.-Forward program) is revised and launched, June 8, 2012. Sherlene completes her master's. She also completes a formal janitorial, including landscaping , franchise certification.

Well, relocated to Washington, D.C.: for more paid work or job projects.

-2013 The International Family Bonding and Cultural Center will be 75% online by January 1, 2013; a Made in America business brand.


Well, relocated to Union City, GA.: for more paid work or job projects . A 15-20 mile radius of a major city: Downtown Atlanta, GA.


-Most recently, in May/June, 2015 A second move to the Union City, GA area.


-June 4, 2015  Relaunched my Avon business, including re-branding and adding two new sales teams (Sales Development and Ethnic-Pride Sales Reps). My retail company of Avon products is available both locally (offline) and online 24/7.


-July, 2016  My official web site address is now and .org will no longer be used my brand.


-July, 2017 Relocated to Annapolis, Maryland to be closer to maternal and paternal family, and ex-husband. I now know that my paternal family is actually from a southern state of our country. 


-August, 2017 Volunteering (begun 8/26) as weather and community first-responder social-media communication director when applicable; Redeveloped the disaster-relief project platform available to my audience family (website, social media, etc.).


-September, 2017 Redeveloped my personal-shopper consulting services locally (Current independent personal-shopping stylist care: Annapolis Westfield Mall "Sears", "J.C. Penney"; Stevensville "Kmart"; Chestertown, MD "Sears", "Chesapeake 5 Theatres" (late November or December, 2017 grand opening); Washington, D.C. Ward 7 "Ross"; Union City, Georgia "Kroger").


-End-of-Year, 2017 Rebranding effort of company name from Its An Event and Company to The Sherlene Brand (original vision intent).


NewMonday, InterestingTuesday, DoableWednesday, AnticipatingThursday, PleasantFriday, InvestmentSaturday, and Eco-Friendly Sunday; The New Monday Radio Show w. Sherlene Stevens (Have A Nice Day, Smile To One Stranger Every Day,The middle ground crossing new territories, and Solving Problems with Humble Prayers and Planting Seeds With Faith); The Family Bond Paper; A Global Business located in the States; Its An Event and Company now known as The Sherlene Brand.

Are You Prepared To Be Talked About? are words of A Time To Learn Academy. Motto: We are in business to help others.


1. To resolve family-event announcement challenges due to lack of ad space venues in rural America.
2. To provide opportunities of family-bonding in time and tasks to the general public and family members.
3. To provide counseling to families of how to be productive in family-oriented goals and activities.

In summary, promoting family bonding by providing non-emergency resources and praise recognition through a for-profit—central office--and a sister-company non-profit department of this customer service concierge organizational model, online and offline or locally.


Highlighting events of the continents --Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Company Slogan: A so helpful brand name.


Company Values: Faith, Determination, Skills, Education, Partnerships, Networking


Portal Slogan: Amusements. Family Lifestyle. In Local Communities.