Home Management: Community Services 

The following are homestyle services that I think are great! You may notice that I reference them alot. These are American programs and organizations that are available in our local communities.



  1. Having more productive landlords that can afford to maintain their properties for city code and/or HUD code standards and requirements; 
  2. Affordable rental ads for disadvantaged landlords;
  3. Recycling products and services;
  4. Community beautification. (flowers, landscape, clean sidewalks, etc.); and,


  1. Any state's or any state's community-outreach program of home or shelter energy assistance programs to help pay bills of electric, air conditioning cooling, and/or heating;
  2. Joe-4-Oil oil energy-assistance program publicity;
  3. Habitat for Humanity organization that helps build, and offers affordable homes for sale to new homeowners;
  4. Any states or any state's community-outreach program of homeowner weatherization assistance programs (installs needed basic products or remodels spacing areas of homes for improved homeowner usage); and,
  5. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) federal program provides funding for low- to middle-income renters.
  6. Transportation brand options available in every rural town and urban community.


*My general public nonprofit (A Time To Learn Academy) advocates the food pantry concept and our donations: pencils to public schools, and free career counseling and exploration local, community activities.