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Unique Family Households
"America is a country of unique family households and homestyles." -The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness

























Ladies and their ....                  Gentlemen and their ....  





As for Our Homestyle





None of our unique households have female glass ceilings or male-bashing.


The Kitchen


The Living Room


The Bathroom


The Family Room


Homework or Hobby Area


Home Office Area


Parent(s) Bedroom


Kid(s) Bedroom

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To be productive, use coupons for things you know that you want to try, or items that you usually purchase for your unique household.
Hey Neighbor, To be really productive, try using coupons for things you know that you want to try, or items that you usually purchase for your unique household.

Do you use coupons? Does your unique household clip paper coupons, or mobile-friendly coupons?  Join the many unique households that use coupons for one-time or routine purchases.


View my consumer-friendly nonprofit's, the Healthy Family, social-media segment. Each Wednesday, we feature and share a vegetable or snack recipe on social media.  During the segment, you can also download an ecoupon for an item ingredient used.  


For wise unique households, join our Coupon Tickler Society. To participate in coupon-clipping activity portion, begin by Subscribe Here. As a member of our Society, you will receive other coupons and more. Don't worry, we will "never" ask you to pay a membership fee to be a member.

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