I would like to become a part of your help-services and community outreach activities. Choose one of the following, or provide what you would like to offer.
Community Outreach Volunteerism (ex. extreme weather cleanup)0 out of 00.00%
Interfaith Family-Friendly Prayer Group and Contact Number0 out of 00.00%
'Don't Waste Food' Food Drive (ex. one-time, monthly, holiday, etc.)0 out of 00.00%
Remote/Local Board Member Volunteer (A Time To Learn Academy0 out of 00.00%
Personal Assistant Volunteer to Sherlene0 out of 00.00%
Youth Outreach and Announcements Volunteerism0 out of 00.00%
Fundraising and International Charity Volunteerism0 out of 00.00%
0 out of 00.00%