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Sherlene D. Stevens: Owner of the Free World; Queen/U.S. President including leader of all places of U.S. worship places and formal schools.


Activity 1: I have made a formal declaration that all local, public schools will now be referred to as community basic schools.


Activity 2: I have made a formal declaration that there will be no more political-party divide.  There will be only "one" political party in the U.S.; It will be referred to as the Free World Political Party. Amendment/Correction: There will no longer be political parties in North America. 


Activity 3: I have made a formal declaration that, until further notice, there will remain a formal Congress (Senate, and House of Reps).


Activity 4: I have made a formal declaration that the new curriculum, that will be used at all formal education settings, be distributed immediately. Over night, the Senate approved such emergency actions. It is now written and is the first new law of the land in year of 2018.


Activity 5: I have made a formal declaration that grants (money that doesn't have to be paid back) be granted to any places of worship.  Such grants will provide funding to allow religious leaders to purchase the King James Version Bible for their fellowship buildings. Congregations (all faiths) may purchase any version of the Bible to use at their unique homestyles. 


Activity 6: Congress will no longer approve new federal laws. Such laws will be reviewed for approval or officially declared by me. However, if necessary, Congress will reject any law that may be deemed inappropriate or not in the interest of the majority of modern citizens, states, or environments.


Activity 7: I believe that my opponent is trying to block book "Fire and Fury" because it provides further details of how he stole the presidency from me in 2016 (which caused the recent emergency election). Millard Fillmore once said, "An honorable defeat is better than a dishonorable victory."


Activity 8: I need each of you, dear citizens, to understand the severity of my student-loan activity (as discussed in video). First, I fully have empathy for all of our college students that have combined student-loan debt and current financial challenges. My student-loan activity is much different than the majority of our college students' participations. And must be treated as such by all (citizens, colleges, government, and judicial networks and entities). That is why such activity is classified and referenced in such a way in the video:  A G&T student participating in a rigorous college major (typical education behavior of a G&T individual) that was so rigorous that the school, eventually or abruptly, closed the major (because current students do not want to focus or have the discipline in such participations). I believe that, socially, there may have been some making fun of typical G&T college-student behaviors. Again, we must remember that this was a major that was not offered in a majority of our country's colleges. So there the vision or focus was for students of other states to attend this specific school to receive such a rigorous degree. It doesn't matter what is not willing to understand by typical attitudes ... these are the facts that have been legally & building-administrations verified.  


The reality is we all must realize that we are productively coming out of the former country-wide economic recession (During my campaign run, I expressed the economic reality should have been classified as an economic depression). My student loans and investigative interactions are "assumed" to be indefinite until said student loans are paid in full. My actions: I want this case to be resolved immediately and let's be clear there is no justification why such action can't happen immediately.  This is an external or personal matter unless external networks or teaming create said actions again of which will not be tolerated by all States (governor's actions) involved, or by my administration or me.


Overall, I would like my administration to create a committee, and create a committee-name title for what we can do to resolve the student-loan and debt-ratio crisis. The initial phase should be completed as a six-week project objective.


Lastly, we are educating today's youth of the sacrifices of taking on such debt. Initial grants and scholarships are given to high-school students who have achieved socially or educationally before college: funding that does not have to be paid back financially but socially--by helping another or working in disadvantaged communities for a specific time frame.


Activity 9: January 20, 2018 - National Women's March Today.  Gentlemen, walk with your women today, if you can.  I would be out there with you, ladies, but my feet's skin is still healing from all the walking that I have done for local citizens.  I thank the Holy Trinity of God that I am beginning to wear my heels again (smiles, if only for a short time): a person that wore heels to work "all the time." When I was asked to leave my home-town communities, they took away my vehicle ("Nope her husband's vehicle and give it back to him."; a grey minivan that I was about to trade in for another vehicle using a student-loan refund check in Wilmington, Delaware.). Since such mishap, I have been walking ever since. For eleven years now, I have been renting cars--whenever I can afford it to do so--for self, my kids, immediate relatives, and for local families within U.S. communities. Keep praying with me ... a good report. Prayer with actions does work.


Activity 10: January, 2018 - Global Sinking vs. Climate Change. My administration and I choose to focus on global sinking (land areas within local communities) rather than climate change. I have requested emergency funding so that all governors (including HUD) may inform their citizens and localities of the importance of building or rebuilding homes and commercial properties using the updated flooding or code regulations: if you see something say something. Every locality or community of the U.S. will now adhere to such zoning regulations.  Your taxes of last year and allocated 2018 federal-budget dollars must be used to prepare for this year's actions of global sinking. As your president, I will not allow continued dollars to be wasted in helping to preserve land areas (communities) that we know are flooding: just from the average rain fall, or are formally classified as flood-prone community areas.


Ground spaces that will not pass the traditional perk tests will no longer receive any compliance-standard suggestions or waivers. Such lands will no longer be approved for building structures. I repeat such lands will no longer be approved for new building structures effective January, 2018.


The deceased will not be permitted in burial spacings classified as low-lying land areas. Families should be suggested to choose new burial spacings, if already purchased or paid-assigned in local cemetery neighborhoods.


Activity 11: April 20, 2018 -- Global Youth Service Day Today.  I am requesting that all public, national or government education offices (schools, colleges, buildings) update their communication policies to include "school choices" as the official term for all available learning strategies in our country.  


Activity 12: April 21, 2018--U.S. Boat Rescuers. Today, Congress (State of Emergency actions), governors, and my administration and I discussed actions of boat rescuers. Boat rescuers shall not request fare from flooding victims.  Boat rescuers may verbally request or post an announcement poster requesting a free-will donation before and after rescue.  As stated, boat rescuers will face stiffer legal penalties than local loiters if applicable. Boat rescuers are requested to wear a name badge, and be professional in actions of rescues. 


Activity 13: December 28, 2018--HUD's Section 8/HCVP customers are not required to move every year. There is no policy that states that said customers have to move every single year. There are still significant challenges of concern at any state's public housing developments.  As I end my term, there are still major challenges with the overall Affordable Housing programs of HUD.  I am still suggesting that the Affordable Housing program be remodeled.  I would still like to see a "national" renters program for tenants/family composition who earn $100,000 or less; a free-will rental-program application process format. It needs to be a rental program that isn't so concerned with how many people live in a rental unit or home (or aka family composition), but simply based on the overall net income minus personal expenses of each household member in this country.  The family composition or the number of people in a dwelling place should adhere to the city's or county's code enforcement to not be underhoused (not having adequate spacing for the family composition). For example a 1-bedroom should not exceed three people; 2-bedroom should not exceed five people; 3-bedroom should not exceed seven people; and a 4-bedroom should not exceed nine people.


It was a pleasure to be your servant for yet another year. As you know, my leadership style has been of serving all racial identities and socio-economic groups of this North American continent. I have made less political changes to government programs and agencies this year with Trump than with former leader Obama. As a citizen of this country, you must realize that a law can be adopted and in four years the law could change based on who is in leadership, based on the majority of our political parties.  


Best wishes and cheers to you and yours in the coming year of 2019! I pray that the selected new servant will be able to accomplish things that will be productive for our families, our citizens, this country, and interactions with our neighbors across the pond or neighbors globally. 


Lastly, just be mindful and remember that Trump (or any president) receives $400,000 salary per year to cover his family's unique household expenses. "Do you really know how much I do with what little I have?": no car, with no homestyle to call my own that I personally choose such as the lifestyle of a formal or former president, my kids college experiences isn't being paid in full by me, and my students loans (the education fraud) are still on the federal government books (U.S. Department of Education "cancel my loans").  Trump: financially wealthy; Sherlene: government history and policy-action wealthy. Sometimes having knowledge is more important than having Trump-style financial wealth. Sometimes one's volunteering is just as important as a $400,000-salaried male government personnel: a staffer who can get a work-verification letter any time that he needs one.



Sherlene Deanna Stevens