This page is for my daughters and sons of my audience family who have adopted me a.k.a Mom or Mom Sherlene, while still appreciating their own history background of their parents and family sets.

Ok, Mom  ... Sister .... Auntie  Sherlene


What I Am Infamous of Saying 

  1. No cell phone texting while driving.
  2. Clean and organize your bedroom at least every three days. Clean and organize your house at least once a week, and when the turn of spring and winter.
  3. Think before you say ... Who is your audience at the moment? Have control over your tongue. 
  4. Respect people for who they are even if you don't believe in what they do--including the LGBT community.
  5. Do you know whether your shopping purchases are appreciated by the owner? How?
  6. Homeschool your child(ren) until the entrance of the middle-school years or longer if you can--use A Time To Learn Academy as a point of reference or guide. If you can't or rather not homeschool, be supportive in learning situations--join a community club or national organization based on your unique household's financial situation.

Lastly, you only get one real mother in life--be respectful and obey her culturalistic rules even when you don't think you can.

Are You Going Somewhere For More than a Day
Know the culture, and learn your way around: Read maps and any local community information, before using travel apps or GPS.

Hurricanes usually occur in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea between June 1 and November 30. The word hurricane comes from hurakan, the storm god of the Caribbean Taino Indians. Hurricane warnings is important in tropical areas and the Caribbean because ordinarily their weather doesn't change.

Seasons in the southern part of South America are opposite to the American seasons. Summer begins in December and winter begins in June. Your South American relatives or friends have two major weather seasons: rainy and dry. So keeping up with the news is rather unordinary.

Share your  "Family-Bonding" stories with me: example, such as greatest achievement or greatest challenge. Your real name will not be published.

Would you like to share an interesting family-topic viewpoint or concern, here on the portal, of a news-topic that I presented?


If so,
E-mail:  Subject line: Dear Sherlene

Rules: Article must be no more than one typewritten page in length, using an 8 1/2 X 11 writing-style format with a 12-point font. 


Dear Sherlene, I Just Wanted to Tell You That My Unique Household or Family Set (s) ...

"My unique household is very concerned about--
the  flooding patterns happening in many of our communities in North America." (August, 2017)

"My unique household is very concerned about--
the increase of racism happening in local communities, not only in North America." (2016)