Kind Words . . .

to Use at Your Unique Family Homestyle

Source: Unknown, n.d.


That's Incredible!  How Extraordinary!  Far Out!


Outstanding Performance! Great! Amazing Effort!


Unbelievable! Wonderful! Marvelous! Phenomenal!


Superb! Your Project is First-Rate! You've Outdone Yourself!


Way To Go! Thumbs Up! You're A Good Friend! Terrific!


You Tried Hard! You Did Much Better! This Is Much Better!


You Did You're Best! Your Help Counts! You Made It Happen!


Fantastic Work! Fabulous! Bravo! Exceptional! You're Unique!


Awesome! The Time You Put In Really Shows!


You're A Great Example For Others! Keep Up The Good Work!


It's Everything I Hoped For! You Should B
Feelings Chart That We Use At the Portal
e Proud of Yourself!


What An Imagination! You Made The Difference!


Very Good! A+ Work! Super Job! Good For You! Take A Bow!


You Figured It Out! Great Answer! You're Doing A Lot Better!


Thanks For Being Honest! How Artistic! You're A Joy!


How Thoughtful of You! You're Amazing! You're Getting There!


What A Great Idea! You Deserve A Hug! Thanks For Trying!


You're Getting Better! You're A Big Help! You're Sensational!


You've Made Progress! You've Got What It Takes! You Can Be Trusted!


Wow! Remarkable! Beautiful! I Am Proud of You! Very Impressive!


You're A Winner! Spectacular Work! You're So Kind!


What A Great Listener! Thanks For Helping! You Choose!


Let's Go Outside! You're So Creative! You Really Care! Celebrate Your Success!

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