Show-Case Rules:

1. You don't have to follow any rules but yours.
2. You decide who or what is in/out of work presented.
3. Your responsible for your group's participation, team effort!
4. No suing here, not responsible for video information or who is in video.
5. You have free speech of writing presented.
6. You have free speech of opinions of videos shown.
7. You decide who is allowed to talk in your video, avoid secrets!
8. You will not be paid for your time in video performance.
9. Must have character(s) and a theme for a good video.
10. You can not use others hard work as your own.
11. I typically use videos that have original content and less than five minutes long.
12. Dress for your part. Nudity in videos is not permitted.

13. Leaders: Make sure all of your group knows showcase rules,

your rules, and what your goal is. Be sure that all are willing

participants. You will be responsible for your actions within your group!

This web site promises not to rent or sell your email address to anyone,

including third party organizations.

It is not my goal for you to be scared of sharing in the showcase.

It is exciting to show your gift and/or talent, especially if you have been

doing it for years. Have fun, just be prepared and plan in advance goals

that you would like to achieve by presenting your talent, skill, video, or media.