I AM (Meditation Poem) by Michael Wynn
I am strong.
I am gentle.
I am proud.
I am humble.
I am confident.

I am beautiful.
I am intelligent.
I am becoming all that I can be.
We are all children of God.


     Meditation is the process of taking a moment to focus on self.   It can be simply pausing to say a silent prayer, taking in a deep breath (exercise), and purposefully

focusing in on every step of the action. Or, glancing out the window while maintaining

your focus on God's beauty within our world. What ever you choose to do, take time

for self is a wonderful goal to have every day.  Start small in duration of time, and gradually increase your "self-focus" and your "unique-household focus " on a daily basis.  The outcome will be that you will begin to understand your unique presence in the busy world that we live in.   --With Love, (Sherlene®)