Source: Good Housekeeping June, 2015. Updated October, 2015.


Spots and Stains 


Ice Pop

Flush w. cool water (or soak for 30 minutes). 


Tea or Coffee

Dab cold water on the stain, then blot with a napkin until no more

comes off.



Apply heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent. (let sit 10 minutes).  Rinse.


Olive Oil

Blot with a dry napkin. Sprinkle on artificial sweetener to absorb liquid,

then brush away.



Massage in a few drops of glycerin (sold at pharmacies) to dissolve

yellow color; let sit a few minutes. Rinse.


Ice Cream

Soak 30-min in 4 cups of cool water and one T. of Tide® laundry detergent.



Place stain facedown on a cloth and flush with cold water (so it won't 

spread).  Dab w. white vinegar.  Rinse.


Red Wine 

Flush with cold water and blot with a napkin. At home, soak in cool

water 15 minutes, pretreat and wash in warm water.



Gently work in a dab of hand soap with your finger, then rinse with warm water.


Chocolate Syrup, Gravy, or Mud

Wash in warm or hot water.



Harden it with an ice cube. Scrape off excess with a spoon or a store reward

card blot.

Lipstick and Mascara , wash it in warm or hot water.



  1. Lift solid bits with a dull knife or a spoon; blot with a dry cloth. (Water might dissolve it into the fabric)
  2. Take Scotch® tape, put it on, rub it, and peel it off. -Lou Eyrich

Do's & Don'ts

  1. Choose the right type of bleach. LINK
  2. Don't use vinegar on stone counters.
  3. Don't mix bleach with ammonia.
  4. Don't use laundry stain remover on carpets.
  5. Don't dust furniture with a dry rag.
  6. Don't use bleach for rust spots and areas.
  7. Don't use kitchen dish soap to wash your car.
  8. Do place a few drops of hydrogen peroxide along with regular laundry detergent. It acts like a color-safe bleach product.
  9. Do use an eyedropper with bleach to target just the stained area, for small stains.
  10. Pet hair begone! Spray Static Guard on upholstery and clothes to loosen hair or use a lint roller.