Vehicle Maintenance Care


Avoid driving between midnight - 3 a.m.


Did you know that, in earlier days, owning a vehicle verified your social status? Today, most rural communities require American citizens to have usage of a vehicle in order to work.  I acknowledge this fact; if I had been nominated for 2016 presidential election, my transportation budget plan is to include additional state funding and incentives to expand public transportation route systems (bus, train). -Sherlene Stevens








                                      Can you name these automobile parts



Department of Transportation National Vehicle Safety Hotline for recalls, etc., can be reached

at (800) 424-9393.


Weather Seasons and Personal Vehicle



Brake Pads Lifetime: 20,000 - 50,000 miles. Avoid riding your brakes or stopping last minute.

Maintenance:  high-pitched squeaking, grinding and/or scraping, vibrations occurring during braking, and "rust" dust on the wheels (showing metal-to-metal condition).


Car Batteries

Did you know that summer heat drains your car's battery more than the cold of winter?

Heat shortens battery life, and speeds up battery corrosion. Be mindful of the level of electronic usages: portable DVD players, radar detectors, GPS system, satellite radios, etc. Source: (2014) 


Oil Changes



Turn off the engine whenever it will be idling for more than 15 seconds--saves on gas too.


When vehicle is running hot, DON'T TURN OFF ENGINE. Add a 1 or 2 qt of oil and spray water near radiator. Next, turn heat on high (in any season) and open windows if needed. Always wait 1/2 hour after driving to turn radiator cap to refill antifreeze fluid.  Avoid continued driving when car is running hot, pull immediately to the side of the road or near a car wash.











Air Conditioning



Avoid over-filling your vehicle even by a few pennies it could create costly problems.


Ways to Save


Emission Systems






Steering and Suspension


Computer Programming



To remove ice off of vehicle windows, use 2/3 cup of white vinegar and 1/3 cup of water in a spray bottle. 



Volkswagen brand doesn't mind showing all parts used to create their product makes and models.
The Volkswagen brand - USA Division - doesn't mind showing all parts used to create product makes and models.