Dysfunction That Occurs With Every Generation Of A Family Set


  • Decades of Welfare or Social-Service Reliance;
  • Inadequate or Inconsistent Home Style Living Arrangments;
  • No One in Family has Ever Completed High School, Job Training or College;
  • No One in Family has Ever Achieved Earnings above the National/State Poverty Level;
  • No One in Family has Ever Visited Outside of the Local Neighborhood or Community;
  • No One in Family Drives a Vehicle or Has a Driver's License;
  • Family Household Isolation (Only goes out of the home to visit the doctors, grocery store, school, or church [or any religious building] setting.);
  • Vulnerable Adults with Dysfunctional Habits which Causes Disconnection from Immediate or External Family (maternal and/or paternal sets);
  • Verbal Abuse;
  • Controlling Behavior;
  • Extreme Jealousy and Possessiveness;
  • Violent Temper;
  • Financial Abuse;
  • Social Abuse;
  • Religious Abuse;
  • Unwanted Children born Into/After Challenging Couple Relationships;

Children considered Less than Human, Worthless or Unworthy of Adult Attention; and/or,

Single Parenting with no Co-Parenting Formal Habits and Activities.

I discuss a few of these in my published journal-memoir The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness.

Parent(s) or Guardian(s), if you no longer want to participate in the good-and-bad involved with parenting, you may drop of your infant(s) or child(ren) at my doorstep. Please do not harm your child, just drop your child off to me for some quiet time, or so that I may make other solutions on your behalf. Remember, children never ask to come to our great world. You may also phone me.