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Basic household items and financial donations accepted to distribute to homeowners and renters in neighborhoods of Maryland. Donations to the program are defined as tax-exempt donations. If available, financial donations are given to individuals and families to pay for security deposits, emergency housing relocations (homeowners, renters), and housing assistance relief checks--available to homeowners and renters.


This is not a government program: It is a public charity, a non-profit's strategy of to keep families in consistent dwellings in our local communities of the U.S. A non-government, non-profit, business idea to benefit homeowners and renters who are in need of financial assistance for housing in Maryland, and in America. 


A Personal Note From Sherlene D. Stevens

I feel very very strongly about this source of funding available to individuals and families across the country. Therefore, I am willing to structure and administer received financial donations for this modern, national housing-assistance concept. Your donations will be tax deductible; donations will not be given to me, but to my non-profit. As the non-profit founder and administrator of this housing program, I expect to receive a fair salary of the job description as part of the overall expenses anticipated of this non-profit.


Payment disbursements to applicants of need will require a minimum of at least $50,000 per weekly-lottery cycle. Initial investment is $60,000/$1,000,000. On-going investments will be sought by general- public financial donations, business financial/material contributions, and national-based community-outreach grants that are applicable to this housing-assistance program's structure and vision.


Applicants in need will be required to submit a completed application via the program. Minimum requirement: Household family composition income, in total, can not exceed $100,000. Emergency housing-fund assistance is available on a monthly basis if available. Applicants can reapply as often as needed. The second round of emergency housing-funding assistance will be distributed per lottery-distribution format.



" to keep families in consistent dwellings in our local communities."


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Sherlene D. Stevens

Founder, President, and Program Administrator




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