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MARYLAND - (Dear Audience Family) First, thank-you for visiting Sherlene's online house!!!  I hope that  you learned of my online platform from a suggestion by one of my ministry partners, family partners, or friends.  I built this private platform to provide an online resource to all families, all socio-economic dwelling places.


I am a virtuous woman/wife material/mother/daughter/sister/auntie/friend/non-profit founder/volunteer.


I am the first female of color (multi-racial, Native American of Color identity) to own a family-service organization in my area of Maryland. I offer family services (for-profit and a non-profit), but many of you are familiar with our government's offering of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) including the housing of local Social Service Agencies.

® has been supporting personal and family goals since 1979 (Officially age 8). I am a former retail and sales/health care/education/government employee. From my years of work experiences at State Highway Administration and living in rural country USA [at a time when you didn't have emergency  alerts or emergency weather alerts in rural areas. Growing up, I lived near the water, Chesapeake River, on Maryland's Eastern Shore ]. I had studied, scientifically, weather patterns for years, informally.


It wasn't until 2005, during actions of an abrupt divorce, that I began helping communities as an informal, family-services helpdesk. Along with offering such free help, I was studying to be the first-ordained Methodist pastor in my local community. (A social mishap occurred and that never came to be my formal title.) Since that time, I have been helping to preview storms ever since. I use both science and personal experiences to suggest the patterns and actions of storms. Some of my audience are familiar with my work during my most trying life experiences while I was participating in local, hometown, church-building ministries.


After I was displaced from my upbringings for being too ambitious (actually homeless for a short time), I began to use various communication tools (newsletters, online platform, social media), and studied the most effective ways of how to quickly communicate with my onsite and local audiences. It has also helped me to be learned/skilled in business concepts and typing since high school. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit; I knew that I wanted to earn a large income growing up . I have always known the value of purchasing things that will "last" into the next generation, within my heritage line.

Brand Description
Providing services in a way that preserves and cultivates the dignity and respect of the family lifestyle:


  1. There's FEMA, I partner with others to offer WEMA helpdesk disaster relief.
  2. There's WIA and SBA, I am the founder of non-profit career counseling services and housing assistance.
  3. There's local, state social-service agencies in every county in the U.S., I offer family lifestyle services. I am the first, independent family services owned by a person of color/female of color including offering additional services not mentioned to Native Americans of Color racial identity.
  4. There's formal religious church-building ministries, as a Christian, I offer personal and family devotion social time as a faith-believer in the true-and-living God of us all.


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Amusements. News. Family Lifestyle In Local Communities.


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Family Lifestyle, Home Management, Family-Appropriate News


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#TalkHostsChannel (live stream, live event picks presentations)


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#WEMA (Weather Emergency Management Agency helpdesk)

#StormVolunteerCoOp (Landscapers Project; seasonal or as needed. At least a $10 hrly tip suggested)


#FamilyBondingMoment (Family's actions of productive socialization as an individual within a family and as a family unit, socially)


#OnlineCouponHub (@Twitter®)

#DisasterNowInfo (and @ Twitter®)

#GICPA (God In Christs Purpose Assembly is a devotion social: Christian evangelist ministry)



  • News and Media shared by Sherlene.
  • Media Publications from Sherlene.
  • Public Social Themes hosted by Sherlene.
  • Public Calendar of Amusements.
  • Family-Friendly Amusement News (TV, Movies, Videos, Music, and me practicing my singing lessons/karaoke duets).  
  • Family-Friendly Local Events happening near you.
  • Personal and Family Devotion Social. Religious Care, Christian-ministry social activities for those who choose to include or participate within your unique household (worship, prayer, meditation, and sermons). Ministry color: Turquoise and an open-cross style vision purpose. God, the Holy Trinity of God, is not purposed to our small thinking or seclusion. Jesus has risen and is no longer nailed or restricted on the more-than-2,000-year-old prisoner's cross.

Real-Talk Information
I am a biological mother and co-parent (divorcee) of four kids--3 daughters and 1 son. I can't change-- for decline of said discrimination socially--my racial identity (I am a Native American of color; and, from my maternal great-grandfather's side ... my great-great grandmother was Indian and European white); I can't change-- my gender (female entrepreneur); or, the fact that I am divorced from my first husband [Hey, It wasn't my desire!]: We love our kids; we are co-parenting. We will forever be valued in each other's life  because of our children that we gave birthed into this world. Our kids are now older teens and young adults. They have had to adapt to living in our separate dwelling places (Mommy's, Dad's): differences of parental social-economic classes (financials) lifestyles and parental ways/mannerisms. Amazingly, just before our abrupt divorce, there was a major reversal of actions of our finances. So my finances shifted from middle-income to low-income status, and his finances really improved. In my published work, I discuss such mishaps (published August, 2012).

My journal-memoir, The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness. I also call my book a compilation of forgiveness while growing up; life experiences (personal, family) as a Marylander on Maryland's Eastern Shore. "Tate Publishing", my original book publisher, has since closed its office and company brand (spring, 2017).  I am currently exploring a new publishing offer. I would like for my book to have an offer of a movie-deal opportunity where I am the assistant producer of my work and former personal life experiences. As you know, only you can truly tell or show your personal story of your life's experiences.  

Please take a moment to explore this platform and all that it offers. You may phone, email or chat with me. 
Simply choose from the many social activities of this platform that are appropriate for your unique household, that's it!


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My company is your family appropriate network.


With Love, 


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