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Gift wrapping, custom designs, and more! Site design and content created by Sherlene.
Journal-Memoir available: The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness
The Sherlene brand.
My degrees and certifications (1989-2014)
Company Design Layout, practice makes perfection. This was my rough outline of my company in 2000.
People of Color Landscapers Project
Resource Used: Expressions
Source: Brighter Vision Learning Adventures
Meet Smilya! Her face changes into character. She shares lot of smiles with my customers and audience family, offline and online. "Have you taken the time to smile to one stranger, today?"
Podcast: Audio versions of "Our Nation's Documents"
Sherlene brand, Marketing and Customer Service M.
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Melody and Compass GeeTee, our children's read-aloud helpers.
Hi! It's a pleasure meeting you. My name is Melody Geetee. Story time with Sherlene and The GeeTee Siblings.
Glad to meet you. I am Compass Geetee. Story time with Sherlene and The GeeTee Siblings,
The Family Quilt Newsletter: February
March: White-Race Appreciation Month
April: Mixed-Race Appreciation Month
8/22-9/22, yearly. Our 2015 theme: The Uninvited Neighbors with Kids
November: Native American Appreciation Month
Dec. 1 - Jan. 17. Global Holiday Traditions of Christmas Season.
Theme: The Candidate for All.
My emoji - "Praying"
My emoji - "That's Sad," or "Tears of Joy"
My emoji "Making Money Productivity" or "You Can Do It, More Money"
My emoji - [Food recipe] "That looks delicious."