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Hi, I am your life coach (work-life-family balance).
My published memoir. (2012).
My maternal family's foundation . My great grandmother's 96th birthday. She is no longer with us on earth. My great grandfather passed away many years before this picture. A truly, real married couple in our family history. We all have different skin tones, but we are of the mixed-race group, Black Indians.
Baby Me, Little Black-Indian Child
Me Again
And Again
Former Hometown Church, Aaron Chapel (United Methodist Church). Between Edesville and City of Rock Hall, Maryland
My Youth Choir Robe
Childhood Home
My Great Grandparents' Wedding Anniversary: From this union came 15 children.
My Great Grandfather
One of our Family Reunions - Great Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles
Some of my immediate family. I have four siblings on my maternal (mother's) side and three siblings on my paternal (father's) side. Of all, I am still the oldest.
My, kids (the twins) do grow up fast.
Former Marriage Years: My then-husband, and four biological kids. High-school couple and 16 yrs. of marriage relationship. I, a home-schooling mom/teacher college student/gov. employee, was given 15 min. to leave my kids and him for the local societal-experience script. -The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness.