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You are welcome to participate in the following hosted socials:


Informal 'People-of-Color' Chart

The White People - People of the UK or all people who have the traditional white skin of people of color.

The Black People - People of African heritage people of color, or all people who consider themselves to be both African and American (African-American).

The Brown People - People of South America heritage people of color, or American  Mexicans, Latinos, or Puerto Ricans.

The Yellow People - People of Asia heritage, people of India, Chinese, or Japanese people of color who were born in America.

The Red People - People of Native American heritage people of color, American Indians, Black Indians.


Faith-Based Quote:

(Copy Without Correction)

TRAFFIC is gone, GAS is affordable, BILLS extended.

KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES, PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN.
FAST FOOD replaced by HOME COOKED MEALS, hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS.
PEOPLE are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH again.
WE finally listen to authorities and head home when they say so.
MONEY doesn't seem to make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore.
And WE now have TIME, finally, to STOP and SMELL the ROSES.
And lastly, WE become closer to GOD & more evidently praising Him everyday of our LIVES.
It seems like this COVID-19 is a RESET BUTTON for HUMANITY!!! - C. Day



     UPDATED: FRIDAY 12/4/2020


 My Faith-Based/GICPA Opinion: Year of 2020 is The Year of Adoption


Thanksgiving Evening @ Sunset - January 17, yearly

Global Families: Christmas Season Caroling. "God's spiritual message can come in the way of gospel music, too." -Mahalia Jackson


DECEMBER - JANUARY 17 Global Families: Holiday-Traditions of Christmas Season (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, yearly, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving up live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.












  • Major Indian Tribal Heritage of North Carolina: Cherokee, Hateras, and Tuscarora; Of South Carolina: Catawba, Cherokee, Chiaha, Chickasaw, Congaree, Creek, Cusabo, Eno, Keyawee, Natchez, Pedee, Saluda, Santee, Sewee, Shakori, Shawnee, Sissipahaw, Sugaree, Waccamaw, Wateree, Waxhaw, Winyaw, Yamasee, and Yuchi.



Would you like to help in preserving chocolate and the chocolate market?  

  • Do not give chocolate-ingredient items to kids if you know they don't like it. Don't waste water. Don't  waste food. Don't waste chocolate!
  • Do not make chocolate-ingredient items for family or social gatherings--except if you are sure that such baking are desired/wanted. From experience, with my baking, I know that most people do not like chocolate-only edible items.
  • Limit the quantity of edible choices that include chocolate or the chocolate flavor. Suggestion, have more of other flavorful varieties.
  • Earth Month: It is important to prune trees or trim trees to get rid of dead tree limbs. Avoid planting tall-blooming trees near pole lines.  Avoid planting or digging near electrical wires, gas pipelines, and other utilities (Source: U.S. utility companies)
  • Africa: Now Two Continents
  • Families, are you still applying hair grease/hair conditioner (made with petroleum ingredient) to your scalp or your kid's scalp during the spring and summer season? Or, are you applying an oil-based ingredient on your scalp? As a Native American of Color (Black-Indian), I find that my hair doesn't grow as quickly when using an oil-based hair product vs. a hair grease/hair conditioner on my scalp. -Sherlene®, My Comment

"Living was about surviving. We confined ourselves to our own neighborhoods just to be able to live." -Former Black Americans


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