It's Okay To Have Feelings

It's Okay To Have Feelings
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`October 1 - 31, 2019. Pre-Winter Cleaning Month; What If There Were No American Businesses? theme; Speak Out Against Generational Family Dysfunction all month. View examples of such generational behaviors on "Customer Assistance" tab.

 ~Autumn and Winter Season
(September 23, 2019 - March 19, 2020).

    No Hair-Dye Usage Social

~September 1 - 30, 2019. Latino Appreciation Month. National heritage month,

including Hispanic and Puerto Ricans


~August 1 - 31, 2019. Children, Youth, and Young Adults Appreciation Month. Read a book (or ebook), magazine, newspaper in the presence of a child/youth/young adult. 


~July 1 - 31, 2019.  Multi-Ethnic Identity Appreciation Month

It's my birthday month (birthday July 23rd); This year's theme is: "What are some of the American so-called dreams that families value and pursue?"

2019's Summer Challenge social conclusion by teaming up: activities will include both Team Ladies and Team Gentlemen


~June 1 - 30, 2019. Prepare and/or Cook Dinner Meals And Provide One Nutritious Fact. Summer Challenge 2019: Creation of the Public Assistance and Finance Virtual Hub Model Including National
Local-Hub Community Site Locations


~June 15, 2019.  Global, Virtual Harmony Picnic Saturday begins at 3 p.m. EST. 


~May 1 - 30, 2019. Global Female Appreciation Month, Team Ladies - "Women Who Participate in Job Training and/or Higher Learning". Last weekend of May an Internet Revival Weekend (Pentecostal-style for Families and Genders); National Asian-Pacific Month (i.e., Asians; South Asians; People of country of India).

~April 1 - 30, 2019. April's Easter-Focus Theme and Devotion Social:
"Freedom From Everlasting Sin Has Been Given."
Activity: Jesus is no longer on the prisoner's cross. Mirror Your Productive Emotions and Actions and Reflect Outwardly. Demonstrate or reflect the healthy emotions of your personal cross, your personal character, to your immediate family and to others, publicly.


April's social is Black & White Racial Identity Appreciation Month.  Theme: Networking/Friendship Building

With Their Own Actual Racial Identity. Also, April is formally, National U.S. Asian and

South Asian-Pacific Race Appreciation Month.

~The last day of February @ sunset - March 31 sunset. White-Race Ethnicity Appreciation Month. Our annual Food-Fasting/Healthy-Eating and Exercise social. It is also National Youth Art Month.

~February 1 - 28, 2019 Married Couples Appreciation Month. It is also U.S. African- American/Black-Race Appreciation Month known nationally as Black History Month.

~January 1 - 31, 2019  Mentorship Month.  National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month. Last Saturday in January, National Seed Swap Day (flower or vegetable).

January 1, 2019  (January - December) Beginning of a year-long series discussion of Earth: A Water Planet With 7 Continents Which Creates A Huge Land Island of Which Our Humanity Lives.


~November 27 - January 17, 2019 Our social theme for December:  December's Holidays Caroling begin Nov. 27 - Jan.17, 2019; Social Theme: Appreciating Our Singers, Musicians, and Dancers.  Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.





Year of 2019   

Dear Audience Family:


PUBLIC NOTICE: This is a public notice in the matter of William Leon (Butler) Wright and separately, Nora Louise (Rochester) Hicks Wilson Wright in the jurisdiction of Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Nora Louise Wilson-Wright was my legal guardian "plenary" before my marriage of March 28, 1991, beginning early morning of July 23, 1971 immediately after my birth. My biological mother was only 15 at the time she gave birth to me at a nearby hospital.  Immediately after my birth, William Leon Wright allowed me and my mother to live in his home (beginning afternoon of July 26, 1971) until age 18 aka biological child not step-granddaughter, aka 'Sherry Stevens". (As William once said, "I want Sherry to be her first name, not Sherlene. So, then, my name would be Sherry Wright."). My mother's biological father wanted to take her to his home to live, but my grandmother wouldn't allow it. I somewhat knew him, mostly from my childhood years. 


My biological mother only lived at William's house for two years: age 17/18, graduated high school and moved out.  She never returned to his home to live, and only visited on special occasions. My mother has three other maternal sisters. My biological mother's half-sisters (two by a different father, was a long-standing United Methodist priest and priest kinship line) only lived in the home for two or three years: age 17/18, graduated high school and moved out. They never returned to his home to live, and only visited on special occasions . My mother had another sister, by same father, who didn't live at William's home. I, however, lived in his home for 18+ years. After my high-school graduation (1989), I became the house manager of William's home and property (1989-1999; 2004- his death April, 2019)--until one of my mother's sisters returned to living in Maryland and wanted to be my grandparent's live power of attorney. 


In  the first few months of 1991, my mother's father James C. (Jan.) passed a month before the passing of William's sister Hattie Elizabeth T (Feb.).  I knew both of them, I knew Hattie more than James. Hattie/Liz died in her home. While a long illness, ill in her bed, she passed. I was with my grandfather, for support, the night of her passing. I was with his family when they placed her lifeless body into the body bag. This was my first experience of seeing someone placed into the traditional black body bag.  The funeral home was called. They came to Liz's home, and placed her body into the bag and zipped her up. Next, they took her out of the home and left. Then, we prayed as a family, hugged one another and mourned. 


Even though I had secretly married (a justice of the peace marital ceremony in another state), in March Easter Weekend 1991 (1991-2007), after their deaths, it was a much-needed joy to the family also.


As Wright's daughter, at his home, he prepared meals for me, bought food for me to eat, clothed me, gave me space to sleep in his home, gave me many dolls and toys that he purchased at stores by himself, purchased my "first" 10-speed bike, only male to see me off to my high-school prom. He helped me with my 4-H gardening projects in his yard. He allowed me to be on his auto insurance when I purchased my high-school vehicles. He was the only male person to attend my high-school graduation (Lions' roar) along with my cousins (his family), and my biological grandmother. He allowed me to go to a local daycare in the area. He allowed me to attend the family church, Boyer's Methodist church (Rev. Gibbs).  Wright was right there when I was at home in labor with my first child. He stayed right by my side, stayed with me, the whole time until I went to the hospital to actually deliver. (By the way, he took me to the nearby hospital instead of my assigned labor doctor at our local hospital.). He offered real-talk of life things, and he allowed me to have my business at his home.  He would always reference me to others as "my daughter … that's my Sherry Boots." No matter the mishap of how I was conceived, I thank God for such a stable home environment and community of his friends and family: I appreciate and will forever cherish William and Nora.


William Leon Wright and Nora Louise Wilson-Wright are both now deceased, and I have an interest as the legal heir of matters of their estates. I am the custodian of legal documents of both William and Nora; I am the overseer of such matters. Nora L. Wilson-Wright predeceased William by two years and six months (October 1, 2016). William Leon Wright died April 21, 2019. At the age of their death, Nora was 77, and William was 87.


My contact information is (404) 635-8822 and my email address is 



October 9, 2019 - UPDATE:  If Hillary Clinton decides to run as a 2020 presidential candidate, I will support her campaign here in Maryland.


October 4, 2019 - UPDATE: Prayerfully I am going to handle this: The three stooges (aunts/half-sisters AND my mother) had a good time today; and, I am going to have a good time telling the police officers and court that they went on my heired property and took everything out of it without telling me. I don't know if they are trying to sell my inheritance or what! Just what are they doing?! Why
are they doing such hostile things against the rest of the family, the younger ones of us! God don't like such wrongdoings, and I know the judge didn't know of such actions. I believe I have been dupped out of property #2 like such wrongdoings of property #1 y'all.


Property #1 (Grandmother's property)


Property #2 (Grandfather's property)


September 8, 2019 - UPDATE:  

It is so challenging for the belief that my mother's half-sisters (Marlene and Norene) wanted to truly disown me from the family (valid facts, now, that they treated me worse than a typical stranger of our hometown area), or wanted to disown my actual identity within my immediate family line: separate wills of my grandparents and within the local community, and local agencies and resources. My grandfather's nephew's wife was even involved with such untruths--and they live in the same community, too. It is so very strange and mysterious, to say the least!

If New To My Book and To My Discussions
The truth of my personal background is that I have lived most of my life in the State of Maryland and in the said county jurisdiction that I mention of my upbringings--for those who are new to understanding such truths. Right now my mother's half-siblings aren't talking to me or others within the immediate family. We don't even talk to each other in other words--and this is just a cultural custom that "they" are familiar with doing when they don't get there way about things, or to keep facts hidden. Or, when they do have face-to-face with me they don't talk like normal family members, they yell at me. An example of lack of communication between them and me, as stated the said county's court recently had to physically or legally order my aunt, the executor of my grandfather's will, to either recognize my identity or face jail time and fines and face removal from being the executor. So Norene soon quickly obeyed the judicials :)

Another example is the idea that I would ever want to disown my own biological children and children because of similar actions/scam of my former fake/not-fake marriage. I will always say "It wasn't my children's fault of me being separated from them or not being near them. It was adults and their actions viewed by children, adults who did or didn't know any better, that caused such continued generational dysfunction."

Now, I am just waiting for the probate to be over--to legally be or not be identified as to what is truly mine and such legal powers that go with such legal-outcome actions:

The reason why I am saying these comments is because of the way my family had been misleading or coercing others to believe their persuasive expressions (sympathy given to them, aww, ...). I have been telling real truths all along (1999 - present). My faith walk continues--hoping to hear back from a few external interviews of temp work (that I can possibly do with the injury that I sustained while working as a Lyft Express Driver) until I return to living on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I don't have my ex-husband to help me with such things anymore or me helping him anymore. I am alone financially --starting my external work experiences all over again-- as if I were a teen who is working a first job. (And that is why I was a customer of the Social Security Administration.) Overall, I know I can do it. I just wish that I didn't have to do it alone, but I have to increase my financial portfolio because I have no true retirement financial plan due to such local-agency/resources' scams. I know that I can do it, and I will do it. So those who were duped (as my grandfather used to say) to believe such other things, don't be coerced any longer by those who were involved, all right? Listen and believe me sometimes or all times :)


September 6, 2019 - UPDATE: I have experienced city life (Wilmington, DE; District of Columbia, Annapolis, MD) and now I am retiring from such lifestyle: Eastern Shore.  Hopefully, this was the last reporting of an extreme storm until I move and unpack and set up my home office again. I am currently making relocation arrangements to reside in my hometown area again on the Eastern Shore--after concluding a simple divorce of adultery (February, 2007).  My biological kids, other millennials, and I are really looking forward to it, and praying daily for peace with such things. Though I did wish that my kids would have remained with me, while living in Georgia, so that they, too, could have enjoyed the southern-style of culture and extended family experiences as much as I appreciated it. For the people who raised me all throughout my years, before becoming an adult, my grandparents, are gone y'all. Gone. Now living life without both of them offering life-skill advice to me is realness of my reality. I am woke to such realities, and I know that I must carry the baton and encourage my own kids and others who desire such advice.

August 24, 2019 - UPDATE:  Overall, my aunt has been lying about my relationship-identity (thought of as a daughter not granddaughter) and background history of living at William's house, in the county where William lived. You know what would be neat? If non-kinship children or grandchildren, who lived with one family until the age of 18, would automatically be considered, legally, a legitimate child/child ranking order. Any state and county, what do you think of such a law? Marylanders, what do you think of such a law? Marylanders and of the said county, what do you think of such a law? This is why I said if I were president, I would create a law to consider illegal immigrant children of such family-lifestyle activities.


August 19, 2019 - UPDATE: Estate matter: I am prepared either way the outcome: they will either respect his wishes or respect someone else's wishes (that's the judicial system). You only have a few minutes to explain 48 years of consistency before the explanation of estate actions by the any county's orphan court and the will's supervisor's/executer's actions.  Update to the above Public Notice, I will forever speak of William as a stable and consistent adult in my life: For all that he did for me, my name should be considered like this--Sherlene D. Wright Stevens--to reflect my relationship-identity background with the man that helped to raise me and thought of me as his child. William L. Wright you will be remembered. With such beautiful upbringing experiences, I guess the Lord just waited until I was of age to allow such other challenging mishaps to have occurred in my life. 


August 3, 2019 - UPDATE:

I am still taking it easy from last week's mishap; I have so much personal and business work that I need to complete. Housework. Business work. Singing lessons (I am improving my personal sound, my skills so that when there's is not any formal/real entertainment at least I will be able to sing something good and motivational for the people/audience.) You never know, hey, my sound might be a blessing to someone to others. I know with my driver customer service, some of the DJs' and live bands' music that I could hear had me wanting to go to the party with my passenger-customers to listen to some good-sounding music.

I miss y'all already, other Lyft drivers, and customer-passengers. I am hoping to do some other things in the form of promoting the Lyft brand. I am still recruiting drivers if any job seeker or entrepreneur is interested in my local area including Baltimore.

Some things that I had been working on is providing more news and amusements to you, before the mishap. I had begun the networking and signing of initial contract agreements. I want my non-profit to offer improved employment services to both the job seeker and entrepreneur. I want to improve the food-shelf pantry distributions and clothing distributions. And If you noticed a few weeks ago, I began highlighting my local, large, public events (Annapolis and Eastern Shore) on my web site or web page. It was mainly for my weekend customer-passengers who were looking for something to do, who were from out of town. I just wish that I had my for-real home office desk right now to help me. I left it in Georgia to increase some space for other important things in the moving truck. I am using just a small long table as my desk to do some amazing things of distributions to families and individuals, locally, nationally, and globally.

Oh, I bet you think that we aren't going to continue with the exercise social, right? Nope, we are. Now that I don't have a company car to use, I have had to walk a few more blocks to complete my recent things. I just haven't been using my pedometer with such tasks in public. I am grateful that the other driver and I left the mishap scene on our own. A discussion of our bible study was the fact that the disciples didn't realize that Jesus was right in their midst. He had to explain the difference between being in the spirit and being in the flesh. Jesus kept implying to the disciples/apostles that he is not a spirit, he is a human being who still lives in the flesh. If Jesus has the marks of his bruises, why should I complain? As a human being, who is grateful for my most challenging situation right now, I still have my being. I still have all of my limbs even if I have wounds. I still have you as my audience family. I still have my family. I still have my business. And, I am still on this new path of faith walking of my life's experiences. Amen.



July 23, 2019 - UPDATE:

Thank you for the birthday wishes--now, will you join me in another amusement?  The Pedometer Walk Activity Social July 23, 2019 - July 23, 2020. Step-dance walk or simply walk and log your progress. Purchase a notebook and an affordable pedometer for your athletic shoe or to wear as a bracelet while walking, to join in this public social amusement.  I logged my first 48 steps today. Join me, and log your first steps now!!!!!!


July 18, 2019 - UPDATE:

It's nice to see local citizens and my fans as I travel: Please don't follow me in your vehicles, let's be respectful to my hiring manager okay; this summer season, I am not touring local communities. I am actually working a paid position where I offer a service that is family friendly, too. I am very much grateful to have such a flexible job opportunity which I believe is very diversity friendly, too. Question: How do you invite traveling constituents into your local communities?  Do you offer clear traffic signs and traffic patterns?  Are your road patterns GPS friendly for not only paid drivers, but for families who are day-trip traveling?


July 13, 2019 - UPDATE:


My American So-Call Dreams Question (hosted social topic): Any advice, what other paid work opportunities should I explore? What types of opportunities do you believe best suits my skills and character or personality?

I need your point of view now because if I am going to sustain or build up my financial portfolio including Lyft rideshare services, I am going to need other jobs, too. I am the Lyft driver who is trying to make all the monies in my territory: from morning to evening, I am available. I thank Lyft staff so very much for such an opportunity--like I said it all started, this opportunity, for me of needing a reliable ride to my grandfather's/father's via informal adoptions funeral.

Oh, when you work ... a paid job ... instead of volunteering! [Don't get me wrong, I love my non-paid opportunities.] But this feeling of working every day and getting a paycheck feels like a brand new America to me!!!! There are so many things that I want to do! Oh, I want to rent this building for this and I want this type of vehicle to do this. I want this developed for my website (which I believe, along with you, is looking much more professional ... business-like ... Sherlene NEWS!) I want to travel here and there. I want to cover this social event and capture pictures of the weather here and there. Oh, I just wish that I could meet each and every one of you, in person, so you can see me and I can see you; I really do.

Right now, I am thinking about and praying along with my family and friends in the path of the tropical storm: Texas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Tennessee; Georgia; and Florida.



July 1, 2019 - UPDATE:

It's my birthday month, and I am going to enjoy every day of this month.  I wish that I could give all of my audience members gifts, a small token of my appreciation, in the celebration my born month. I am not going to be 4; I am not going to be 8. I am going to be 48! So, well, hey why not?-- I am going to be about such business: I'm going to do it. Gifts given to all my loyal customers and new customers. I want to say thank-you and highlight those who experienced the same traumatic situations as me when I was going through such times of hatred and discrimination (of being from a large rural family, of being the first to want to achieve beyond the social norms of my local community, etc.) … during such times when I couldn't understand all of the mishaps with the school employment, with the college experiences, with trying to open a family lifestyle center in my home town area, with my then-husband, with my children being under dysfunctional staff authority, and with my local community. I just want to say thank you to you and to the universe for it all, the good times and the bad times. What is life without some good and some bad, some peace and some hostility, some light and some darkness.  I want to say … I just got to say … say-- let's transition out of that historical time (even if I have start newness beginning from a child ... like a former circus entertainment act or something.) Thank you, again!


To the God of all things, all creations, I want to say thank you for making me in the earthly image of being multi-racial--and that's okay. It is because of your grace and mercy that I will experience this new year of my life, on purpose. Let me have some of your financial wealth within your earth realm. Let me be yet another one of your examples or model of someone who has made it or achieved productive actions in becoming a part of the higher-income socio-economic status of this country, dear God. Amen.


My reality, currently, is that it's now up to HUD/local office to decide if I am staying where I am, or if I am leaving. I am grateful if I do stay and I am grateful to have a "roof over my head" [slang] that I call my home-style choice for such a time as this.


Happy Birthday Month to [singing] Me me  Me  me  M-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!


June 28, 2019 - UPDATE:

Today, my personal and career plans are reflecting more like goals towards my American so-called dreams. Now that both my grandparents are gone, and the mishaps with my family identity that I've discussed over the last couple of weeks, I have taken my time to refocus. It is always interesting, this time of year, for me since moving back to my home state: leasing actions "to release or not" is the question that is now up to HUD/local office to decide-- not me, public-school kids are out of school, summer activities, etc.


I am getting ready for July, my birthday month, by adding a few changes to this web page that I hope you will enjoy. I thank you for your loyalty, your patronage to my concierge business, and your kindness (motivating or inspirational words to me). 


June 22, 2019 - UPDATE:

For constituents that have seen that I am listed in the separate wills of my grandparents, such properties have to go through what's referred to as the probate process. My Biological Maternal Grandmother's will said,  "I want Sherlene (female heir) to have our land and properties after we're gone."  and, My father's (W.L.Wright's) will said "I am getting up in age and have the same  challenges with my health as Nora … Yes, I agree with Nora's wishes, now that she is no longer with us. Yes, these are my final wishes--after I am gone/deceased no longer with the family. Yes, I want Sherlene (female heir) to have our land and properties; if, however, Sherlene dies before me then the other two names (male heirs) listed would have such specific inheritance."  There are actual witnesses to his written and verbal expression to his formal will.  It's up to the Orphan's Court and the executor/personal representative to carry out the believed wished of my grandparents.  Some constituents have stated that I don't get anything, after reading their final wishes.  Anyway---


As you know I have had issues with my existing lease-up in Annapolis, since the beginning of the assigned local housing authority or relocations back to Maryland from Georgia.  If it be that I can not reside in my grandparents' home at this time, I have explored other housing opportunities in Maryland: received another notice to appear of housing activity. [How is it possible that there were some constituents who knew of this before I did? before the housing authority knew of such notice?]  Now, I am waiting to be given instructions, by all constituents involved, of how to formally go about such a decision and if there will be additional housing fees associated with such moving actions--through no fault of my own.  


Annapolis, Maryland is a great city and I appreciate the hospitality that my neighbors and its citizens has shown to me.


June 11, 2019 - UPDATE:

By Keeping The Focus On Me In A Negative Manner Avoids The Real Realities That Should Be Happening--


Statement (Public Information): June 11, 2019. Inherited Housing Matter Court Date "Wrongful Detainer" against me per "Norene."  My aunt/s won because she is the executor/personal representative until I receive my inheritance: I was maintaining the home and paying the utility bill, since regaining entrance back into home "subtenant" (end of April). Before my grandfather's passing, I was a "subtenant" at the home with my own bedroom spacing. What I have inherited, maybe I will receive such things one day, but it won't be now. It won't be today. Sorry, my dear grandparents, that you have such an evil and wicked daughter:

Please tell me why people create wills if the executors don't want to enforce such wishes of the dead?

Business/Home Office
The 112 Hoffecker Road home office is now closed. I no longer have any activities in the Queen Anne's County jurisdiction. I no longer can operate my business, in such a formal manner, due to being assigned in a subsidized housing complex (Annapolis, Maryland)--thanks to my aunt "Norene." To be fair to my neighboring tenants, I can't operate my business fully out of my rental unit: offering this website platform and other external local services only. So, therefore, until further postings on my social media and web site I simply can't run my business like I would want to--at home--until I find a new, diverse, rental unit by a private landlord or flexible landlord who allows such activities: I will work outside the rental at a brand venue of my choosing.

Oh, by the way, my landlord discovered that maintenance had broken the original key to my unit. Therefore, the special inspection could not be completed at my assigned unit on the given day. I told you, "it wasn't my fault;" I presented one of my keys to them by the due date so that I wouldn't be given a fine [for something that I didn't do]. Yeah, yeah, sorry. ... [Where have I heard such statement before?] It's housing search and moving time again for me.

I keep my promises-- Bible study will still be on Mondays through the last book of the bible. Devotion Note on Sundays. We should be able to complete the bible this year, year of 2019.

Thank you for your cooperation, dear Audience Family. Have a nice summer!


June 10, 2019 - UPDATE:

I traveled to Edesville, Maryland, today. I was surprised to have noticed that the family home of my mother's maternal side is now up for sale!  I used to visit at this home (holidays, weekends, family gatherings, summer vacations) and helped my great-grandparents as a child (Ethel, Oscar 'Hicks'). Then, on Sundays and holidays, when I lived at my grandparents'. When I was going through my marital separation, I moved into the home for a short time. [after being harassed by my aunt, my mother's sister, when I left out of the dwelling of Property #2 of which I have now inherited "land", lifetime rights: my grandmother's land property]. My grandmother knew that she was dying [but I didn't know], and she asked her sister/s "Loretta"/"Carrie"(Loretta was the home manager and legal caregiver/live power of attorney of my great-grandparents'. Carrie, who also was responsible for the home and lived in Baltimore, is now deceased.) if I could stay at the Hicks' house. It was at this time that my Section 8/HCVP housing application was finally approved because I was labeled or considered "homeless w or w/o children." (applied for housing in 1989 while living in Queen Anne's County @ Property #1, after graduating high school; Section 8, as it was named then, was a new government program in the area that promised citizens to improve the shortage of apartment rental units in the area. Most people on the Shore live in "the family home" or purchase their own homes, not apartment rentals.) Property #3, my great-grandmother had a will, yet she couldn't read or write. During her life, she would sign her name with an "X," on formal documents. My great-grandfather preceded her in death.


After moving out of the Hicks' house, I left some possessions in the home such as home-office equipment and other items of which I haven't been able to retrieve from my grandmother's sister "Loretta": the discussion was, at the time, why should I have to be a part of the Section 8 housing program when I owned land property and the Hicks house, the family home, was vacant. All of my other relatives, my grandmother's siblings, wanted me to continue staying in the home. Also, because we no longer had access to the home otherwise. Such family mishaps is how I became a part of "all" government or public-assistance--not because I wanted to but I was forced to do so because of my husband's abrupt decision of wanting a divorce. He considered himself to be an actor of what he referred to as our fake marriage: married with not one but four kids. He considered our marriage to be actions of a fake marriage of which he never wanted. He reflected such truths, all throughout the marriage, if you were to ask me of such reality--but no one believed me not even my own family sets.


Each time that I have tried to get a live or local attorney, based upon my financial situation, the external attorney resources "Maryland Legal Aid" and "Mid-Shore Pro Bono" never assign an attorney to my case matters. Therefore, I appear in court, per summons, without an attorney for fair representation. Such mishaps are never under the radar and normally appears that I am the initiating party, the complainer, or the defendant by constituents and the said communities--until judges hear of such matters.


I personally believe that I have been taken advantage of in such mishaps simply because I worked at the levels in government (Maryland), and had good paying jobs and doing what I was suppose to do as a real citizen of my area since the age of 15.  Most of my mishaps have occurred because of lack of attention to my case matters, and lack of representation of such truths: I am a victim which internal government staffers and outside constituents know (agencies, non-profit resources, affiliations, judicials). I am not lying about being a victim and that these said mishaps really did happen to me, while growing up and living in Maryland. I can't lie about such situations now to help such constituents involved because it's all documented per the government levels: all anyone has to do is take the time to look in my customer or case files with such agencies and see such facts or such truths, from the beginning. Again, I am the victim going forward. Due to the lack of attention to these case matters, the State of Maryland (or attorneys of the state) has a problem--not me. These constituents work every day for customers like me . . .  every day: these are constituents that have good salaries and benefit packages (no not me . . ."Haven't seen her" "She didn't work here"), they have homes and not living in Section 8/voucher housing (no not me . . . "What inheritance" or "I don't know anything about it" or "I didn't tell her about the wills, how did she find out"), and they probably have a good relationship with citizens and their immediate family sets (no not me . . . Now my aunts (mother's half-sisters) in charge of my inheritance are either not talking to me or only carry on a conversation with me when they have to do so.) 


Overall, I provided care and love to such family members/senior citizens/elderly when their own children weren't even around because they were doing there own thing, living their own lives.  I am a nerd and I have always been considered more mature (life skills, etc.) for my age. I enjoy being at home, being around loved ones and friends than in bars and clubs. I enjoy learning new things from learned or mature people. So these family members, who have now deceased, simply wanted to reflect their love to me by giving me their most valued possessions. This was their way of showing or reflecting undying, everlasting love to me and my four children. 


Another topic, temporary housing rental unit: I just received a letter, last week, from the Annapolis rental development stating that when I moved in they believed that I personally changed the locks to my assigned unit because they can't find the original key. They stated that they couldn't unlock the entrance door to my unit on a given day in March, 2019, for a special city housing-development inspection [separate inspection than Section 8/HCVP inspection]. The overall rental development has been cited, most recently, by the government via local City of Annapolis or the state, State of Maryland. Before this incident, the property's staff were coming in and out of my unit; they have always had access to the unit. This is something else that I am considered to have done of which I didn't do. I haven't changed the locks to the only entrance/exit door of my unit. Sorry.


Hashtag; #family, #victim, #fair trials, #fraud #unjustorwrongfulfilingsofpolicereportsagainstme #housingcivilmatters #governmentprogramsandservices


June 7, 2019 - UPDATE:

There is a [white] lady by the name of Amanda Russell-Gosnell who believes that she is actually the true mother to my son "Marcus." She is now demanding that Marcus associate with "the white side" of his family(?!). When my ex-husband first moved to Caroline County, Maryland, our son and Amanda's [multi-racial, white and Mexican racial identity] son were forced to be classmates, during their elementary years.  My ex-husband allowed the relationship to extend by allowing Marcus to stay over to Amanda's dwelling place (Caroline County). Amanda is a former social worker with the Department of Social Services agency in the said county's jurisdiction. I believe that was the vision and mission of my children in Caroline by the whites in the jurisdiction: to integrate them "to the white identity of the U.S. or force them to appreciate the Shore's and nearby areas of the white-society population. Excuse me, but this said race-topic activity that is happening is strange and bizarre.


Amanda uploaded a pic, during Marcus' recent high-school graduation on Wednesday, June 5,  and placed it on his Facebook page-- before we, the parents, had a chance to even think about doing so. (He uses a different identity name on Facebook and hasn't interacted on his page in a long time. She only interacts on the said FB page.) Here are the comments to me, on my Facebook page, when I told her that she shouldn't have done that.


Caption of Uploaded Image by Amanda (Facebook): Congratulations to my baby boy on graduating from high school tonight. We are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. Reach for the moon and shoot for the stars ❤️❤️❤️


Amanda. Don’t you dare act like we are “white community members” to Marcus. We have been in his life since he was a little boy. That “white” kid and him have been best friends and brothers since kindergarten. Maybe for once you could make a post to congratulate your son on his accomplishments without making it all about you.

Me:  My son was with me immediately after his graduation. We had a few hours of quality time, like late hours, I got home at 1 a.m. … Amanda, please stop posting on my son's page or I will contact the authorities in your community. You are a former social worker and you know better. 


Amanda via FB chat message to me: Please don’t steal my photo and post it on your page as if you were in gym to see Marcus graduate. Stop acting like my “white” family isn’t important to Marcus. I believe I have been there for Marcus through many trials and challenges while you have been off somewhere else. Contact who you want. I can post on his page whenever I want to. He does call me mom.


Me: Ok Amanda. [I have stated all that I have to say about the matter, and the actions that I will take.]


I want it to be known, again, that I, too, am multi-racial (Native American, white, a little African American). It is not the Hicks's of my white-side racial identity that is doing this, culturally, because if it were up to them their position is that my children wouldn't have ever been in the Caroline County jurisdiction from the get-go.  If it were up to them my children would have been with me, their mother their biological mother and interacting with the Hicks family set or my maternal side of the family-- like the normal multi-racial family that we were. We don't play the race-card game to benefit ourselves, or to hurt the feelings of others. We don't take advantage of the mishaps of other people to benefit ourselves. In summary, there are two totally different sets of white people that my children and I are dealing with.  I was not raised in such hostility of the identities of the races on the Eastern Shore.  Overall, I don't like the communication tone or the dysfunctional behaviors of the white people who associated themselves with my ex-husband, me, and our children that began during our marriage-relationship separation and divorce proceedings.


June 6, 2019 - UPDATE: 

I have been very busy with family matters since the passing of my grandfather/father via informal adoption; interacting with this court or that court of Maryland's Eastern Shore/Annapolis--
Several matters of concern is the matter of people stating that I am lying or telling untruths about the traumatic situations that happened to me and my immediate family while living on the shore before my latest return to my home state (as though I am some type of criminal who has to be told what to do), and the matter of the wills of my grandparents. It seems as though there are citizens of a few Maryland communities that are still discussing case matter during what was suppose to have been a simple divorce with young children matter. Some have taken it to the extreme in gossip. Now that I have returned to Maryland, such gossipers of untruths don't know what to do in their accusations, attitude or behaviors that they told to innocent citizens.

I just want to say that these series of events are strange to normal citizen behavior: once again, such matters of my divorce are closed: my divorce was in the year of 2007 (Feb. 6). My aunt, the one whom is not accepting the current nature of the wills, was asked to be a personal character witness during my divorce proceedings with young children. If there are any people who are stating otherwise, they are lying and 'they" are scamming the general public who are unfamiliar of such matters.
Let me state clearly, once again, that I am not a part of such scams. It appears as if they are trying to prosper or to continue to prosper off the actions of my divorce proceedings or the challenge mishaps that have occurred involving my student loans while living in Maryland.  If there are officers involved in former or on-going scam, they must stop, too. The general public has a right to know that there are no case matters against me in any county on the Eastern Shore or neighboring Annapolis: case matters are closed or dismissed.

Some of the actions that have taken place, recently, is having me to consistently appear at local courthouses to be viewed as having committed crimes. I have been going to court for housing issues when there actually were no outstanding rent balances. The judge wanted to know why such false case matters where continuously coming to the courts. There have been numerous judges involved and have consistently dismissed such case matters. As if I have committed crimes, again, I am only appearing at the courts for matters of my deceased grandparents wishes because of the hostility of my aunt in understanding that my grandparents wanted me to possess their most valuable possessions. They say it's always family when such things happen in life experiences. Seriously, the scammers are trying to present an attitude that the divorce proceedings actions are still active or ongoing so they must show me making appearances at the local courts and interacting with judicials or officers, etc.  I am sorry, but all of it was then and is now a scam, scams that took place in my home state of Maryland. It is a matter that police officers have to deal with because that's what they get paid to do-- every day. Always, my job is to be respectful while interacting within these Maryland communities while being stern that I am not a part of the scams. In doing so, it sends a clear message to these involved organizations, affiliations, constituents that 'they' should not be receiving monetary or other benefits or profiting from my/our closed or dismissed matters involving the divorce matters that took place (2007): it's just like a person who says that they have power of attorney after an individual dies, once an individual dies, according to the law, there can be no longer a power of attorney defined in representation. PLEASE IGNORE SUCH GOSSIP.


June 1, 2019 - UPDATE: Now, let's try this fundraising-and- donations thing again, at least 10%. Thank you for those who have already given a donation or on-going membership donations: First, independent family services owned by a person of color/female of color including offering additional services not mentioned to Native Americans of Color racial identity.

On the Estate of My Father
Two well-kept sheds (food pantry storage, tables and chairs, and space for gently worn clothing donations)
Garden will be restored

Front and back outdoor lighting will be restored
Trees will be taken down for safety issues and sold as firewood product inventory
Food pantry kitchen/home kitchen

Picnic table will be purchased
Additional outdoor tables and chairs for socials
Swing set will be relocated or purchased
Free-will childcare and senior care services

Stackable washer and dryer will be purchased

Worn living room carpet will be removed and tan carpet will be installed

"I want to be remembered by my family for the times I took care of them and for helping them when they were in need." - William Leon Wright

On the Estate of My Biological Grandmother
Lawn for continued youth and family lawn parties (spring and summer season)

Wicked Witch of the West/maternal aunt can stay on my property if she improves her behavior or attitude towards me and finance matters agreement resolved.

"I want to be remembered for being a nice person and being helpful to others." - Stated formally by Nora Anna Louise Hicks Wilson Wright

"An important lesson I hope all my children and grandchildren learn is to be respectful and hold their own. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps when things fail in life." - N.W.



May 28, 2019 - UPDATE: have placed the mailbox back on the post that my maternal aunt (Norene Wilson aka Wicked Witch of the West) took down. Family members, who were receiving mail there, please contact me in regards to your mail going forward. If you have items at the home and you want back, please contact me. I have requested to Chestertown's postmaster to begin delivering again my grandparents' mail [if any], they have refused to do and are forwarding the mail to my aunt/Norene w/o my consent.

Monetary donations to my family services concierge can continue to be mailed to 112 Hoffecker Road, Chestertown, MD 21620 until further notice.


May 22, 2019 - UPDATE: Do you have a favorite religious-based speaker's online sermon that you would like for me to share during this year's 'Internet Revival Weekend?' The Internet Revival sermon clips will be shared this weekend! I will be discussing the Woman with the alabaster box, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joses, and Mother of the Zebedee's children for Women's night, ladies/Team Ladies. POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Now that my grandfather has passed the unison between my own maternal aunt seems to be void (now like I am a stranger to her)--simply because my grandparents' final wishes was for me to have their lands. I could be wrong, but why would someone desire for me to be on housing programs and public charity programs more than possessing what's legally mine? When did such dysfunctional attitude really begin? Why? Court cases pending now and once again, I am just the middle man (person) or victim of such evilness. I will say again: I want whatever and all things my grandparents and the good Lord desires for me to have. It is not my intent for me to use funding from local government or any government funding assistance when I have things that have been heired to me.
Again, another court appearance, via no fault of my own.

I am hoping that my state (State of Maryland) isn't apart of such nonsense of my aunt because I am already a victim of state fraud, waste, and abuse: "It would be nice if such constituents would stop allowing or wasting tax dollars on people who you know have committed crimes, and leave people, like me, alone who are trying to improve communities, families, and self. Help me to help myself and others is what I need from my state and government staffers right now. Will such constituents give me/us help finally?-- So that my aunt/the Wicked Witch of the West be sat down from her throne of assumed power: she's done enough of creating dysfunction in the family. [The day she placed my grandfather/father via adoption into the hospital to die was the last time that she has spoken to me--not at the funeral; not after the funeral; and didn't want to tell me that he even had a will.] I/we want to enjoy what my grandparents worked so hard to keep and maintain for over 60 years in a community town aka 'Ewingtown'."

She doesn't want me or my things on my own properties (in an area that used to be a majority of Native American family heritage and dwelling places.): Land and having land is very valuable to Native Americans and culture. I am the Good Witch of the North (lol!).


Battle/Case Matter: Wicked Witch of the West vs. Good Witch of the North to be heard in the Queen Anne's County, Maryland jurisdiction court in June, 2019.

May 11, 2019 - UPDATE:  Since the passing of now my grandfather (of my maternal set), I have now lost both of my maternal (North) and paternal grandparents (South). Presently, there are more citizens now realizing my heritage family lines and my abrupt relocation-housing actions back to my home state (Maryland). Some parties (including a few family members) are simply not happy in learning my family affiliations in the Queen Anne's County jurisdiction/Eastern Shore which, also, includes my family-friendly services that I have been offering for quite some time now--but not really marketing to others. I am hoping that the Holy Trinity of God helps the unhappy folks with their emotions and reactions to such news. I thank everyone who has been helpful in my productive actions of managing my newest life experiences. While I am focused, I am learned and I have always been trained to be emotionally prepared for the reactions of outsiders: I received very good life skills, all the time, from my grandparents of their expectations of my kindness outwardly to others and what productive lifestyle actions I should participate in as a citizen of this country.


May 6, 2019 - UPDATE:Thank you to everyone who has helped my family sets during our time of sorrow of the recent loss of my step-grandfather. 'All' family-friendly services of my company are now being offered to citizens and families of the Eastern Shore area, also. My non-profit's services will continue its services, too: serving out of Annapolis, Maryland and Queen Anne's County, Maryland. 



March 1, 2019 - UPDATE: 'Coast-To-Coast Winter Storm' The WEMA helpdesk will be open/ I will be on-call beginning Saturday - next Thursday. Boat Rescuers, get your boats in position just in case. Women and the elderly woman let's start to prep for family evacuations if applicable.  Product charity of clothes, shoes, food, etc. (all sizes), may be needed. Let's keep emergency and tech devices/children's game devices charged. The current concern is the major rain floods and cold air, let's pray. We must prepare for the impending weather-related weekend storms, and prepare or review home safety and exit plans: adult - adult conversations; adult-children conversations; and adult - elderly conversations now.  Again, do not give until you have been given or you have to give. I am anticipating inter-faith co-operations and unison between all faith-based church-building ministries and other ministries: actions of Christians, Jews, and Muslims product-charity and resources for the affected communities.


If you are participating in way of a full fasting and living in the any of the affected community areas, you may have to end it abruptly. All families, please listen to your local weather station beginning Friday evening/early Saturday morning. 



January 9, 2019 - UPDATE: If the partial government shutdown continues into Day 31, or after 30 days, I will begin formally discussing on this portal platform.


January 6, 2019 - UPDATE: I am going to be a little sarcastic, politically, until the partial government shutdown is finished. Just wanted to tell y'all this before you question to yourself, why is she saying that in such a harsh tone on her social media pages?!


Such as--

Now that I am residing in my home state (Maryland) again (mid 2017 - present), I must adhere to Maryland laws and its governmental programs and policies: not adhering to actions of personal feelings expressed by internal government staff or community citizens. In such citizenship, I must also adhere to federal-level laws and its governmental programs and policies. I hope this is making sense to each of you, dear Audience Family: I am a co-parenting, biological mom of four. None of the said mishaps (including my former marriage) doesn't mean that I divorced my children, my offspring and they are the heir to all things that I personally own/possess.  The invisible feud or myth of a feud (socially in the state of Maryland) was simply for some wicked constituents to prosper off of my divorce: It was suppose to be a simple divorce between two marital people of color. That's pretty much all I have to say--about the topic of does/doesn't she have children--now that I am living back in Maryland. Every other state knows that I have four children (aged out or not), so it doesn't matter. So if you see me with my kids never act surprised, and simply carry on with your everyday tasks, okay.


One more thing, since I have been a formal volunteer and employee with our government since the age of 8--whether retired or not in office--I absolutely do have more seniority than some of these new political constituents and politicians that citizens have voted in.  How many politicians can say that they began their government career at age 8? Only those who were children of politicians and presidents, I believe.


December 30, 2018 - UPDATE: I am calling the year of 2019 as the year we say that it is time to discover whether the planet Earth is going to maintain us, and our future generations. Many have said that it will not sustain us, but I say trust our true-and-living God that this planet will continue to exist.  How will we, humans, be transformed to fit into the new or old actions of Earth's nature/natural ways? Is it possible to believe that all of the seven continents combined is equivalent to simply a large island of Earth, the water planet? I will be highlighting such topic with a year-long series discussing my theory of this hypothesis or scientific discussion.