It's Okay To Have Feelings

It's Okay To Have Feelings
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~ January 1 - 31, 2020 Social Theme: National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month.  Last Saturday yearly, National Seed Swap Day (flower or vegetable) 

~Now - January 17, 2020 Social Theme: Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.


 ~Autumn and Winter Season September 23, 2019 - March 19, 2020 Social Theme: No Hair-Dye Usage Social 

~Our Pedometer Walk Activity Exercise Social Theme: July 23, 2019 - July 23, 2020










Year of 2020   

Dear Audience Family:


January 15, 2020 UPDATE: Do you know that it's ignorance that keeps people of communities from not receiving some of the things that they really need or want? (Or our government staffers play too many non-productive games with the locals.) I have the belief, but I think I expressed too quickly in stating that my grandfather's home, my home, will return to being the consistent spacing for my work and housing. Will it be my consistent living space? Or, will I be required to sell it?--are questions that are now being considered by the probate court due to the debt claims and court administration fees of the probate of Maryland. When you die in Maryland and own only a home with no other materialistic things or assets, it is an actual law that says to the family or heirs that you have to go through probate, such legal matters involving a court and judge(s). 



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