It's Okay To Have Feelings

It's Okay To Have Feelings
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   ~April 1 - 30, 2019. April's Easter-Focus Theme and Devotion Social:
"Freedom From Everlasting Sin Has Been Given."
Activity: Jesus is no longer on the prisoner's cross. Mirror Your Productive Emotions and Actions and Reflect Outwardly. Demonstrate or reflect the healthy emotions of your personal cross, your personal character, to your immediate family and to others, publicly.


April's social is Black & White Racial Identity Appreciation Month.  Theme: Networking/Friendship Building

With Their Own Actual Racial Identity. Also, April is formally, National U.S. Asian and

South Asian-Pacific Race Appreciation Month.

~The last day of February @ sunset - March 31 sunset. White-Race Ethnicity Appreciation Month. Our annual Food-Fasting/Healthy-Eating and Exercise social. It is also National Youth Art Month.

~February 1 - 28, 2019 Married Couples Appreciation Month. It is also U.S. African- American/Black-Race Appreciation Month known nationally as Black History Month.

~January 1 - 31, 2019  Mentorship Month.  National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month. Last Saturday in January, National Seed Swap Day (flower or vegetable).

January 1, 2019  (January - December) Beginning of a year-long series discussion of Earth: A Water Planet With 7 Continents Which Creates A Huge Land Island of Which Our Humanity Lives.


~November 27 - January 17, 2019 Our social theme for December:  December's Holidays Caroling begin Nov. 27 - Jan.17, 2019; Social Theme: Appreciating Our Singers, Musicians, and Dancers.  Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.





Year of 2019   

Dear Audience Family:


April 15, 2019 - UPDATE: I am now offering new spring and summer services of this concierge: traveling services via the Lyft app. If you are interested in becoming a driver of Lyft, please contact me and I will help you to achieve and we can achieve our financial ambitions together. Join my rideshare driver team today!

Due to my most recent affordable housing mishap, in an effort to keep my existing rental which is so convenient to my family on the Eastern Shore and places I like to visit and my middle daughter's college, I am officially stating 'no,' again, to my home state of Maryland. No I don't want to move out of my existing unit. No, no, no. they did it and they must take responsibility for their actions. And if they don't, then I must make every effort that I can to keep my existing unit so that I won't be homeless.


The lack of leadership by the staff constituents involved are not showing any empathy for their actions. It is apparent to me now that my home state's leadership constituents are consistently unfamiliar with people saying no to unfair and unlawful practices: I didn't suggest this unit for lease-up, the housing-program did. It has been stated, formally to me, that I took every correct action for a pleasant relocation effort back to my home state from Georgia. (I believe I have been treated in such a manner because of the former mishaps of the case matters of state fraud, waste, and abuse.) Where would such staff like to see me for their wrongdoings? in jail? in a hospital? What did they think was going to happen to me in such attempts?


I have to take responsibility in trying to resolve our co-parenting housing situation because of the convenience of where I am living for not only myself but my children.  In so doing, this lady of color is asking for local communities to support me/ to show loyalty to me in my effort of working externally. Since I only know the roads of my home town, I have been doing some serious travel ventures exploring street names and communities that Maryland offers to their locals and visitors. This new adventure of working externally is  both scary and exciting to me.  Wish me all things the financial best, will you? Lastly, I would like to thank all hiring managers and constituents who are helping me pursue such efforts in advance.  I look forward to productively using time management to serve family users of this platform and the services that I offer externally.


March 22, 2019 - UPDATE:  It's Pleasant Friday! Please keep me and my housing situation in your prayers. I have always said that I don't mind being on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. I have too many family individuals and children that I am trying to help--along with helping my self by having a stable roof over my head. Of Maryland, I have never had a case worker who would listen to me and have empathy for me. Such mishaps is the reason why I am a known victim of State fraud, waste, and abuse because they never wanted to hear or accept the truth from me, from us, about the social dysfunction that causes relationship dysfunction within homes (Eastern Shore local communities and Annapolis).

Shall we pray for all these individuals who have experienced such social disconnection and mother disconnection who have or wanted to live with me at some point (Their mother parent or female guardian didn't really want them to live with me.):
Wallace (my ex-husband)

Antwan (my half-sibling)
Larry* (deceased) (my ex-husband's sibling)
Darrell (my ex-husband's sibling)
My four kids (middle daughter lives with me during the week to attend college)
Shanene (my maternal cousin)
Charlette (my maternal cousin)
Michael (my half-sibling)
Crystal (and her four/five (*deceased) children ... two boys and two girls, my half-sibling and nieces and nephews)
Carissa (and her young son, my cousins)
and a few other teen or young adult males (community kids)

I tried to get a house large enough for my self and to help others--such as my immediate family of young generations, but my case workers/internal government staffers haven't been very cooperative with me/us yet. They haven't believed the mysteries and revelations that I try to tell them why I needed such housing space. And now I am back home again from living in Georgia.

Can we pray? All that I have gone through, personally, and I am still trying to find caseworkers who will believe me and give attention to these case matters. Matters where other government professionals messed up, and should have had all these said kids living with me even if it meant finding me a group home to direct or supervise.

I know some of you may be saying "Well these kids are now grown, they are adults." You don't understand (I am trained professionally.), if these kids didn't get the proper motherly or fatherly or social attention when they were growing up (like we did), these are now "adult children" that must go through the phases of childhood (even as an adult) to be productively okay ... to be mentally and emotionally strong adults to participate, socially. These are a group of individuals where the professional ones/internal government staffers who should have helped me to help them ... didn't. And this is where we are historically. Society is still trying to clean up or hide the facts of these social dysfunctions. And because I tried to help I lost much (jobs, cars, and purging of my entire identity).

If you have a large home, in Maryland, that could be used for such a spacing I would be interested but realize I have nothing to offer, no money. [And that's where the government should be willing to help me financially and to give support.] I do have my registered non-profit and it is accepting donations to provide such public charity, outwardly.


March 17, 2019 - UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that my relocation back to my home state of Maryland is an emotional trigger to those dysfunctional, internal government staffers and constituents involved in matters of me being a victim of state fraud, waste, and abuse. Again, there are new similar actions that only the government itself and judicials (officers, judges, etc.) must address by being truthful that such government agencies were a party to such claims. This situation no longer involves me (but I am a valid or formal victim); this situation no longer involves Maryland locals//Eastern Shore locals or local community neighborhood watch groups. These are governmental, administrative issues that need to be dealt with by the appropriate administrators--even if it includes the attention of the attorney general.

It is true, for some reason, that my maternal half-brother is in a drug rehabilitation facility, locally, here in Annapolis where I am currently living. He doesn't want any help from me--"only when he asks for it." He does not want to live with me. I respect his decision and he must make the best choices for him like everyone else who doesn't want to be a part of my life.

If my younger two children wanted to live with me 100% of the time or reverse the living arrangements and be with me during the week and their father's on weekends, etc., that's a very real reality that could happen if they choose--now that their young adults. That's why it's important for me to have such adequate housing of Maryland.

Now I understand now being of low-income, we need a private house and not government-reliance housing to do the things that I want to to do unless the government allows me to do what I am doing.

My maternal half-sister with kids has thought about living with me, too, because of said mishaps: those dark mysteries or historical events.

Those who can't understand why people or some of my family don't want to interact with me, you must use common sense. Why would they want to be in my life? I am a public figure and an evangelist and I don't smoke/don't do drugs and hardly drink. I'm not married, and I don't go out or hang out at the bars or strip clubs to find a traditional male gender. Why would the courts want to see me? Why would anyone want to be around me, a drug-free individual, in these current days of the drug-abuse lifestyle (just to keep U.S. and global economy stimulated) that we are living in?

I must accept and respect that people want to just live care-free lives or I will be homeless or in jail for disobeying such instructions, socially. If they don't want to obey local laws and the officers won't do anything about it, who are you to say anything? Who am I to say anything about it? Take the current actions of what's going on with my housing as a clear example of such mishaps. There is no way that I/my family composition would be going through what I am going through, socially or governmentally, if Maryland locals and other judicials wouldn't allow it okay.

Faith-believers we are living in a different time, much different time. We must be flexible, yet keep our own common sense. We can only do what we can under our own dwelling places. (You can actually do more if you own the dwelling place that you are living in. If you don't own it and you are still paying for it then it's not yours. Anything or anyone that you don't own, you don't have the legal right to influence or instruct.)

I wonder how many other American local communities have dark secrets and mysteries such as in my state? I believe that it would be scary for anyone to believe that African slavery isn't the only darkest, historical event of our country.


March 15, 2019 - UPDATE: My Eastern Shore Weekend Travels Start began with another Failure To Pay Rent sign posted on my door again! I have never had a lease-up like this before--and with no consistent HCVP housing specialist assigned. A lease-up that the local housing program allowed requires another courthouse appearance Wednesday. I am unfamiliar of posted summons: it would have been posted on my door all day, if it hadn't been for me walking out my door for my travels today. So many courthouse appearances, and I am not even a criminal. This is yet another clear example of dysfunction by internal housing government staff. An HCVP lease-up doesn't typically require you to relocate every year.  It hasn't been two years at this assigned dwelling place, interesting. Clarity needed of my presence, back to my home state, as an example of what and for what? I /we asked first and followed all protocol. 


March 1, 2019 - UPDATE: 'Coast-To-Coast Winter Storm' The WEMA helpdesk will be open/ I will be on-call beginning Saturday - next Thursday. Boat Rescuers, get your boats in position just in case. Women and the elderly woman let's start to prep for family evacuations if applicable.  Product charity of clothes, shoes, food, etc. (all sizes), may be needed. Let's keep emergency and tech devices/children's game devices charged. The current concern is the major rain floods and cold air, let's pray. We must prepare for the impending weather-related weekend storms, and prepare or review home safety and exit plans: adult - adult conversations; adult-children conversations; and adult - elderly conversations now.  Again, do not give until you have been given or you have to give. I am anticipating inter-faith co-operations and unison between all faith-based church-building ministries and other ministries: actions of Christians, Jews, and Muslims product-charity and resources for the affected communities.


If you are participating in way of a full fasting and living in the any of the affected community areas, you may have to end it abruptly. All families, please listen to your local weather station beginning Friday evening/early Saturday morning. 



January 9, 2019 - UPDATE: If the partial government shutdown continues into Day 31, or after 30 days, I will begin formally discussing on this portal platform.


January 6, 2019 - UPDATE: I am going to be a little sarcastic, politically, until the partial government shutdown is finished. Just wanted to tell y'all this before you question to yourself, why is she saying that in such a harsh tone on her social media pages?!


Such as--

Now that I am residing in my home state (Maryland) again (mid 2017 - present), I must adhere to Maryland laws and its governmental programs and policies: not adhering to actions of personal feelings expressed by internal government staff or community citizens. In such citizenship, I must also adhere to federal-level laws and its governmental programs and policies. I hope this is making sense to each of you, dear Audience Family: I am a co-parenting, biological mom of four. None of the said mishaps (including my former marriage) doesn't mean that I divorced my children, my offspring and they are the heir to all things that I personally own/possess.  The invisible feud or myth of a feud (socially in the state of Maryland) was simply for some wicked constituents to prosper off of my divorce: It was suppose to be a simple divorce between two marital people of color. That's pretty much all I have to say--about the topic of does/doesn't she have children--now that I am living back in Maryland. Every other state knows that I have four children (aged out or not), so it doesn't matter. So if you see me with my kids never act surprised, and simply carry on with your everyday tasks, okay.


One more thing, since I have been a formal volunteer and employee with our government since the age of 8--whether retired or not in office--I absolutely do have more seniority than some of these new political constituents and politicians that citizens have voted in.  How many politicians can say that they began their government career at age 8? Only those who were children of politicians and presidents, I believe.


December 30, 2018 - UPDATE: I am calling the year of 2019 as the year we say that it is time to discover whether the planet Earth is going to maintain us, and our future generations. Many have said that it will not sustain us, but I say trust our true-and-living God that this planet will continue to exist.  How will we, humans, be transformed to fit into the new or old actions of Earth's nature/natural ways? Is it possible to believe that all of the seven continents combined is equivalent to simply a large island of Earth, the water planet? I will be highlighting such topic with a year-long series discussing my theory of this hypothesis or scientific discussion.