It's Okay To Have Feelings

It's Okay To Have Feelings
   Dear Audience Family, My Daily Announcements





~February 1 - 28, 2019 Married Couples Appreciation Month. It is also U.S. African- American/Black-Race Appreciation Month known nationally as Black History Month.

~January 1 - 31, 2019  Mentorship Month.  National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month. Last Saturday in January, National Seed Swap Day (flower or vegetable).

January 1, 2019  (January - December) Beginning of a year-long series discussion of Earth: A Water Planet With 7 Continents Which Creates A Huge Land Island of Which Our Humanity Lives


~November 27 - January 17, 2019 Our social theme for December:  December's Holidays Caroling begin Nov. 27 - Jan.17, 2019; Social Theme: Appreciating Our Singers, Musicians, and Dancers.  Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks .







Year of 2019   

Dear Audience Family:


January 9, 2019 - UPDATE: If the partial government shutdown continues into Day 31, or after 30 days, I will begin formally discussing on this portal platform.


January 6, 2019 - UPDATE: I am going to be a little sarcastic, politically, until the partial government shutdown is finished. Just wanted to tell y'all this before you question to yourself, why is she saying that in such a harsh tone on her social media pages?!


Such as--

Now that I am residing in my home state (Maryland) again (mid 2017 - present), I must adhere to Maryland laws and its governmental programs and policies: not adhering to actions of personal feelings expressed by internal government staff or community citizens. In such citizenship, I must also adhere to federal-level laws and its governmental programs and policies. I hope this is making sense to each of you, dear Audience Family: I am a co-parenting, biological mom of four. None of the said mishaps (including my former marriage) doesn't mean that I divorced my children, my offspring and they are the heir to all things that I personally own/possess.  The invisible feud or myth of a feud (socially in the state of Maryland) was simply for some wicked constituents to prosper off of my divorce: It was suppose to be a simple divorce between two marital people of color. That's pretty much all I have to say--about the topic of does/doesn't she have children--now that I am living back in Maryland. Every other state knows that I have four children (aged out or not), so it doesn't matter. So if you see me with my kids never act surprised, and simply carry on with your everyday tasks, okay.


One more thing, since I have been a formal volunteer and employee with our government since the age of 8--whether retired or not in office--I absolutely do have more seniority than some of these new political constituents and politicians that citizens have voted in.  How many politicians can say that they began their government career at age 8? Only those who were children of politicians and presidents, I believe.


December 30, 2018 - UPDATE: I am calling the year of 2019 as the year we say that it is time to discover whether the planet Earth is going to maintain us, and our future generations. Many have said that it will not sustain us, but I say trust our true-and-living God that this planet will continue to exist.  How will we, humans, be transformed to fit into the new or old actions of Earth's nature/natural ways? Is it possible to believe that all of the seven continents combined is equivalent to simply a large island of Earth, the water planet? I will be highlighting such topic with a year-long series discussing my theory of this hypothesis or scientific discussion.