It's Okay To Have Feelings
It's Okay To Have Feelings
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Whether you are family, friend,or even a client--if you're not going to use my advice seriously or my help given to you, then, please, don't discuss your unique situation with me.  My company brand and (also) my ministry is about helping others--who want and are ready--to use my consultation to increase productivity in their personal and family lifestyles. -Sherlene® 



~November 27 - January 17, 2019 Our social theme for December:  December's Holidays Caroling begin November 27 - January 17, 2019; Social Theme: Appreciating Our Singers, Musicians, and Dancers.  Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, yearly, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving up live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.

~November 1 - 31, 2018 Native American and Multi-Racial Native American Appreciation Month. Also, Family Self-Worth Month (by any family race or culture) (Saturday after U.S.A. Thanksgiving Day, yearly) Just Dress-Up Saturday is a good time to teach kids how to behave appropriately at a meal by having a formal dinner of leftovers at home or dine out. An opportunity to teach meal mannerisms, being proper in public, and respecting others when at a public place venue, etc. December's Holidays Carolers begin 11/27 - 1/17.


~October 1-31, 2018 Oct: Pretend No U.S. Businesses; Pre-Winter Cleaning. 

Our Generational Family Dysfunction Speak Out will be 

Social Theme: Artificial Intelligence Virtual Healthcare.



~August 22-September 22, 2018 Read Literature In The Presence of a Child. 

Social Theme: When Police Are the Murderers, Harassers, and Abusers.


~May 1-July 31, 2018 May is Global Female Appreciation Month (Team Ladies' Summer Challenge: Travel Fun Time: "Girl(s) ... let's travel!  June is Global Male Appreciation Month (Team Gentlemen's Summer Challenge: Travel Fun Time: "Man(males) ... let's travel!" July is My Birthday Month (7/23); NEW! Multiethnicity Appreciation Month; and Team Ladies & Team Gentlemen Unison social: "Hidden Children of America And Globally".  AND we also have the annual Internet Revival and Harmony Picnic social activity. 


 ~May 1-31, 2018 NEW! Asian-Pacific Appreciation Month


~April 1-30, 2018 U.S. Mixed-Race Appreciation Month (bi-racial, black and white ethnicity); Spring Cleaning Month (resident and/or business). National Take Our Daughter(s) and Son(s) To Work Day, 4th Thursday of April (26th)


~March 1-31, 2018 Youth Art Month; U.S. White Race Appreciation Month: Theme:

White Religion Focus To Expand Racism


~February 1-28, 2018 Black-Race Appreciation Month: Theme: Archives, Emotions and Actions of Black Customers,  and Global Married Couples' Appreciation Month


~January 18-31, 2018 Social/Consumer Brands and Personal Relationships:

Why Do We Abandon Them?


~December 1-January 17, 2018 Global Christmas Season Family Traditions Month



Year of 2018   

Dear Audience Family:


December 16 - UPDATE: I am calling the year of 2019 as the year we discover whether our Earth is a land or large ocean planet.


November 29 - UPDATE: Dear Audience Family, may you have a blessed holiday season and New Year!
Rideshare ministry customer service has ended for year of 2018. I think the my-style rideshare experience was a success and appreciated! Next year, I will be wiser; it was fun meeting new people. For me, who hasn't lived in Maryland for years, it was nice visiting new community areas and cultural styles of my home-state: Hey Rideshare Passenger Neighbors … I wanted to treat you like I would want to be treated, during this festive holiday season.


November 16 - UPDATE: New Service Available Now, Rideshare and Customer Service serving Anne Arundel County, Maryland and neighboring local communities, and parts of Eastern Shore, Maryland. In addition to using my transportation service, you may donate non-perishable food and clothing items and tips to help families in need. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Use my service on Small Business Saturday (November 23 - 24).


November 12 - UPDATE: 10% tithes (GICPA) or financial donation to all of the work of Sherlene D. Stevens. Thank you for your charity contribution. Food items, food boxes, and clothing charity accepted daily to distribute to those in need. 

September 17 - UPDATE: I am suggesting to storm-victims to use the following local links for assistance in cleanup: Choose and click company name My Volunteer Co-Op, Craigslist, Angies List, and Thumbtack.  For those who would like to be included in my directory of storm cleanup volunteers for storm Florence, click here to email your resume.


September 10 - UPDATE: I've been kind of quiet on this platform because I've been prepping so that I may be more efficient in my services, and my natural weather online alerts to you, dear families. It's been close to a decade since I've updated some of my inventory (It was a personal goal to do some of this during my birthday month, ugh.). I know that I have spent several hours on simple tasks that typically takes minutes. I have been patient in waiting, now taking actions of purposes. How many of you know that It takes courage, sometimes, to do what you need to do financially to be equivalent with your constituents? Successful businesses in any form realize money is required to do things right. Business is a job industry that "demands" constant updating skills and inventory, personal and professional time, and money.  Better is coming ... finally ... just at the right time. Grateful.


August 4 - UPDATE: I have submitted a more formal communication of exiting non-paid volunteering options involving any and all governmental programs and social/welfare/public government programs (city/local/town; state; federal).  A listing of my current volunteer customer service of promoting brand activities, today, can be found on my Twitter social media page (ex. Habitat for Humanity USA, Salvation Army USA, Arbor Day Foundation, Staples Back-To-School Sale, The Book Thing of Baltimore, Maryland). As an online media executive (including having Internet and business management skills via work and college experiences), I realize that I have created a lot of websites, out of pure common courtesy (lack of formal government leadership and customer service at the time of web-page design public presentations), that continue to be a great community resource to the general public, nationally.  So it's great that I can say such websites have achieved being classified as a productive online resource. Like this web portal, those websites are still available and not owned by our government or its constituents. They are owned and funded by my company The Sherlene Brand, or public-charity nonprofit A Time To Learn Academy. Most recently, I have begun pursuing other formal, paid job opportunities that can advance my overall career portfolio and financial expectations at the same time. Such paid-opportunity endeavor that I am seeking involves working for an employer with pay and benefits. Such an opportunity will not deter my on-going actions with my own company. Thank you for being a loyal audience member of The Sherlene Brand.


April 26 - UPDATE: This social website platform's terms of service and privacy policy has been updated, effective May 25, 2018. What this means is that I have organized this platform for better socialization with posting news and topics that reflect the needs and wants of the family lifestyle including the [and my] Native-American and African-American ethnicity.  


Do you remember when Facebook® first introduced the emotions' icons? Some of you, of all racial ethnicities, have been with me way before I had an audience family. I would like to take this time to recognize you because you inspired me to simply be ... Be real. As I try it again, as I build a real customer-service company, just take a look at what this platform really is doing (This platform has grown, and on social media, too. I have really thought about hiring someone to help me, to be my personal assistant. Thanks to all volunteers thus far.).  My platform is sincerely providing socialization to all those who feel that they are not being heard or feel that they are not being seen. So, families, you go right ahead and choose the socials that you want to partake, and read the news articles that interests you. That's it, freedom of social choices. When you can, listen to at least one of the broadcast episodes of New Monday Show, too. In a way, even with its Christian tone and approach, I think it's universal--something that all religions and families can appreciate. In regards to my summer schedule, I am praying that I won't have to present as many natural-weather posts as last year. I believe this platform and my social media pages are ready to handle such updates.  Dating or a man finding me is certainly something else I may be interested in or enjoy doing this summer. Smiles. Have a great summer, and enjoy our Team Summer Challenge socials!


April 23 - UPDATE:  May is the beginning of my summer-schedule hours. My summer schedule is May 1 - July 31, yearly. Dear Audience Family, you are welcome to participate in my Team Ladies and Team Gentlemen summer social-activity themes. 


April 18 - UPDATE: Today, I am watching C-SPAN (House of Representatives members' speech presentations) in honor of [Mrs./Former First Lady] Barbara Bush. 


April 2 - UPDATE: Happy Birthday Week, my home-state Maryland.


March 21 - UPDATE: New service available! This freelance recruiter is available: America's #1 recruiter of parents with school-age kids (age 0 or newborn - college student, age 21). Job-seeker candidates, let me recruit you today.  Hiring managers, I am accepting job orders. Background in recruiting industry: Maryland's former JTPA program, an educational temporary employee then full-time job opportunity in the industry, suggesting or referring friends and family for positions, college courses in the recruiting field, career counseling to the general public, work from home positions, and actual training with staff/mentors of several state's Department of Labor. A business quote "Fortune favors the brave." -Author Unknown


March 18 - UPDATE: I know this sounds like something from the 60s (because it began, for my maternal family, much earlier than the 60s. It started when my maternal great-grandmother's (a teen) lost her mother and she was sought out by a young man (my maternal great-grandfather living on a reservation in Piney Neck or Rock Hall, Maryland), pray for me of my request of "forgiveness." I need the spirit of forgiveness because I am convinced, until updates, that I was placed on the SSI of Maryland due to the request of the KKK organization (white females and males and religious networking/counterparts) and our government knew it--like other family members' social behaviors ... get in the charity and welfare lines of country and be an ambassador of it or else SSI. If anyone would like to "help me" (not my other family members) in such matters please contact me ... an on-going job(s) with actual pay--not a fake job(s)--would actually be appreciated by all (including me) so I wouldn't have to discuss such horrific descriptions of culture shock.


February 17--UPDATE: Now is the time to book your grass-cutting seasonal reservations and assign lawn-tech contracts. I am accepting customer inquiries for local lawn-techs of my personal networking-partner directory in your specific area (in the U.S.A). You may email me or phone me to book this year's lawn-care services for your unique household or family business.


My non-profit's (A Time To Learn Academy) H.E.L.P. Forward Program is seeking global families to host an easter-egg hunt for kids and/or adults in March. Let me know if you are interested in providing such charity leadership in your local neighborhood. I am now accepting material donations for activity in my local area zone (Eastern Shore, Annapolis).


January 1--UPDATE: Happy New Year!


December 20, 2017 - Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and May You/Your Family or Family Business Have a Blessed and Productive Year of 2018!


November 1--UPDATE: Do you have an upcoming event announcement that you would like to share on this portal? Every year in December is free-ad listings for the new year! So Email your family-friendly event announcement beginning December 1st. Rule: All announcements that are going to be held at a large venue, with a capacity greater than 700 people, will be posted.


October 1--UPDATE: For family shoppers and online shoppers, I have updated my brand's personal stylist and personal shopper services. Available online and locally (Maryland's Westfield Annapolis Mall; three shopping centers of Chestertown, Maryland).  I have created a few new social media pages, to help with your everyday-shopping list and holiday-shopping list. Available on Facebook (Shoes for Males Personal Stylist; Full-Sized Bras Personal Stylist) and Twitter @onlinecouponhub. You may also join the Online Family Shoppers Facebook group, too. Have you viewed the new revised Twitter page for natural disaster announcements @disasternowinfo. Available in English and Espanol! By end of year, completion of company name from Its An Event and Company to The Sherlene Brand.


August 30--UPDATE: Due to current weather patterns, I am currently volunteering as Weather and Community First Response Social Media Communication Director. I have created several Hurricane Harvey Facebook group pages where the general public can post, and a special report page and item-request board on this website. Harvey actions will continue, with possible rain and flooding, through September 20, 2017. Hurricane season 2017 will continue for several more months.


Again, I am a high skill-set communication constituent. While living on an island of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I grew up being a storm watcher. I started watching storms again after Isabel and Katrina--when taken out of my marriage-home (house rental) with kids, abruptly.  I am a trained independent emergency-response volunteer: former Delaware 211 volunteer,  former government worker of Maryland State Highway Administration (Administrative Assistant with dispatch tasks), and former local-hospital CBX switchboard operator. 


CORRECTION. These are real live requests by citizens in the affected communityies "community(ies)." Platform doesn't allow parentheses "( )".  Organized mannerisms leads to real productivity: Item requests will be announced on this website, and furnished by givers who visit this website. Giving will be first-come-first-serve basis, by audience of this website, if available. If you are able to donate, or utilizing a truck for donations, please contact me at the following contact information.

Mission: Donation in hand vs. given to a specific or local charity.

Citizens in need, you must provide a drop-off address (public area must be nearby), and e-mail and/or phone number to be considered. Or, you may email to or text to 404.635.8822.


August - UPDATE: Eclipse day, there will be no added news posts or headliners. During the eclipse, remember not to look at the sun. Make sure that children, senior citizens, and neighbors know safety tips too.


July - UPDATE:  Now residing in Annapolis, Maryland!  My home state is Maryland.  So, now, I am more learned of local communities of our northern and southern states.


March 25--UPDATE: This will be the last viewpoint until my relocation is completed.  I will still share current news, and themes as much as possible, on this platform, until then. Reason being, I will be without my desktop hookup and Comcast services during relocation efforts. I will, however, post more on my social media pages for you, dear audience family. Overall, my rental lease-up in error is finally getting resolved! You see, as one whose career started in serving other, it just takes a little patience and good communication to get people to understand each other.  Though, two years of waiting for housing issue to be resolved has been a little trying even for my patience. [smiles]  


Since my book publisher is no longer in business, I am going to acknowledge the original title that I stated for my published book. You may hear me reference both book titles from now on---The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness or A Compilation of Forgiveness. Tate Publishing is saying that my book is no longer in print; yet, I still see that it's available at most online book stores. To think, my career goal intent, while completing my master's, was to have my journal memoir published, have my on-going radio broadcast, have my nonprofit recognized, and to work a secular job (in area of TV, broadcasting, etc.). I have accomplished productivity with some of these ambitions. Georgia is becoming really ambitious in its efforts of being recognized as "South Hollywood". As you know, my most recent career endeavor was running in the 2016 presidential election. Now back to pursuing secular-job ambitions, while providing this platform to you.  Did you know that the economy has improved so much that lots of people are leaving their existing jobs? With this weather pattern, we are off to a great spring season! Make sure to have lots of family-lifestyle and family-bonding moments, during these nice-weather weekends.


Feb. 6--UPDATE: I am going to continue with planned hosted themes. February will not be the lasted hosted theme as stated earlier [relocating busy activities]. I would like to thank Union City, Georgia and citizens for their hospitality of this Maryland-native girl and my children. Live on purpose and engage in your life's goals: It's time y'all ... I want to explore other opportunities that are easier for me--housing opportunity, secular work opportunities, and work opportunities with my brand as the focus. My consistent housing challenge has been an ongoing issue for almost two years or more now.


EARLIER RELEASED STATEMENT: Dear Audience Family: Does anyone really like moving?! All the things that you have to do with moving, ugh! I have so much empathy for anyone homeless, and our citizens who are stranded in other countries due to the immigrant ban. Not only do I have to organize my personal matters, but my business and nonprofit matters, too. February will be my last hosted theme until my relocation. During such time, my website will share less family-friendly news and topics.  


Jan. 31--As of this date, I will no longer be an AVON Lady (locally or online).  I would like to thank AVON Products, Inc., and my former customers, for allowing me to be a store owner within my community area(s).


Jan. 18--Those who really know me know that I don't mind wearing used (uh huh gently used clothing), or newly purchased styles that others wish that they hadn't purchased. Family, I love "thrift stores!" I am so proud of my middle daughter because she does the same. Now mind you, not worn or new items (if I don't know you) like bras, panties, pantyhose, undergarments, or

worn shoes. Thankfully, I can say I am out of size 22+. My body is trying to decide whether it wants to be XL or XXL--depending on the brand. Maybe my mind will do better in getting down to an XL, L, or M. So if you think I will like some item that you have give, dropoff or mail to me.


Honey, I will wear a gently-worn blazer, coat etc., if I like it. Trust me, I will wear it. Unusual I don't know--my mom taught me how to shop thrift because she couldn't afford to shop for me and my design taste. Am I the only one who would love when you received clothing catalogs, as a child?

Co-parenting four kids, honey yes--I shop thrift stores, actual store locations and online stores (like some of you). It helps me to devote my $s to other areas of my uniqe home-style budget. In my former marriage, my husband didn't like me to go to thrift stores for our kids. He would say "Just go to a cheap-price store and just purchase. We both work hard and we have the money. Dag, you love to save a dollar!"


How about at your unique home-style? Are you a penny pincher and shop at thrift stores, too? Those who do, I bet we're better at budgeting dollars than others.


With Love, Sherlene®

Year of 2016


End of November, 2016 - Dear Audience Family, I am now offering a new, national, project for your unique homestyle's landscaping and lawn cutting services. On social media (Facebook or Twitter), please use hashtag #INeedMyGrassCut

for service, or

you may email/message/phone our organized lawn customer service. For more info or service hours please click on

the "More" tab and scroll down to a specific tab of interest. As we have now entered the holiday season, allow it to be joyful

on purpose.


November 12 - What's Next for Me? Dear Audience Family,  I really don't know. There is no more cleaning up of my personal and company brand--my former employers are on board (Maryland ed system but still has yet to compensate my pay and work verification), my children and ex-husband are on board, and my day-to-day constituents are on board. And, I have learned how to productively have a man, my next husband, to "find me" to be on board.  So, yeah, I really don't know. I don't have a crystal ball to see what my next achievement will be.  I have founded an offical non-profit for career seekers and the general public, and I have created my own Christian faith-based ministry, and I offer to you this official website of my family-focused themes and personal responses (including social media). Who will accept me, be it the general public, families, or my next external-pay employer of whom I am, after my official president-candidate run, is really what will delight me and is my point of view. Let's now focus on our family-bonding goals for the holiday season (Nov. - Jan.) and (family, personal) goals for upcoming year of 2017.


November 8 - I would like to thank everyone who voted for me today. Families and citizens, my presidential-run loss doesn't stop my purpose of my brand and this unique, family-friendly themed portal. #Election2016


October 30 - "Stay in your lane." and "Stop meddling." Is that really how most of you feel? If so, I am sorry and respect your point of view.  On the recent death of my maternal grandmother (Oct. 1), you may have noticed that I haven't really spoke publicly about it. Overall, it is because of my family ranking (as only the grand-daughter after her three surviving daughters) involving her final wishes and her estate affairs. I have experienced very unproductive family expressions from a few. So I've been quiet, and simply focusing on my own unique household. Having said that--Although there has been great forgiveness (in regards to my fake marriage), I truly thought it was wrong for one of my maternal aunts to note my ex-husband as an honorary pallbearer. Why?


Forthgoing, I am going to be a little cautious of what I say for numerous reasons.  I just want to make a point in saying that it was unbelievable of her girls in that they wouldn't even honor her said funeral arrangement wishes (after all it was her funeral, right? Just saying).


Again, I am just the granddaughter (who was thought of as a daughter because my mother-teen who had me, and we lived with my grandparents before being kicked out of their home, and then I returned to living with them during my high-school years [The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness]). I would personally like to thank the mourners and funeral home (Fellow, Helfenbein, & Newnam) for their consideration in my last-minute special requests, thank you.  Thank you, also, to those who have said a quiet prayer, on purpose, or said a kind word to me, my children or family during this time of grieving. We still have our non-biological grandfather who has been a part of our lives for more than 50 years. We are grateful, and, also, concerned about his welfare as you can imagine "I can manage on my own, you girls don't have to worry about me."  Anybody who has taken care of loved ones knows exactly what we are going through . . . I will continue to do as much as I can (though challenged financially right now). If it takes me to continue the commute from Georgia to Maryland--that's fine with me (It's not like I have tried to move back to my home state).  I am still a part of my family whether in this country or out.


The holiday season is approaching: For those who are in a dysfunctional marriage, do you realize that during holiday seasons-such as the approaching activities--this may cause additional challenges in your marriage? I will be uploading a video presentation, discussing the topic, so that we will be mindful. It will remain available until Dec. 31 (or New Year's Eve).


October 18 - Please be mindful of this political process when voting for me in some states: Although a write-in candidate is not entitled to ballot placement, he or she may still be required to file paperwork in order to have his or her votes tallied (or to be eligible to serve should the candidate be elected). In 34 states, a write-in presidential candidate must file some paperwork in advance of an election. In nine states, write-in voting for presidential candidates is not permitted. The remaining states do not require presidential write-in candidates to file special paperwork before the election. My original paperwork was submitted in the District of Columbia.  Then, due to housing challenges (Section 8), I was relocated to Union City, Georgia with possible long-standing residency due to fomer housing challenges in various stated while participating in the Program (2006 - present).-Ballotpedia (n.d.)



October 11 - Thank you to all who shared sympathy, a kind word, or caring thought to my family and me in the passing of my maternal grandmother (October 1).


August 23 - You probably have noticed several ads on the Portal.  Please make sure to click on the brand of interest--while at this Portal--so that I may get the credit for your view or purchase.  You may now purchase AVON product line with me, nationally, at my online shopping store at The store is open 24/7 for your convenience.


August 6 - New! Would you like to receive a copy of my Hey Neighbor, Newsletter? To subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter for email users, request membership log-in or follow log-in at the bottom of this page or (Family Life Harmony) tab. Would you be interested in a local newsletter (similar to a newspaper mailed to your home)--a subscription fee would apply to cover the mailing and staff expense? What's your feeling about a print mailing of the Hey Neighbor, Newsletter? It would be similar to the newsletter that I use to distribute in local communities.  If happy or excited feeling by you--my Dear Audience Family--then, I wiill proceed with a posting of Help Wanted: Volunteer journalist or contributors are needed, please inquire. Who knows, maybe a Hey Neighbor, magazine, next?!


August 1 - My summer hours has ended. Please adhere to my brand's regular hours for activity participation.


July - Please note and begin using my new website address of (I will no longer advertise after Year of our Lord, January 2017.).

Also, I will no longer use business name Family Bonding Center Services for this brand company only for our humanity project(s). Personal-check donations for our humanity project can be mailed to Sherlene Stevens or Family Bonding Center Services.


July 18 - My/Our Current Humanity Project. Local Governments, Stop Hiding Us From Each Other: "Money Talks, Before We Walk" sponsored by (Its An Event and Company). More information to follow. There are actually three projects of this Hey Neighbor! humanity project, an idea from my presidential campaign run and unpopular vote:

  1. "Local Government, Stop Hiding Me";
  2. "Local Government, Stop Hiding Families"; and,
  3. "Local Government, Stop Hiding Us From Each Other."

Note: Adopted from my campaign-run slogan: "It is me. It is my family. 'It' is . . . America."


July 8, 10:12 a.m. - [As Political Leader] My Response to #BlackLivesMatter and #PoliceBrutality


June 30 - This weekend - July 4th sunset, Show country love by displaying the American flag at your unique household. America, Happy Birthday! July is also my birthday month.


June 19 - Still on summer-hours activities, There will be a Tuesday's Family Bond Paper discussing feedback of the 2016 Global (Did you notice our new word ... "Virtual"?) Harmony Picnic and informal suggestions from the 2017 Sherlene-brand Strategy Meeting.  Thank you, again, for all that participated in our picnic social theme of the year. [whether you participated earlier in the week, Friday and/or Saturday] An opportunity to show my appreciation to each one of you for your loyalty to this company brand, and our own audience family-bonding opportunity moment. Revival is good; it brings clarity and, of course, by now, you know I value your personal ideas of the current and future missions of my brand's vision. Some of your ideas are already being utilized or will be forthcoming.


June 15 - (Global) Virtual Harmony Picnic this Saturday. Everyone is invited to participate. Buffet Style: Prepare a dish enough for you and your family, and invite a stranger. Begin at 3 p.m. EST. During the Sherlene's Brand Annual Strategic Planning Meeting, Team Ladies and Gentlemen invitation and acepted communcation only.  I will be "sort of streaming" online for this GLOBAL event, similar to the online Revival: Team Ladies and Team Gentlement Tweet/Post/Email me ideas that you would like me to do. Next year, 2017, do we need to change the time to 1 p.m. for everybody? Would it make much of a difference to accommodate everyone?

I realize and appreciate that our international friends and families may be participating by hosting a dinner picnic, or your picnic is actually being held on the third Sunday due to time zone issues. Instructions: Upload your pics and give comments of your picnic group's suggestions to improve this family-bonding portal, or family-oriented topics you want to discuss.

There will no longer be  a summer-challenge activity unless, otherwise, posted.



May 6 - Dear Shoppers, Due to Housing Choice/Section 8 lease-up activities, I am going to conclude selling New AVON products because, frankly, I don't want to have to be concerned that my new landlord will not allow such entrepreneurial activities at the unit: November 2011 - May 5, 2016. I wish that I would have had sold enough products to rely on such monetary income resource to create a consistent, personal financial budget. 


Update, June 1: Sherlene's Neighborhood Store - New AVON brand line is open. Shop Now at or Union City local.


May 4 - Today, I officially endorse ‎Donald Trump‬ and give my support ... unless there are citizens who like to nominate me as the impossible Republican nominee at this point. The unlikely real Republican candidate, my campaign proposal 


May 1 - I am grateful for the opportunity to have even heard of a man named Prince. It goes to show that you can be and do the best, but it is up to those that you leave behind to make you a memory or even a thought. In a public interview (year of 2004), Prince said this, "I really searched deep within to find the answer to whether fame was most important to me or my spiritual well- being, and I chose the latter."  This week, New Monday Show will honor all of our fine-art entertainers, the gifted-and-talented, and business-focused individuals by airing broadcasts for May - July. This Fri-Sun (Mother's Day Weekend, Friday @ 6:30 p.m. EST, and Saturday and Sunday @ 3 p.m.) will be our annual Internet Revival--beginning with a show broadcast upload, today, Sunday. I laugh when they call me aka the minister of such kind-hearted individuals.


April 30 - The Portal is now in summer-season activities: May - August. May begins our Team Ladies and Team Gentlemen hosted theme activities. Scroll down to see Social Media themes and theme topics for May - July. Again, there will not be a hosted Summer Challenge event for summer 2016.  Internet Revival TBA: All faiths are presented during this unique revival event through favored YouTube sermons (max. 30 minutes) and focused-song highlights chosen by me. I will also provide a sermon for the revival: New Monday Show. The New Monday Show is also in summer-season activities: advanced broadcast uploads for May - July will provided shortly. No live broadcast episodes of the show until August. Team Ladies, allow it to breathe. Team Gentlemen, remember to be gentle. Have a wonderful summer, audience family!


April 26 - On the home page, click the speaker icon, above my name "Sherlene", to hear my tribute to Prince and to his fans. Prince was a true entertainer who knew how to play at least 20 instruments: a gifted-and-talented (G&T) man. Music Credit: Prince.


March 28 - Sherlene Stevens's AVON store is going out of business, in the process of closing. Nope, re-grand opening; now aka the Neighborhood Store (posted April 1). Additional shoppers' service, I have added a new service--Auto Salesperson and Consultant. (posted April 11)


March 25 - Our annual food fast ends today @ sunset. This is also Good Friday (fish, seafood, or chicken). Sunday is Easter Sunday, and the conclusion of national and international Holy Week.


As a Section 8/HCV program participant (as of this date, I still haven't had any job opportunity interviews), during the month of April, I will have fully honored my 1-yr rental leasing agreement or required leasing completion: a busy month for me, always, when is lease-up time (local housing office request either in my home state of Maryland: Greensboro, Maryland; or Easton, Maryland; or continued housing agreement in Union City, Georgia)--all while seeking consistent job opportunities; kind of a real challenge when you don't know where you'll be living (frustration). Yet, I continue such efforts without any assistance, Ms. Independent me who has achieved a master's (exceeding client expectations of poverty government programs). A consistent job and fair wages, for my line of work, would offer major productivity of goals for my immediate household, and of declining participation from the HUD program overall. Maybe I could work for HUD with all of my personal experiences with the housing choice program. :)  (Lol!) In any event, please forward inspiring wishes to me. [And I don't mind saying the word p-r-a-y-e-r-s, too.]


I thought I would have found a job in the ATL, by now. When you are unemployed, finding work interviews is a full-time job. My attention now has to shift--it's unavoidable--to finding a job and housing partcipant actions, until my personal goals have been met productively. I will continue to post to the Portal when I can. I am a responsible entrepreneur/leader who keeps promises as much as possible. I started this Portal with no financial expectations from my viewers or audiences, simply as a blogger who listened to your wants and needs. I hope that I have fulfilled some of your expectations. During the month of April, I want to thank you in advance for your patience and consideration during the leasing-up transition.


March 21 - This is the last week of our annual food fast, ends Friday @ sunset.


March 9 - I formally suspend my presidential campaign run--unless Trump and Cruz want to suspend theirs, too. If so, then I will continue my campaign for the American people. No public funding was generated in my campaign activities.


March 1 - Our annual food fast has begun! Ends March 25th at sunset.


Febrary 29 - Today, because of Leap Year, is Day-It Forward Day!


February 29 @ sunset  - March 25 sunset will be our annual Food Fast (because of Easter weekend): Your kitchen should be free of milk, sugars of all kind except honey, fruits of all kind, breads of all kind, alcoholic drinks of all kind, all potato forms, all pasta forms, all peas form, vinegars/pickles, high sugar yogurts, and peanut forms. This is a form of reflecting our diciplined actions, Audience Family and Sherlene's Ministries. We will conclude early, this year, because of Easter. 


Due to the closure process of the N. American Avon Products, Inc. I will now include our theme of the event as one of my actual, social-event themes during the month: Family Awareness of Community Generational Family Dysfunction Month. I had referenced their Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. 


February 19 - The New Monday Show now has a page on Facebook.


February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day


February 9 - No nomination winner--as a Write-In--of the Republican Party in ‪‎New Hampshire primary‬. I will begin actions to conclude my 2016 presidential campaign. It was an exciting run; and, it was great to meet some great American citizens who expressed their needs and hopes for a modern America.





Year of 2016 


Month of December,

Jan. 17  Families, Celebrating Dec. Holiday Family Traditions. A global public theme.


Month of November,

Social Theme, This Year Only:  Dear First [and First Noticeable Representation of People of Color President] Family, Thank you for showing maturity in representing our country even when--I am quite sure--there may have been times when you just wanted to be anywhere other than the citizens' White House. President Obama, we just wanted you to know . . . (hosted public event theme).


Our regular annual theme(s): Native American Appreciation Month. 2016 Theme: Our Cousins, Asians & Middle Easterners. New, added annual theme! Family Self-Worth Month.


Month of October,

Social Theme: Pretend No U.S.A. Businesses; Pre-Winter Cleaning; and, Families, Speak Out Against Generational Family Dysfunction, the entire month.


Month of August,   

Social Theme: By Reading Books, I Am Able To . . . (8/22-9/22)


Media Discussion Topic:  Yes, Fathers are Invaluable, But What About Kids Raised By Others .. Other Than Their Real Mothers. Month of August.


Month of July: Nature's Island Colors.


Month of June. Males and their Games (Sports).


Month of May.  Crochet, Lace, and Bag Designs.


Month of April. Mixed-Race Appreciation Month; Spring Cleaning Month.


February 29 @ sunset  - March 25 sunset. Annual Food Fast (See Family Guide, themes for list of foods to avoid or eliminate for the month) Sherlene's Ministries' participants are also asked to participate.; White American Appreciation Month. Our theme is : White Founders of Social Welfare Programs and their White Clients


Month of February: Black-Race Appreciation Month; Hosted Theme: Black Kids Raised by Whites for Money and Social-Justice Challenges; and, Honoring Married Couples' Month.


Month of January & 2016: Name It & Claim It: Pursue your Next Job, Spouse, and/or Business Establishment.


Month of December/January 17: Global Families, Celebrating Dec. Holiday Family Traditions. Do not leave real Christmas trees up past Jan. 1, could be a potential fire-safety hazard.




February 9 - No nomination winner--as a Write-In--of the Republican Party in ‪‎New Hampshire primary‬. I will begin actions to conclude my 2016 presidential campaign. It was an exciting run; and, it was great to meet some great American citizens who expressed their needs and hopes for a modern America.

For My Name To Be on the Upcoming Election Ballot.

February 2 - New Hampshire Primary [and caucus] (2/9) volunteers, are you ready? During the primary, if I don't receive any write-ins, I will suspend my presidential campaign.

February 1 - Iowa Republican Caucus's Register and Write-In: S-h-e-r-l-e-n-e
S-t-e-v-e-n-s. Our goal is for me to receive 50% of the overall votes and one other voter: 50% and 1.

Volunteer Campaign Action: Campaign volunteers are needed now in our following states to have my name on the ballot:
Iowa (campaign volunteers needed);
New Hampshire (campaign volunteers needed);
South Carolina (campaign volunteers needed);
Nevada (campaign volunteers needed);
New Mexico (campaign volunteers needed) and,
Florida (campaign volunteers needed).

Go to the "Topics" tab to find campaign participation and actions of Sherlene Is It volunteers.

Ballot Petition Time to Have My Name As An Option for My Political Party Convention to Choose


With Love, Sherlene™

Year of 2015


August 3 - 10, I will be participating in the annual "No Social Media Week: Black Lives Matter" of all my social media pages.  There will still be a New Monday Broadcast, and postings on this website.

July 18, For several years (2005 - present), my audience family, partners, and I have been working unending to provide appropriate family-friendly topics and entertainment, targeting family households: web page development. So, I ask that you try not to duplicate the vision and mission of this company. Not only because of copyright laws, but because this is a long-established, and deeply rooted company brand that does not need duplication--"stay in your unique, personal talent lane." I welcome new partners and gig opportunies. Currently, this web page is also being used as my official Presidential candidate campaign web page.

July 16, There are plenty of (summer) social theme activities for you to choose from at this website. I hope that you are having a great summer with lots of family-bonding! Themes can be reviewed by scrolling down this page.

All volunteers of my current political campaign, I thank you for your dedication and time.

May 22,  After a busy relocation to Union City, Georgia (May 1st) with no land-line phone, I am now able to say that the move was successful. Some people think Atlanta, Georgia to D.C. is like a trip to the park: time management is one of my skills.

Now, the real work begins--like learning how to use my new Comcast service features :) and the SherleneGetsJobOffers Campaign. This has been my first real week of my search and, wouldn't you know it, my medical condition flared up (feet blisters). So no real shoes or closed-in shoes for a while, and a couple of visits to a health care provider for it won't distract the employment campaign or your gal.

In summary, I recently relocated from Washington, D.C., and I am temporarily residing in Union City, Georgia to improve my personal financial stability.

April 14, I am still in Washington, D.C.; now, waiting for State of Georgia housing authority relocation lease-up paperwork/ initial inspection procedures to be completed: My housing "is not" a part of military base housing for candidates, or jail, prison, or home confinement housing. Section 8 housing should not be viewed as participation of worst outcomes (or only offered to our very poor or senior citizens). There is a lot of good that such a program and its overall company vision can and does offer to unique American households and to communities, especially welfare states.

Due to underemployment or employment of civil cases (see Campaign Topic tab - Civil Cases), I'm having to rely on a housing voucher from the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) of HUD until my unique household becomes financially stable or independent--through no fault of my own--as a student-customer of government programs and employee of state employment (educator) which I feel people have tried to take advantage of such facts to position themselves as being more politically favorable or politically correct to local communities, religious members and to the general public.

I have announced current themes (March - July), See below. There will not be a 2015 summer challenge activity.

Feb. 21, Comcast (Maryland, D.C. service installers) is coming to do more repairs next week. Great, now they want to do the work when I'm in the process of moving. Fair?! Just like my move, this work was suppose to have been completed two years ago (two years of not having full, adequate service) at the beginning of my cable service request.  So I have updated my website and social media just in case I don't have service before moving to Atlanta, Georgia.

Feb. 8, Due to relocation activities, I will no longer be uploading as frequently, interesting topics, on the "campaign topics" tab after Feb. 21.  Let's Talk American Politics  I will complete the read aloud of the senate hearing this month.  I will begin a new broadcast read aloud after the relocation is completed. Continue to view my Facebook page (Sherlene Stevens) posts for interesting and current political theme posts.

Jan. 26, Visit your state's emergency weather announcements.  If any, I will post accordingly.

Jan., This year, there will not be a Family Quilt newsletter.

Month of October: Weatherization and Pre-Winter Cleaning Month
Theme: Pretend, "What if there were no open businesses in our country?"

And, it's our Families, Speak Out Against Generational Family Dysfunction Month
(Adapted from Avon's Domestic Violence Awareness Charity)

Forms of Generational Family Dysfunction . . . Happens Again and Again in Family Sets
Welfare or Social Service Reliance
Inadequate or Inconsistent Home Style Living Arrangements
No One in Family Has Ever Completed High School, Job Training or College
No One in Family Has Ever Achieved Earnings Above The National/State Poverty Level
No One in Family Has Ever Visited Outside Of The Local Neighborhood/Community
No One in Family Drives a Vehicle or Has a Drivers License
Vulnerable Adults with Dysfunctional Habits Which Causes Disconnection from Immediate or External Family (Sets)
Extreme Jealousy and Possessiveness
Family Household Isolation
Verbal Abuse
Violent Temper
Controlling Behavior
Financial Abuse
Social Abuse
Children Forced in Social Isololation other than Worship Settings or Local School Attendance
Children Considered Less Than Human, Invaluable or Unworthy
Unwanted Children Born Into/After Challenging Parental Relationships
Single Parenting Only With No Co-Parenting Activities

September 15 - October 15 National Hispanic Month

August 22 - September 22, Read Literature or Media in the Presence of a Child
Theme: eLearning Course contd through Oct. 12; Social Beliefs and the Uninvited New Neighbors with Children
Note: To participate in online course go to: (News & Courses tab)

August 11 - until Finished,Tweet topics of Family and Parenting viewpoints (including discussions of the
recent death of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother, Whitney Houston)
Theme: eLearning Course (beginning August 12th - October 12th)

Month of June - August 31,Team Men and Women, contd.

Month of July: The Islands
Show Theme: Local Community Politics-Citizen Discussions-that Create State Laws vs. Federal Re-Actions; and, Summer Challenge 2015: Pretend War on U.S. Soil

Month of June: Team Men: Silent Anger of Wanting to Be More ... For Self and For My Woman
Show Theme: Male Temper Tantrums: Strategies and Conclusions While Keeping Healthy Relationships

Month of May: Team Ladies: Female Habits that I Label as Being a Real Friend
Show Theme: Real Talk About Every Day Female Life That, As Females, We Participate In

Month of April: Mixed-Race Appreciation Month; Spring Cleaning Month

Month of March : White-Race Appreciation Month and Candida Fast Activity:
Theme: White Teachers & Desegregation, That's [Moral] Love
Description: Asking everyone to participate in a "Candida Fast" due to the high percentage of white citizens who have an unbalance of candida in their bodies. Source:
Candida Fast: Eat no potatoes, fruit of any kind, white rice, macaroni, yeast-made products (bagels, doughnut, pretzels), nuts, corn or popcorn (big no-no), anything made with wheat or flour, desserts or snacks, sugars even avoid honey!, pickles/pickle-family, beer, wine, alcohol,  etc., for one month. Wash all clothes in "hot" water instead of cold. Dry clothes in a dryer. Bathe with warm water. Heat kills candida.

Month of February:  Honoring Married Couples Month (The Benefits of Being Married); Black History Month. Hosted Theme and Tweets: America, and the Need of Africans: Our African Americans have Value. Other tweets, Treat Self Like You've Treated Me.

Month of December 2014 - January 15, 2015 Global, Holiday-Season Family Traditions

Month of January 2015 - Tweets: Wages Isn't All, When Working and Human Rights Topics


With Love, Sherlene™

Year of 2014

Month of December: Global, Holiday Season Family Traditions 


Month of November: Native American and Black Indian Month: Indian Communities


Month of October:Theme: Pretend No USA Business Month


Month of August and September: 

Theme: Show Me What You're Reading or Your Favorite Literature

8/22-9/22, Read Literature in the Presence of a Child

Theme on Twitter (@atimetolearn): Words Schooling Children Silently Say ... 


Upcoming! Month of June, 2014: Honoring Men Month. Theme: You Are Males, Boys and Men.


Tweets will be about being a faith believer (e.g., Christian, Muslim, or Jew) and participating in legal matters. Also discussion topics about the most infamous secret organizations such as the KKK, Free Masons, Skull and Bones, The Illuminati, etc.


Month of May, 2014: Honoring Women Month. Theme: You Are Females, Girls and Women.

Activity: No ponytail hairstyles. 


Tweets will be about being a faith believer (e.g., Christian, Muslim, or Jew) and participating in legal matters. Also discussion topics about the most infamous secret organizations such as the KKK, Free Masons, Skull and Bones, The Illuminati, etc.


Other news: The Sherlene Is It campaign is hosting a Early Childhood and Public School Education Rally for the month of May (Girls and Women only) and June (Boys and Men only).


May 1 - June 27, 2014, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Let's remember or show support of these educational systems (Head Start buildings, Title 1 Public Schools and Communities, etc.). Let them know you've been educated on the Title 1--No Child Left Behind--and Common Core Program Act.

  1. Make it a point to stand on a public sidewalk near building. (Not on private property)
  2. Stand, Pray or Read Literature on sidewalk.
  3. Do not carry a conversation with educational staff or students, unless a greeting such as "Hello," "Good Day," or "Good Afternoon".

Note: A large portion of President Obama's 2015 budget includes targeting early childhood education with "universal school" funding (over $700 million). He has requested that Title 1 schools receive 21% of the proposed funding. He has requested that $15 billion, over the next ten years, be given to early childhood home service programs (nurses, social workers, and other health professionals). Again, Pre-K is not a legal requirement in our states. You do not have to send your child to a formal public, charter, or private school or participate in homeschooling until the age of 5.


Month of April, 2014: Mixed-Race Americans Month and Spring Cleaning Month.  It is also viewer's quotes on my FB and ATLA Twitter.


Month of March, 2014 Theme: White American History Month

Theme: Candida Fast

Description: Asking everyone to participate in a "Candida Fast" due to the high percentage of white citizens who have an unbalance of candida in their bodies. (Source:

Candida Fast: Eat no potatoes, fruit of any kind, white rice, macaroni, yeast-made products (bagels, doughnut, pretzels), nuts, corn or popcorn (big no-no), anything made with wheat or flour, desserts or snacks, sugars even avoid honey!, pickles/pickle-family, beer, wine, alcohol,  etc., for one month. Wash all clothes in "hot" water instead of cold. Dry clothes in a dryer. Bathe with warm water. Heat kills candida.



End-of-Year Announcements (November 5, 2014) Parent(s) if you no longer want the good-and-bad involved with parenting, you may drop of your infant(s) or child(ren) at my doorstep--no questions asked. Please do not harm your child, just drop your child off to me for some quiet time, or so that I may make other solutions on your behalf. Remember, children never ask to come to our great world.

Beginning in January, 2015, I will no longer be accepting or posting personal picture uploads; only objects or things not people. Most individual photo themes and your family picture uploads will no longer be shown. Thank you to unique households and entrepreneurs who contributed and for your continued loyalty.

Just a reminder that the sister-company, an education and outreach non-profit is available, A Time To Learn Academy at

By December 30, 2014, I will conclude the Interfaith Series of discussing the similarities of the Holy Qu'ran to the Torah and Bible: If necessary, in December, I will complete extra broadcasts along with the scheduled Monday broadcasts of the New Monday Show.

November is my hosted theme of Native American and Black Indian month.

Announcement (August 21, 2014) My private company, Family Bonding Center Services,
is not affiliated with any state's local Department of Human Services (DHS)-Department of Social Services (DSS) or social-welfare government agency, including the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). The vision of my company actually was out of denials of welfare for my middle-income household while married, and my Shore's maternal family's households, due to earning above the poverty earning limits or being a part of "just shy" of middle-income status or middle-income status with major debt or expenses.

Have you viewed my (Employment, Education, Housing) civil case updates? How are you feeling about me pursuing these civil cases?

Announcement (June 17, 2014) 2014 Summer Challenge - "Career Exploration Scavenger Hunt"
Instruction: (See Our Education Choices tab for daily activities) Also, Team Men and Team Women, asking you to mentor or inspire one unemployed person every day through September 2, 2014. Let's go teams!!! Let's see how many people we can find jobs. Give updates and you could win a prize for inspiring the most people in finding employment.

Announcement (June 16, 2014) This Saturday is our global harmony picnic and strategy meeting for families 2015. I've changed the date ongoing ... From now on the picnic will always be the Saturday before Father's Day Sunday.

Announcement (May 22, 2014) My Dear American Citizens, The Superior Court of the District of Columbia has accepted processing of three civil cases pertaining to my pursuit of running as your aspiring presidential nominee and formal reference of me, Sherlene Stevens. I have included the specifics of these three cases on the "Campaign News and Issues" tab of this website's home page. As most of you know, court parties are not at liberty to discuss the case(s) in detail during the proceedings. The information that I am sharing with you is general public information that can be found at the court of appearance. How are you feeling about these court civil cases?

Announcement (May 12, 2014) My Dear American Citizens, Due to not receiving the educational employment verification letter, to verify my productive work skills and qualifications, I am pursuing legal actions against all parties involved. A real leader, and your aspiring Madam President nominee for the Republican Party. Real leadership, my dear Americans, is allowing the opposite party's views or needs to be considered of which I have tried. Unfortunately, no mutual agreement has been made that includes fairness of my employment rights and monetary needs and expectations.

Announcement (May 11, 2014) Happy Mother's Day! ¡Día de la madre feliz a todas las mamáes!

Announcement (April 28, 2014) Something I've never done fully, I am going to address topics of being a faith believer (e.g., Jew, Christian, or Muslim) and participating in legal matters on the Twitter show during May and June.The Sherlene Is It campaign is hosting an "Early Childhood and Public School Education Rally". [Scroll down for more information to Calendar Show Topics]

Announcement (April 22, 2014) Since families make up communities. Since community citizens attend schools. Since community citizens attend churches. I am asking the church bodies in Kent County, Maryland (or the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland) to pray and ask your schooling system "why" the verification letter hasn't been given to an outstanding full-time employee: a student teacher, with an existing full-time teaching role, who had already designed two educational programs for usage in the given rural county or inner city schooling district. Realizing that the majority denomination is Methodist affiliations, I guess this request would be made to such faith citizens.

An example of a formal "employment verification" letter

An example of my activities as a "student teacher"

Announcement (April 21, 2014) No reply by Kent County Public Schools or a formal review by its Board; I am now seeking legal counsel for education employment work history while working at Maryland schools: Henry Highland Garnett Elementary School, Chestertown Middle School (new name, Kent County Middle). I also attended the given schools before transferring to Queen Anne's County High School. As an outstanding former student, community worker, and educator, there should be no hesitation of providing requested verification by the schooling system.

.Announcement (April 6, 2014) I would like to thank Kent County Public Schools (Chestertown Middle School/Garnett Elementary School staff members, parents and students, and Chestertown Police and Kent County Sheriff Department) for providing work and personal references. As of this date, I am still waiting for Kent County Public Schools (local government agency, now located in Rock Hall, Maryland) to verify my work and work activity while being employed and home schooling my oldest girls under the given school system jurisdiction. As you know, my maternal family is from Rock Hall, Maryland ("The Script in My Box"). If I don't receive verification soon, further actions will need to be considered because the education industry is where I received most of my full-time work experiences and qualifications for my presidential run. Also, a thank-you to Delaware State Police, and Campus Police for trying to retrieve my student portfolio from my assigned teacher (kept binder of official education documents, student teaching hours, and work history): Delaware State University staff for verifying that my double-major program is truly reflected on my official college transcript. Again, thank you. -Your "Education-Priority" Aspiring Madam President 2016

I am hoping that I do not lose desktop accessibility (due to Microsoft and Comcast new versions of required technology) after April 8, 2014.  I believe that I am already experience tech challenges. On April 5, 2014, I contacted Comcast for tech and phone line issues (FIOS). The technician informed that Comcast is also a part of new versions and will no longer acknowledge Windows 98, XP, 7.0, or 8.0. As suggested, 7.0 and 8.0 customers can purchase the new 8.1 version. Windows 98 and XP customers can not purchase upload and will need to either purchase a new computer or install the 8.1 version.  I have tried to upload all current information, and your spring and summer family-friendly events for your given state. Again, this web site page is used for my 2016 campaign run. A Time To Learn Academy website and calendar events can be found at

Next road trip, Tennessee, Alabama, or Kentucky.

Announcement (April 5, 2014) How are you feeling about the new look of this web site or home page? I tried to complete most uploads due to the upcoming deletion of Miscrosoft programs (XP, 7.0, 8.0).

Announcement (March 31, 2014) Windows XP, 7.0, and 8.0 will be obsolete after April 8, 2014. There will be many programs that will not work or not compatible with Windows XP, 7.0, and 8.0 after this date. If you have 7.0 or 8.0, you will be able to upgrade to 8.1. DO NOT PURCHASE any computer equipment that is a Windows XP, 7.0, or 8.0.

It may be the end of my social networking participations and daily upkeep of the website. Families, I am going to try to post as many spring and summer events that I can on the event calendar, just in case.

Announcement (February 27, 2014) Just a reminder that the Candida Fast will begin at sunset on Friday, February 28. Tyler Perry's Fan Page (on my site) will no longer be available due to episode clips no longer available to the general public per OWN - cable channel. March's company theme is U.S. white american history month.

Announcement (February 24, 2014) To go along with supporting my white-race unique households with candida challenges, here is a list of foods to avoid during the candida fast (Month of March), Just in case you missed it, there is an increase of Candida or yeast imbalance in white citizens and my company event for March is U.S. White History Month.

Announcement (January 13, 2014) New! Local Job Fair per State on the "Our Education Choice" tab inspired by H.E.L.P.-Forward Program of A Time To Learn Academy, Inc.

Announcement (January 6, 2014)  This URL address will be my official campaign website address throughout my political run for 2016 president; inclusion of old-fashioned political run behavior is my campaign budget strategy. Visit the "Stevens for 2016 President" tab for current political announcements influencing our American households and family businesses.

Announcement (January 3, 2014) Christmas theme will continue until Jan. 18. This month is also Mentorship/Goals Month. I will be discussing the importance of having a home office space at home or at your family business.


With Love, Sherlene™

Year of 2013

Announcement (December 28, 2013) Have you visited our Facebook page --Family Bonding Center Service and A Time To Learn Academy? In 2014, as I proceed with my political run, I will be using these pages more frequently along with my political pages, and this announcement board. The "original" A Time To Learn tweets will return!!! Monday - Thursday by 8 p.m. EST, Sunday evening - weekly online and offline activity recap, including H.E.L.P.-Forward Program.

Announcement (December 24, 2013) Company is working holiday hours through January 6, 2014. New themes and points of view in 2014!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, unique households.

Announcement (December 17, 2013): The H.E.L.P.-Forward Program's information has a new home, (view Our Bulletin Board)

Announcement (December 15, 2013): Here is the live-stream recap of former South African president Nelson Mandela's funeral and traditions of the Xhosa people--at Mandela's funeral: http://

Announcement (December 11, 2013): We now offer a "local" Family-Amusement Trip Bus and Service. Mission: Events and bus service for families and the general public of Maryland HWY 50/301 Route:
Upper Eastern Shore, Annapolis, Bowie/Largo,
Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD to Pennsylvania's entertainment venues.

*Visit the "Service" tab on this portal for more information of upcoming trip-event announcements.

Announcement (December 10, 2013): To remove ice off of vehicle windows, use 2/3 cup of vinegar and 1/3 cup of water in a spray bottle. I don't know if it works on steps too. December, yearly will now be free event ad listing or posting on the Portal, all events--locally, per state, or internationally. So give me all of your group or organization events now - December 31. You may email to Starting Jan. 1 there will be a fee for local and single-event listings.  Note: We only accept "large" religious public event announcements.

Announcement (December 8, 2013): Since we have achieved meeting the financial goal of the IRS application fee (expense) well before anticipated (Dec. 25), I would like to announce an early Christmas present to my audience family. Now - ongoing, all event listing of the dept. of A Time To Learn Academy and on this Portal will be at a free-will donation cost. So you may send your next event listing for me to post to the general public by email for the Portal or for the Academy. Early bird really does get the worm. I wasn't going to announce this effort until after the new year for mentorship month. You guys did it, great job!

Announcement (December 7, 2013) Yeah, today, we met our 2013 economic end-of-year goal for IRS application fee (expense)!!! Thanks to all who gave. So now what? Basically, now, we offer free-will donations for the department of A Time To Learn Academy (the school) and the Help-Forward Program. Family Bonding Center Services (central office for all) financial dollars will come from the company store (Avon) and service fees for all other services that we offer that are not free-will donation services. Exciting!!! We can relax a little now, audience family. Thank ... :) Helping People. Helping Families is really what this company's vision is and does. Thank you again..May we all celebrate this New Year's Eve like never before.

Announcement (December 4, 2013) All proceeds from any Avon sales (company store) will go towards the department of A Time To Learn Academy's 501(c)(3) expense until fully established and acknowledged by the Internal Revenue Service. Audience family, will you help me achieve this economic goal by December 25... ?

Announcement (November 22, 2013)  If you are an employer, we welcome your current job announcements. Please email to

Announcement (October 17, on this day in American history) I would like to announce my personal Christmas Gift-List (don't know how I am going to pay for such items though)
- A car so that I may travel the highways and byways to provide in-home services to my customers and for days I have with my biological kids. (insurance, car payment, up-keep expenses, gas)
- Consistent cash flow to meet this company's budget and my personal budget.
-Personal gifts from my audience, fans, and clients.
-Baking pantry filled to distribute homemade harmony bakings to the general public.
-God's continued blessing as I journey in becoming the 2016 president nominee for all the people even though I'm a ... Republican.
- Democrats to pay off my student-loan debt ($118,000) that did not have to be... I only went to college to become a teacher because you all (state of Maryland, Upper Eastern Shore) said you needed a "specialized employee." Remember those promises... but instead of keeping your word you placed my situation in the hands of the local law agencies and the Social Security Administration.

I was fine working at my full-time job as the district engineer's administrative assistant (benefits; 401K, and the whole package, the youngest employee who ever passed the hiring standards) and offering community services; on the weekends and when I got off from work in the evenings. Now, today, many Title 1 schools don't even have a G&T program or department for its students.
Announcement (September 7, 2013) The company food pantry needs to be restocked: butter, flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and oatmeal for healthy snacks distribution and annual bake sale fundraiser, September - May. Taking bids for flavored lollipops. AVON company store has now been updated with new state/address location. There are still many affordable and quality products that we can rely on with this long-standing brand, families. Sherlene Stevens | Family Bonding Center Services looks forward to meeting your unique household's family-bonding products needs with our revised company retail products, including seasonal and holiday items, available 24/7 or request a company sales brochure.

H.E.L.P. Forward Program 2014 goal: To offer Energy Assistance to the general public who need (monetary grant) assistance towards their electric and/or heating bill, summer and winter.

Announcement (August 26, 2013) Summer hours at my home office are officially over. Mediation services are now available to families for issues relating to Student Rights or Education Law, now - June, 2014.

Announcement (August 23, 2013) Final conclusions of the 2013 Summer Challenge: Education Case can be found at   Note: I have worked over 20 jobs beginning at age 12.

Announcement (August 12, 2013) New call-in Radio Show!!! Live, "Membership: Our States of America", Thursdays @ 6:30 p.m. beginning 8/15.                                      Call in number: (347) 539-5037

Announcement (August 5, 2013): Please notice the new P.O. Box mailing address.

Announcement (July 11, 2013): Home schoolers/College Students or thinking about home schooling/college, please visit There you will find a calendar with listings of upcoming, national, Business Conferences and Fine Arts Competitions.

Announcement (July 2, 2013): Annual festivals and several-days event announcements will no longer be posted on the event calendar. Free postings will be posted in the "Our States of America" tab only. Paid postings will be placed in both sections ("Event Calendar" tab and "Our States of America" tab).

Announcement (June 15, 2013): The global Harmony Picnic was held today. I announced that there will be no further donation requests for the home schooling organization efforts on the Upper Eastern Shore, Maryland. The geographical area is mostly natives of my ex-husband and J (from 'The Script In My Box'). These citizens feel that I am intruding in their cultural ways, and have been since forming a local 4-H club for their youth (1989-2003). Believe me when I say, "I did not know that those youth (4-H) members, and other local public school kids were relatives of my ex-husband and J. Now, since writing my memoir, I have also learned that my ex-husband and J are cousins too.  I would like to apologize to any one, including myself ($128,000), for your kindness of monetary and supply donations to this region. Unfortunately, the local government organizations, the local United Methodist churches, and their families could not provide me this confidential information. As a community leader in the area and the wife of Victor (from 'The Script In My Box'), my many feelings are trying to conclude why this family and the general public did not reveal their connection much earlier. Perhaps, this is the real reason why the communities wanted my four kids in their public (Title 1) schools and for us to reside "only" in their region. Please, do not furnish any other donations claiming that it is given to support A Time To Learn Academy (Upper Eastern Shore, Maryland).  


With Love, Sherlene™