It's Okay To Have Feelings

It's Okay To Have Feelings
   Dear Audience Family, My Daily Announcements





~ December 1 - 31, 2019 Social Theme: Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks. Is Santa Claus your belief in the reflections that we, humans, should offer to others?

~November 28 - January 17, 2019 Social Theme: December's Holidays Caroling 


~November 24 - 30, 2019 Thanksgiving Week: "Express Your Emotions of Being Thankful Week" What are you thankful for? What are the ways that you show gratitude towards others?

~Nov. 27 - Jan.17, 2019 Social Theme: Appreciating Our Singers, Musicians, and Dancers:  Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.

~November 1 - 30, 2019 Social Theme: 
~Native American and Multi-Racial Native American Appreciation Month. The Saturday after U.S.A. Thanksgiving Day is "Just Dress-Up Saturday."
A good time to teach kids how to behave appropriately at a meal by having a formal dinner of leftovers at home or dine out: teach meal mannerisms, being proper and respecting others when at a public place venue, etc.


 ~Autumn and Winter Season September 23, 2019 - March 19, 2020 Social Theme: No Hair-Dye Usage Social 

~Our Pedometer Walk Activity Exercise Social Theme: July 23, 2019 - July 23, 2020


Year of 2020   

Dear Audience Family:







We are now participating in our end-of-year holiday socials, I am concluding my chitchat to audience for the year. I hope that you have had a blessed year, in the year of 2019.


November 28, 2019 - UPDATE: Now is the time of year when I update this portal for the new year. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I am going to postpone any actions of my political-campaign pursuit until I know for sure of my housing situation and address/contact information going forward. I don't think it's fair to run for office without a consistent address.



November 26, 2019 - UPDATE: Surprise, to me--Ruling: I can have possession of my grandfather's home if creditors are willing to void debt claims on the estate or such similar agreement. Also, I must satisfy payment of all administrative fees associated with the probate and formal transfer of deed.  


I want to keep the home that my grandfather left for me to possess: By doing so, I will be able to finally get off of the local, federal-based rental-housing voucher program of Housing Urban Development (HUD) that has been available to me after being displaced.  I am so grateful that such a program exists in our country, in Maryland--that has helped me to have somewhat decent, safe, and sanitary housing through all of this. My vote counts, too; I prefer not to sell the home while hoping for cooperative and productive outcomes of myself and all other constituents involved.


November 12, 2019 - UPDATE: Queen Anne's County, MD jurisdiction court appearance: Unless someone of authority would like to dispute such matters on my behalf, my grandfather's home is not my inheritance after all. It's the thought that counts. I am at peace with simply knowing the intent of the probated will of each of my grandparents, their separate last wishes: I knew my grandparents' intent; just like that, I can tell you about their desires for our family lines. And such clarity will always be enough when speaking of them to my generational line: My children and I loved both of them dearly and reflected such love to them with admiration, affection, and gave to them things that they always desired as best that we financially could.


November 9, 2019 - UPDATE: Annapolis, MD jurisdiction: Someone from the local housing program finally made contact with me today. Overall, I have not been invited to stay at my current rental unit under the agreed co-parenting consideration of adequate spacing and fair-rent actions. What took so long of letting me know? I had already taken the necessary housing-relocation action which has been delayed, for months, through no fault of mine. Someone needs to remember this lease-up opportunity prompted me to return to Maryland on a full-time basis. Before this rental, I participated in the very long commute from Georgia to Maryland to visit with my loved ones.


I appreciate the opportunity to live in the great city of Annapolis. Annapolis is a convenient city for commuters, but I prefer to live outside of the city. I'm a country traditional gal. Just a few months before my grandfather passed who lived in the country part of the Eastern Shore, the public commute route from Annapolis changed due to road construction. I was unable to complete a return trip, in the same day, to my rental unit. I am thankful that we have rental cars in this area; I wouldn't have been able to have helped with my grandfather's care otherwise. Now, there is a long-time project going on of the maintenance of the local bridge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 


October 23, 2019 - UPDATE: How will you help in the upcoming presidential election? I have decided, today, that my customer service will be in helping to register new voters to allow them to choose from the selection of candidates--including myself. By way of my civil duty, I will help in increasing the number of registered Maryland voters of all political parties, and  READ NOW. When I do begin participating, formally, I will not be concluding my own business or services while participating in such activities of the next political election. I have a separate platform for my political activities: Facebook® and Twitter®. No formal website platform will be created for this upcoming election.  Any one who would like to volunteer of my political endeavors, may personally contact me. You are welcome.


Another example is the idea that I would ever want to disown my own biological children and children because of similar actions/scam of my former fake/not-fake marriage. I will always say "It wasn't my children's fault of me being separated from them, or not being near them. It was adults and their actions viewed by children; adults who did or didn't know any better, that caused such continued generational dysfunction."



"I want to be remembered by my family for the times I took care of them and for helping them when they were in need." - William Leon Wright, my grandfather (Died Easter Sunday, 2019)


"I want to be remembered for being a nice person and being helpful to others." -N. Wright, my grandfather (Died October 1, 2016)

"An important lesson I hope all my children and grandchildren learn is to be respectful and hold their own. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, when things fail in life." - N. Wright


Now that I am residing in my home state (Maryland) again (mid 2017 - present) from Georgia, I must adhere to Maryland laws and its governmental programs and policies: not adhering to actions of personal feelings expressed by internal government staff or community citizens. In such citizenship, I must also adhere to federal-level laws and its governmental programs and policies.


I hope this is making sense to each of you, dear Audience Family: I am a co-parenting, biological mom of four. None of the said mishaps (including my former marriage) doesn't mean that I divorced my children, my offspring. They are the heir to all things that I personally own/possess.  The invisible feud or myth of a feud, socially, in the state of Maryland, was simply for some wicked constituents to prosper off what should have been a simple divorce, and to take away known inheritances of things purposed for me by each of my grandparents. That's it; my it has taken many years of organizing such things of my personal life's experiences.  That's pretty much all I have to say--about the topic of Does/doesn't she have children?--now that I am living back in Maryland. Every other state knows that I have four children, so it doesn't matter. My children are now adults who spend as much time as they can with me. They are not those little-children victims as they once were of the former things of our local community areas' social chaos and dysfunctions. So if you see me with my kids, never act surprised. Simply carry on with your everyday tasks, okay? :)