It's Okay To Have Feelings  

It's Okay To Have Feelings  
   Dear Audience Family, My Daily   






~May 1 - 31, 2020 Social Theme: (Global) Female Appreciation Month, Team Ladies; Last weekend of May an Internet Revival Weekend (Pentecostal-style for Families and Genders); National Asian-Pacific Month (i.e., Asians; South Asians; People of country of India)

~April 1 - 30, 2020 Social Theme:  U.S. Mixed-Race Appreciation Month (bi-racial, black and white ethnicity); Spring Cleaning Month (resident and/or business).


~March 1 - 31, 2020  Social Theme: National Youth Art Month; My Hosted Social: White-Race Ethnicity Appreciation Month.  Our annual Food-Fasting/Healthy-Eating and Exercise Social. 


~February 1 - 29, 2020 Social Theme: Married Couples Appreciation Month. It is also U.S. African- American/Black-Race Appreciation Month known nationally as Black History Month.


~ January 1 - 31, 2020 Social Theme: National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month.  Last Saturday yearly, National Seed Swap Day (flower or vegetable).

~Now - January 17, 2020 Social Theme: Global Families December Holidays Traditions (celebrations of Christmas themed-holidays celebrated in your unique households). Our theme should really end Feb. 3, after Candlemas Day (Feb. 2). Be cautious of leaving live trees up in your homestyle for more than three weeks.


 ~Autumn/Winter Season September 23, 2019 - March 19, 2020 Social Theme: No Hair-Dye Usage Social. 

~July 23, 2019 - July 23, 2020 Social Theme: Our Pedometer Walk Activity Exercise Social.




Year of 2020   

Dear Audience Family:


UPDATE, APRIL 11:  For those of you who can, I want to have a title-free deed to my gracious gift that my deceased grandfather/adopted father/my legal guardian left me to be a blessing to not only my family but yours, too--if you are lacking in the four major areas that I often discuss.  My grandfather William/Uncle Joe died mid-morning Easter Sunday morning (April 21, 2019) at a nearby hospital.  In his honor, I have begun a good work. In my late grandmother's honor, I have begun a good work.  In their honor, the people who helped to raise me from birth, I give them honor, but most of all I give the true-and-living God (the Holy Trinity of God) the highest of honor.


Next, what I call the Phase-Two project, I want to restore, before the summer season, the backyard, his garden spacing, which was neglected because of his health ailments. The Phase-Two project will involve cutting down the weeds to restore, to be a blessing.


I thank you for your generous financial donation and unison of me clearing the land-and-home deed "this year," in 2020. It's already mine, but I want the legal deed that says it for my further personal, business, and charitable outreach goals. 


Cash App: $SherleneThankYou

Or mail a money order to P.O. Box 36, Church Hill, MD 21623

Or use PayPal receipt on this portal website "Online Donation Envelope" tab.


UPDATE, MARCH 17: Northern Queen Anne's and Kent County Announcement:
Our local social services on the Shore are now closed. My help-services, human services, will be their replacement.


A new clothing drop off--Accepting New and Gently Worn Donations: Men's Clothing; Women's Clothing; Children's Clothing; Children's Books; Jeans (infant - adult); and Career Clothing.


Bible language: Answering God's calling in fulfilling the specific needs of my hometown areas of families/individuals/entrepreneurs of Northern Queen Anne's County and Kent County, Maryland areas and nationally online.


Landscapers Project Announcement: It's time for my partner volunteer supervisors to build this year's on-call list of extreme-weather cleanup volunteers.


UPDATE, March 11: Today, I am dropping out of the 2020 presidential race because I believe that Joe Biden is truly the best candidate to compete with current-president Donald Trump. I am endorsing Joe Biden for the Democrat president-choice. I still believe and support the idea of universal education Pre K - Grade 4/5 of educational materials and textbooks provided/distributed to the national community basic schools (public school systems) of this country. -Sherlene D. Stevens (Democrat Write-In Candidate)



UPDATE, March 9: My Online WEMA Help Desk Will Be Available Now To Help With Our National Health Care Crisis.  We have warmer oceans happening, too. 



With Love,