Year of 2020 Family Shoppers

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  • Son-In-Law Day (April 10, yearly)
  • Siblings' Day (April 10, yearly)
  • Mother's Day (2nd Sunday of May, yearly)
  • Brother's Day (May 24, yearly)
  • Father's Day (3rd Sunday of June, yearly)
  • Cousins' Day (July 24, yearly)
  • Aunt and Uncle Day (July 26, yearly)
  • Father-In-Law Day (July 30, yearly)
  • Grandparents' Day (September 9, 2018)
  • Daughter-In-Law Day (September 26, yearly)
  • Mother-In-Law Day (4th Sunday in October)




Family Shoppers:

Discounts, Deals, and Virtual Shopping Cart Offers #471Global

To save you shopping time, I personally selected these shopping items. The offers and promotions codes are provided to you by my association as a fashion and brand affiliate influencer. Some of these were selected using my 1-4-7 value cost fun system. So help yourself and purchase now by clicking on the image, or write down the code for as many of the following offers as you want or need. Any current product or service description or information mentioned should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or company brand in question.

This is simply another way that you or your family or your family business may support my concierge brand business.  --Thank you

Company Brands










->Airbnb is a really great service in helping home owners safely rent their homes to travelers, college students on vacation, and extreme natural weather victims searching for short-stay lodging.






-->Wonder Bible is like a cassette player and it's easy to use by senior citizens, children, and trendy enough for usage by all others. The device reads the bible aloud, every chapter and verse--King James Version bible--a perfect faith-based product item to have. 









--> Classpass is a perfect exercise guide for those traveling and still want to work out at an exercise facility.






--> Christian Café is an online dating service for those seeking a Christian soulmate.







-->Everywhere Chair offers a variety of folding chairs for travel, home, or business.








--> Fuel Rewards program offers families fuel and dining discounts. Sign up now with my Invitation, to receive 25 cents off of your next gas fill up.




--> Grabease allows little fingers to grasp these toddler-appropriate eating utensils. 






-->Hotel Tonight provides last-minute stay opportunities at hotels and motel brands, across the world.





























Largest Body Jewelry Collection
Largest Body Jewelry Collection


--> Body Jewelry is the original online store to offer body jewelry and accessories.


































--> Lyft without a cell phone or app, nationally. $20 service deposit required.


Simply phone (855) 464-6872, 24/7.  Tell them Sherlene Stevens referred you. New


passenger? Receive a $20 rider's credit here. You must be new to Lyft.


Interested in joining the Lyft rideshare driver team? Click here.





--> Magazine Subscription Club offers a variety of magazines appropriate for the family lifestyle.










-->National Geographic offers a variety of streaming programs that parents and kids can watch together.
























--> Pocket HandyHeater can be plugged to any home or business electrical socket.  CLICK HERE NOW to use my Invitation Code to receive a discount off of  your first product item.






















































-->Scentbird offers a monthly perfume subscription plan.  You are invited to join its platform. CLICK HERE NOW to use my Invitation Code to receive a discount off of  your first product item.







-->The Sill offers a variety of indoor potted plants shipped directly to you.  You are invited to join its platform. CLICK HERE NOW to use my Invitation Code to receive a discount off of your first product item.






--> UHAUL offers storage units and self-moving trucks and equipment. To learn how to prepare for an extreme storm and becoming a customer of Uhaul, Click Here Now.







--> UBER is another rideshare service that is available in most local community neighborhoods across America. You are invited to join its platform, use my Invitation Code: sherlenes13ue, to receive a discount off of  your first ride with an Uber driver.






-->VIVIAN LOU clear insoles fits into any shoe, no matter your shoe size. Click Here Now with my invitation to receive a discount on your first purchase.




























































































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