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Updated April 2018 effective May 25, 2018.

Chart  that we use to express feelings in forums and discussions: 'Feelings Chart
Chart that we use to express diverse feelings that all families and individuals should be able to experience. I use emotional therapy in my forums and motivational speaking discussions, emotional therapy: 'Feelings Chart'. 































Do you know the stages of emotional well being?

1) First, you will experience shock, denial, or protest. Next, 

2) Bargaining actions;

3) Anger (acting outward);

4) Depression (anger turned inward); and, lastly,

5) Understanding and Coping.



  • High-Range Level
  • Mid-Range Level
  • Average-Range Level



Dear Audience Family, Phrases that We Use to Express Socially

  • "What It Means"
  • "What We Can Do"
  • "Citizenship Responsibility"
  • "Hello Neighbor"
  • "I Appreciate-"
  • "I Understand-"
  • "I Feel-"
  • "Too Much Information Shared" or "TMIS"
  • "I Acknowledge-"
  • "I've Learned-"
  • "Now What?"
  • "Then What?"

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