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Welcome New Visitors,

Sherlene - pronounced Shir-lean or Shur-leen, or you may call me Sherry.


MARYLAND, USA - First, thank-you for visiting my humanitarian portal. I hope that you learned of my online platform from a suggestion of one of your friends, family members, or from one of my Charity Partners. 


I built this independent platform to provide an online service of convenience to both families and individuals who use the world wide web.


Who Is Sherlene?

Most people who I grew up with from my hometown reference me by my nickname, Sherry. So it's okay if you call me that, too. I am the American daughter (oldest child) of King Charles III and the oldest granddaughter of deceased Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (UK). Her Majesty was my grandmum and female mentor about the definition and actions in being a productive 'female and mother' public servant. I am the Heir of the deceased William L. Wright estate (Eastern Shore, MD). Also, Heir of the deceased Nora H. W. Wright estate (Eastern Shore, MD). I am the family-member representative of deceased Oscar and Ethel Hicks's former estate (Eastern Shore, MD). I am a traditional or straight female and mom: European white/German white ethnicity multiracial person of color.


I grew up in Queen Anne's County, Maryland, a population of less than 4,000 people of color. For a few years of primary education, I attended community basic schools in Kent County, Maryland with a population of less than 3,000 people of color. Early education and later years of my formal education were all in Queen Anne's County. I was once married to my high-school classmate for close to 17 years. Out of our marriage, we have four biological children (3 daughters, 1 son, and 1 son-in-law).


I offer family services (for-profit and a non-profit) while realizing that many of you are familiar with only our American government's offering of the Department of Human Resources (DHR), including its local offices of the social-services agency department. 

Sherlene® I have been supporting personal and family goals since 1979 (Officially documented by the State of Maryland beginning at aged 8). I have always worked in the humanitarian or service industry (education, retail and sales, health care, and government employee skill set).


It wasn't until 2005, during actions before an abrupt divorce, that I began helping communities as an informal help desk (online and offline). 

The mission of the SNMB® news feed is to independently highlight a diverse group of formal and informal news and media sources who offer great coverage of family-appropriate news and topics. My news feed is unique because, unlike more modern computer technology, I personally gather or manually classify interesting topics to share 'that matters to families.'


WEMA® Services. Growing up, I lived near the water, the Chesapeake River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Since 2005, I have been helping to pre-view storms: I use both science and personal experiences to suggest the patterns and actions of natural-weather storms for my Weather Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) outreach help desk/customer service. 


After I was displaced from my upbringings for being too ambitious (actually for-real homeless) -- those not realizing my heritage -- I had a lot of time to explore my career goals. While doing so as a former business-and-communications college student, I began to use my various communication skills and online tools (newsletters, online platform, social media) to help new entrepreneurs with their online platforms like communication departments/staffers of Facebook® (META), Google®, and Avon® .... simply because I had the time to do so.  I am learned/skilled in all things business concepts. I began such skill-set as a young child all the way through my high-school years. Not realizing my heritage, my formal career personality analysis "always" reflected leadership ability.   


Lastly, I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit: I have always wanted to earn a large income to be a part of the financial-wealthy socioeconomic group of this country, of my state (Maryland). I have always known the value of the things that will "last" into the next generation, learned from my diverse-heritage line.

Brand Description
Providing services in a way that preserves and cultivates the dignity and respect of the family lifestyle.


Portal Slogan and Tagline

Financial Lifestyles. Individuals. Family Lifestyle In Local Communities.®



Understanding Sections of This Website

  • News Feed platform (Sherlene News Media and Broadcasting aka SNMB) 
  • Race/Culture/Emotions identity classification (counseling), including diversity opportunities
  • Humanitarian Needs (WEMA as-needed helpdesk during hurricanes or extreme storms.)
  • Hosted Public Socials
  • Personal and Family Devotion Socials (I am a Christian.) Christian-ministry social activities for those who choose to include or participate within your unique household (worship, prayer, meditation, and sermons). Ministry color: Turquoise and an open-cross style vision purpose. God, the Holy Trinity of God, is not purposed to our small thinking or seclusion. Jesus has risen, and is no longer nailed or restricted on the more-than-2,000-year-old Prisoner's Cross.


Real-Talk, Basic Language Information


I Can't Change Me, I Am Me

I can't change-- for decline of said discrimination socially--my multi-racial identity. 

I can't change-- my gender (traditional-female identity who enjoys business job titles typically assigned to men such as the leader, boss, manager.).

I can't change-- the fact that I am divorced from my first husband of 15 years. Hey, he wanted the divorce not me ... all of a sudden.


Overall, for decades of my life experiences, there were layers of horrific cultural mysteries which I discuss in my published work--until I learned of my unique and complex heritage background.


My journal-memoir, The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness, was published in August, 2012. I originally named my book "Compilation of Forgiveness." My book highlights some of my most interesting personal-life experiences (personal, family) as a Marylander living on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  It was my first memoir, a published book, of priceless advice to both young and old; to both rural and urban people and families. I would like for the book to have an offer of a movie-deal opportunity where I am the assistant producer. As you know, only you can truly tell or show your story side of your life's experiences.  

You are welcome here. Please take a moment to explore my online platform and all that it offers. You may phone, email, or chat with me if necessary. I am online daily.


Participation: Simply choose from the many social amusements or news articles on this platform that are appropriate for your unique household, that's it!


#Don't Waste Item Products

#Don't Waste Food

#Don't Waste Money

#Housing Preservation for Consistent and Safe Living Arrangements


Local Level Community Achievement

  • I am the only person in my community who actually wanted to open an independent family lifestyle center.

State Level Community Achievement

  • I created the first formal summer-enrichment program and curriculum for public-school students in the entire State of Maryland (City of Chestertown, Maryland).  My program and idea, without credit, was taken to a larger platform by the State of Maryland through its office sites of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Said staff were forced to use my youth-directed curriculum objectives as their own.
  • I am the youngest former employee of the State of Maryland.

Faith-Based Community Achievement

  • GICPA: I am a Christian who once studied theology. 


Be Flexible, Never Stop Learning Something New

College and Training Background

M.A.B.C. Jones International University (Business Administration emphasis and Communications emphasis)
B.S. Wilmington University (General Studies - Law specializing in business administration)
B.S. Credit Equivalent Delaware State University before transferring to Wilmington University: Dual, Specialty Concentration: Business Administration emphasis, and Education emphasis - G&T emphasis; Grade Pre K - Grade 12.

Other Coursework Concentration
Psychology; Humanities; Theology


Healthcare Certification for Maryland


Maryland State Certification

Respite Care

90 clock hours in Early Childhood Education certification: TECE I & TECE II, and Infant and Toddlers (45 clock hrs.): Early Childhood Teacher; Early Childhood Center Director.


State Registration

Maryland and the Eastern Shore Registered Community Driver and Owner 

Formal Bio LINK



In Humanitarian Services, 

Sherlene .



Note: After a five-generation DNA lineage analysis and court appearances, I am legally bloodship kin of European royalty. My European white ancestors are from BOTH sets of my parents, maternal and paternal. My outwardly appearance only is as a person of color. Strange.


I am of northwestern German, Italian, Russian, and British including Anglo-Saxon ethnicity; Native American ethnicity; and, as a person born of an African American mother, I am less than 17% African American: African Nigeria (Yorubian) and neighboring area Caribbean country Barbados ethnicity.  In such consideration, I prefer the term multi-racial ethnicity in the classification of who I am, and who my four adult-children are.


As a child of a 15-year-old multiracial female mom/mum: my life experiences' grooming were from mostly senior citizens/family members of the third-generation. Also, I was groomed of proper European royal mannerisms and etiquette. I lived in a multi-racial home environment throughout my school-age years which helped to develop my on-going compassion, appreciation, and empathy of all ethnicities, of the entire world's family tree.


Credit: My compassion of Earth's preservation and the solar system is from the upbringing that I received from those third- and fourth-generational senior citizens who lived in my hometown areas on Maryland's Eastern Shore: some were Native American senior citizens, African American senior citizens, and German American senior citizens.


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