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How To Productively Express Your Needs and Wants To Others (A COMPILATION OF FORGIVENESS)
Sherlene Stevens - 7/15/2015

A Compilation of Forgiveness

I am a known victim of absent-major college-enrollment fraud, and I share my struggles of trying to complete such academic endeavors with you in my book. (Like how does that even happen?!) At first, I just wanted explanations of the strange activity involving myself. Today, I discuss such experiences with others who want to know my truths or life experiences, or have had similar situations---

First, before discussing my memoir, I want you to know that I am the lady of color (initially head of my household and middle-incomer earnings) who did not know about public welfare programs/my state's welfare programs (local, state, or federal). I didn't know about welfare; it took an abrupt divorce to begin, to initiate my personal experiences with such programs. My upbringing was of a middle-income family household composition.

Are you journaling? I have always loved to journal (diary, personal pocket calendar, etc.,), even as a young little girl growing up on Maryland's Eastern Shore. It was especially important for me to do so as I matured into a young adult: a professional occupation personal goal.

"They may not answer your question, but you're thinking; you're being productive to decreasing or eliminating useless dysfunction of some sort."

Never Doubt Your Reason For Asking "Why"

Have you taken the time to organize personal life events, situations, and achievements--your life's experiences box?

Publisher Version Is No Longer In Print: The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness

I selected a cardboard-box image for my book's cover (with Tate Publishing) because I had to move so frequently. After the separation and divorce actions from my high-school sweetheart--a divorce through no fault of my own--I have been a part of HUD's housing or rental assistance program.

The cardboard-box image is actually a visual symbol of my emotional expression to the culture shock that I have felt when having to pack up my belongings from one place to the next (i.e., the moving truck rentals, light items in strong black trash bags, and arranging heavy items to fit inside of labeled, brown cardboard boxes of various sizes).
I am a 'why' child now adult who like to ask questions while discovering my self-interests and learning. I went beyond my community's normal social boundaries, and became a Maryland victim of state fraud, waste, and abuse.

The back of my book expresses--
"Do you know a 'why' child who has grown into an adult? After reading this encouraging memoir, you will. Meet Sherlene Stevens. Through her insightful and inspirational book, written in a journal format, Sherlene discusses her life while growing up, and her experiences with the negative behavior of society toward large families."

She is a native of Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland—a rural area with small-town ideologies that functions with a hierarchical attitude toward business organizations and people of large families. Such cultural dysfunctions reinforces the traditional methods of the social boundaries. Overall, you will read of Sherlene's many experiences through a portion of her life in which she dealt with such attitudes and beliefs.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises. (2012 - 2019). Please note: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, because of its business mannerisms, has been challenged by many of its contracted authors and their published works. My original title for my book and copyrighted work A Compilation of Forgiveness.

Memoir Topics and Keywords

1. Education (including student-loan fraud and college-institution fraud for a non-existing and non-accredited major);
2. Work (including education-industry employment fraud and hate crime of an alleged non-existing teaching job title);
3. Marriage and Dysfunctions (including health-care fraud and maternity services fraud for not stating actual births of several of my children with private health insurance groups);
4. Having Children and Choices Parents Make;
5. Parenting and External Family Involvement;
6. Religious Systems and Cultural Traditions;
7. Family Reunions and Traditional Holiday Socials;
8. Government Victim of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse of Power.

Memoir Photo Gallery
As noted in the publisher version:, I grew up in Kent County and Queen Anne's County, Maryland. These are counties of Maryland's Upper Eastern Shore. Kent County's major city is Chestertown. The Knickname of the State of Maryland is "the Old Line State." My home-state is so convenient to areas of Delaware, Washington, D.C., N. Virignia, West Viriginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York. Back in the day, my home-state gave away some of its land to be used for a new socialization center for American citizens. Today we considered it to be our Nation's government symbol ... Washington, D.C. or the District of Columbia.

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  • Quick History of the Shore,
  • A Map of the Eastern Shore,
  • Discovering the Past/Considering the Future: Lessons from the Eastern Shore,
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge,
  • State of Maryland,

  • Where I Proudly Served Mostly (as a public servant): I often wondered if there was an imbalance of modern needs of the Eastern Shore's community areas versus its natural materials such as prime farmland and Chesapeake Bay seafood.

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