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Sherlene Stevens - 7/15/2015

Charities and Foundations That I Patron ($25 or more), or
I Have Given Monetary Kindness on Behalf of this concierge, The Sherlene Brand "TSB"

Productive Charity Efforts Should Always Begin at Home, First
Fiscal Year 2024:

Fiscal Year 2023:
  • Recycling;
  • North American Butterfly Association;
  • Flying Wildlife Preservation;
  • Arbor Day Foundation;
  • Crop Science Society of America.

  • Consistent Housing Opportunities for All Financial Lifestyles;
  • Rural-Town Americans Who Live in Disadvantaged Isolated Communities.

  • Climate Change and Extreme Weather and Available Neighborhood Resources.

  • Public Transportation/Transportation Availability in Every Community of America, Monday - Sunday services for disadvantaged neighbors and tourism efforts;
  • Maryland and the Eastern Shore Transportation Availability for disadvantaged neighbors and tourism efforts, Monday - Sunday services.

  • Veterans Appreciation.

  • Our Elderly Appreciation;
  • Our Elderly and Decline of Abuse, Unproductive Human Treatment of Them.

  • - PBS Channel;
  • New York Neighbors' Apollo Theater;
  • New York Neighbors' Sesame Street;
  • The Arts, Nationally.

  • 4-H and Youth Development;
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America;
  • STEM Education.

  • Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian;
  • Smithsonian: National Museum of African American History and Culture.

  • United Negro College Fund;
  • American Colleges and Students. (Students who are attending college as a requirement for an intended career, or active career promotion.);

  • Global Unity Day of Prayer.

    Maryland Locally
    Our Own 'TSB Community Fund' * (Local Monetary Kindness and Venmo).
    *Free transportation per formal referrals by leaders, free-will money donation of transportation, bottled water, food, and/or meals, and my vision of a TSB Community Fund Thrift Store.

  • Kent County, MD Main Street Chestertown;
  • Kent County Legacy Day;
  • Kent County Library.

  • Queen Anne's County Environmental and Cleanup Actions, and Resource Services. My former home county (1971 - 2021);
  • Queen Anne's County Disadvantaged Housing Communities Environmental Cleanup Services and Resource Services;

  • Eastern Shore Entrepreneur Neighbors.

  • The Book Thing non-profit organization of Baltimore City.

    Atlanta and Nearby Atlanta Georgia Neighbors
    Our Own 'TSB Community Fund' * (Local Monetary Kindness and Venmo).
  • Be a King (In honor of Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.);
  • The King Center;
  • Back-to-School Sneakers Charity (New Birth Missionary Baptist; Former Marylander Rev. Jamal Bryant).

    North Carolina Neighbors
  • Friend of New Destiny Worship Center, Non-Denominational Church Sect.

    Texas Neighbors
  • Rev. Thomas Dexter Jakes Ministries (Mega CARE) Non-Denominational Church Sect, Dallas Texas.

    International Neighbors
  • Victims of Extreme Weather Conditions, National and Globally;
  • The Arts and Music Professionals, Global;
  • Supporting the longstanding friendship between British-Americans in the U.S. and the UK;
  • Supporting the American music industry, global tours;
  • Other various charities of the UK and Commonwealth Nations.

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