To be acknowledged and fully adopted after the completion of the building ministry fund (rental, purchase, or building usage charity donation)


I.    Our Creed


II.   Form of Worship

Bible Church with allowance of the Holy Spirit and activities


III.  Board Members


IV. Religious History and Church or Association of Churches Membership/Networking Affiliation  or

Integrated Auxiliary of a Church Body. Note: Seeking a religious affiliation that thoroughly accepts         female leadership of leading and overseeing an independent-ministry component that benefits discipleship fellowship  of Christianity.


V.  Established Place(s) of Worship


VI. Official Personal or Family Membership Role (whether it be 8 or 8,000 members)


VII. Official Services, Day and Time:  Sunday School, Bible Study, and Traditional Services


Formal Code of Doctrine and Discipline

We believe---,

Jesus is no longer on the cross. Our Lord has risen. We are saved by our personal prayer and his salvation mercy.  We are the Church.