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2005 Theme: Free To Dream
2006 Theme: Persevering To Prosperity
2007 Theme: We Must Remember Our History So That

We Will Not Lose Our Racial Identity.
2008 Theme: Seeing Destiny Through The Revelations
2009 Theme: A New Beginning: A Tribute To Our Elders
2010 Theme: Unveiling American Government's Classification System
2011 Theme: God's Promises Are Keepers: It Is Just Up To

Humans In Regards To The Timing Of The Promise
2012 Theme: God Is Cleaning the Dust In His Today's

Family Units: Kings, Queens, and your Princes and Princesses

Note: This is a special edition newsletter in honor of Black History Month.


2013 Theme:

Purposely Venturing Into Prospering From My Godly Composition


In This Issue:
A poem by (S)herlene, Editor-In-Chief
" Biz Believer's Kingdom (Entrepreneurship)
" Unique Households' Needs/Wants (Finances)
" What's On The Menu? (Recipes)
" Timbuktu Dialogue (Education)
" Right (the) Rights (Politics)
" With This Body, I Create (Gifted & Talented)
" Hallelujah 'n' Amen (Spirituality)


_Poem by Sherlene_
Poem Title: Godly Makeup
M ind, body and soul being balanced
A nswering God's will for your life
K eeping away from sinful behaviors and groups
E ffortless destiny
U pholding learned virtues
P rofiting from giftings and talents


The Family Promise Pledge
I promise to allow open and free communication without fear.

Each of us has our own unique gifting and/or talent. I promise

to be a productive team member in goals that strengthen our

family. I value others and their opinions, and expect others to

value mine.  I will encourage family members' strengths, and

help them in areas where they are weak.  Please do the same

for me in an appropriate and helpful manner.  I will not become

defensive, or refuse to be a part of our family during challenging

moments.  I will support and participate, when I can, in family

bonding opportunities.


Thank you for reading this special-edition newsletter.  

Hug to you and yours.


God bless,


Sherlene Stevens, Family Evangelist


_Biz Believer's Kingdom_
This is the year to realize that we can no longer produce products

only to have them sit on the shelves for months.  African citizens,

who came to America, quickly learned how to save and distribute

based on common needs of their enslaved communities. How can

we participate in the same behavior? One way is to try using a

different inventory strategy, the traditional method.


If you are interested in opening your own business, you must

have a balance of creativity and flexibility in meeting the needs

of your targeted consumers.  Identify yourself as a potential and

existing customer before

taking your product or service to markets.


_Unique Households' Needs and Wants_
I am guessing that the immediate reaction of most American

households is probably, "We want and need jobs." There are

many available jobs in our country.  Communities must have

unique households that are skilled in the given industries that

are now available.  Make certain that your community's

educational institutions are teaching courses that are outside

 of your community's  traditional learning experiences and job

industry habits.


Do you believe that our ancestors gave up on their wants?

Or did they have a mental plan (since they couldn't read or

write American words) that they purposefully pursued into

reality. Maybe diversity in household needs and wants is

actually what our country needs - you, your unique

household habits.


_What's On the Menu?_
Macaroni & Cheese
Salmon Salad
Apple Fritters

Can be viewed on the "Large qty Recipes" link of this web site.


_Timbuktu Dialogue_
Words of wisdom to anyone who has goals or aspirations

that doesn't fit into the normalcy of your community.

1. Never tell every one your hopes for your life.
2. Be flexible in your skills and educational learning.
3. Learn as much as you can about your interest for as

long as you can.
4. Find a way to include your faith and values into your work habits.
5. It's okay to borrow what you need, but never make it a habit.
6. You must learn how to include creativity into your point of view.
7. Acknowledge your body's reaction to your immediate point of

view of situations.
8. Parents should teach the value of the fine art components in daily living.
9. There are some lessons that the external world can't teach your child(ren).
10. It is better to create good family habits that can be shared with

future generations of your family than bad ones.
11. Buildings or scenery may change, but good family habits will remain.


Home schooling families, I am so proud of you. 

You realize the sacrifice and dedication that it takes in being

responsible for the children that you bring into this world.

If you ever have a discouraging moment think of your

ancestors. They home schooled your great-grandparents

during a time when it was the most natural thing to do,

similar to breastfeeding.

We're learning (smile).


_Right the Rights_
President Barack Obama has a second try in redeveloping

who we are as one people under one flag.  My learning experiences

have taught me to have an open mind when I want to learn some

thing new, and have a closed mind when what I am doing is

unproductive for me. Should we try to recreate our country's image?

In my opinion, only if we do not have an existing foundation that we

are proud of. It is easier said then to accomplish this task when we

have a democratic society that no longer tolerates its own. 

We, the people not the President, must be prideful of

what we offer as citizens of this country.


These next four years will be interesting. Will the poor adapt to

a world of no creativity offered by our current economic leaders?

Will the middle-class be just an old phrase remembered in our

country's history? Will the higher-earning class become exhausted

in explaining their successes?


_With This Body, I Create_
When you create, always focus on the realization that the external

world may not understand your passion. If you find that your interests

are being met with challenges by your immediate family perhaps,

your creativity doesn't match your cultural upbringings or surroundings.

Try to find a balance in meeting the traditional acceptances practiced

in your home and community.


"Over, under, or around. There is always a way for you to get to

where you need to be." -Author Unknown


_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
Did you know that must countries, including Africa, have been or are

now Islamic faith believers (Muslims)? Black heritage is dominated

by the practice of believing in God (Yahweh, Allah) as the one and

only god. Throughout the coming days of this year, let us all recognize

that we are not living in this world alone. 

There are many different racial identities, and cultural

experiences--right or wrong. In these coming days, you must give

sincere love and acceptance to your unique household and to our

new diverse world. It is correct that nothing is new under the s-u-n or

the S-O-N. Yet, as we mature, we are realizing that humanity is

changing based on our climate, earthly resources, and the desires

of human behaviors. So were the days of African slavery. Will your

unique household react differently to "newness" this year?


_2013 Scriptures to Read_
Holy Bible, King James Version
Genesis 1(All); 2:1-3; 39:11-12
Deuteronomy 24:5
Joshua 2:11-22
I Samuel 21-22(All)
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Holy Qu'ran Translation
  III:6, 191
VI:52-68, 75-82
VIII: 20-48
IV: 36-45, 78-88
   X:10, 63-68


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