Law Proposal: Affordable Rent Act



Feb. 24, 2017--


Dear Audience Family,


I would still like to propose the following rent law:


My current ambition as former, non-nominated presidential-candidate of year of 2016 is Universal Affordable Housing Transfer Voucher Coupons to replace all existing HUD and HUD-Local vouchers. Such actions would be similar to our universal law of Health Care. Volunteers, HUD, HUD-Local Agencies, and legislation supporters are needed to pursue such a plan. A community and economic development plan that would, ultimately, boost financial consistency in our local communities.


Proposed Law Action Would

Allow every household, who earns $100,000 or less, to pay a pro-rated amount for (rental) housing expenses: home rentals, condo rentals, public-housing rentals, and apartment rentals.


Allow HUD and HUD-Local agencies to oversee the Act.


Every renter-household to receive a universal, Affordable Housing Choice Voucher Coupon. The said coupon would be used as money towards monthly-rent burden by all official American-citizen renters. All productive landlords, in our country, would have an opportunity to receive a renter's coupon for rent payment. Such a Coupon would not include the security-deposit expense burden of families.


Voucher coupons would be utilized for 6-month or 12-month lease agreements, in any of our 50 states.


Housing is a need and not a want.


With Love,