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I am a female person of color, owner: I am multi-racial: British, African, and Caribbean (Islander, Native American) primarily. Hey Neighbor!
My degrees and certifications (1989-2014)
Journal-Memoir available: The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness. Memoir about family: rural Island living and cultural awareness.
Family Dispute: In 2022, I lost a 5-home mortgage-free Eastern Shore portfolio. Of my Queen Anne's County family home for 49 years, sadly. I never had the opportunity to transfer the deed in my name (and two wills). It was sold to someone before I could do so:I took out a loan for such debt. Probate matter: Queen Anne's County, Chestertown district. The property is not a part of Kent County, Chestertown. I was his custodial daughter/step-granddaughter. I am heir to his estate.Also, 6498 Rock Hall Rd, Rock Hall, Kent County was taken from me (maternal family set representative).
Company Design Layout, practice makes perfection. This was my rough outline of my company in 2000.
Resource Used: Expressions
Source: Brighter Vision Learning Adventures. Facebook used my idea of emotion therapy to create the comment face icons on its platform.
Weather Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) office. Natural Weather Announcement Customer Service.
TSB Landscapers Project (Helping Weather-Related Victims Outreach, May - November, yearly),Copyright 2016-2023. All Rights Reserved.
TSB Taxi Shuttles, LLC:
"Providing all types of transportation and logistics services."

A re-launch in 2021, The Sherlene Brand dba TBA Marigold Staffing Services is a part of the CONCIERGE: transportation services and personal assistant. “Let us provide you our prompt service, guaranteed.” *The Landscapers Project is different than my staffing agency; it's a part of the national outreach of helping extreme-weather victims for free or modest fee. (May - November, yearly).
Accents Hill Recycle Thrift Shop - Queen Anne's County and Parts of Kent County.
#RecycleGoods #Don'tWasteThings
Accents Maritime Designs offers home and travel pieces that I personally printed to products. The 2024 collection has over 800+ printed pieces.