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Have you ever heard or seen
a religious outreach ministry that
discusses business, household budgets, and finance?
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A Bible-Study Verse-By-Verse Online Talk Show
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"Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul." - A Psalm verse

Devotion Guide: What is a Devotion GICPA Note? A personal online devotion-note written by me to bless individuals and families, including review and clarity of the weekly Bible-study discussion. Notes are available, each Sunday, on my Facebook social-media page's Note tab at Sherlene SoHelpful Stevens. (Update of November, 2017)


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If you don't have a church-home or faith-based group-fellowship leader (unordained pastor), Welcome!
Or even if you do fellowship at a local church, I know that this unique broadcast will encourage your unique household or family business.


Sherlene Stevens, the Christian host, offers modern-day translations of the Bible for learning: street ministry encouraging fine artists and entrepreneurs, and other local, bible-study meetings. A great setting for people involved in the fine arts, starting or growing entrepreneurs who desire to use biblical business-practice rules, and large families.

Vision: A show shared with Sherlene's audience family, and to those who are fearful of religious settings (or have experienced temple-, mosque-, or church-hurt), or simply "I don't do the attend-a-church building thing, but I would like to study the Bible and social cultures." Sherlene encourages the importance of family traditions, and constructive family behaviors to increase family-bonding opportunities.