Building Ministry, "God in Christ's Purpose Assembly" 

Building Ministry Fund Project
Building Ministry Fund Project

As our God and Lord Jesus Christ leads people, by the Holy Spirit, to this assembly.


Building Goal: A consistent, sanctuary assembly of appreciation site location: personal devotion group meeting for assembly of appreciation fellowship and worship. 





Assembly of Appreciation News Announcements


Building Ministry. A future-goal plan of an actual building ministry for the care of such assembly. Any blessing of financial and/or donated space of such must be "commercial zoned" or "commercial-exempt  zoned" building site location are appreciable: on Maryland's Eastern Shore and/or Union City, Georgia.  For more info of the ministry's business plan, direct all inquiries to me, the religious leader and overseer of this assembly.


Also will be known as God in Christs Purpose Assembly, when applicable.  


Core Values

  • Worship
  • Self meditation and prayer
  • Public prayer and fellowship
  • Sermon


Proposed Site, Now Available (For Building Ministry Fund)

Rental property: Commercial-zoned building at 6397 Shannon Parkway, Union City, Georgia. The landlord is willing to make repairs for usage of the entire space of the building.


Rental property: Commercial-zoned building across the street from Labor Staffing at 6810 Shannon Pkwy, Union City.


For Sale property: Commercial-zoned church building at 118 Park Avenue, Greensboro, Maryland. Owned by the United Methodist Church affiliation. It also has an outreach building usage in the back of the existing church. Needs repairs.





We are Christians. We are the Church on purpose with unique purposes.

On-Purpose Assembly.



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