All-Time Most Favored Company Pics
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1st Pic for 2016, 3rd week of November!
Hometown church I attended, personal and family devotion.
I really don't know this answer, but I do have empathy for white pride activities (just not on government-agency grounds). Perhaps another leader representation as a brand race image other than a KKK leader or someone that is racist. White race leaders should have ample space to freely discuss that they are no longer the majority in our country and create ways to avoid white culture shock. Interesting article 11/2015:
1st tree pic of 2013. How many of you put up your tree in mid- or end of November?
Sherlene's 2011 tree
Sherlene's 2012 tree
Sherlene's 2013 tree
Merry Christmas, Families
"I'm building you a house, Daddy."
Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
Beautiful scene
From Finland
Sherlene's Ugly Christmas Sweater
Sherlene's Unique Household Tradtion
Sherlene's kids make a house. Would love to live in it forever :)
Sherlene brand, Marketing and Customer Service