Feb: U.S. Black-Race Appreciation Month. 2019 Theme: What's Important for Youth to Know?
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African American/People of Color/Black.
Feb. 2016: Black Butterfly (Diversity) Activity Sheet. Theme: Black Kids Raised by Whites for Money and Social Justice Challenges.
"Show me your human skin-tone shade(s) butterfly."
Diversity Caterpillar Activity Sheet. Males can use, if you choose.
African-American, Black Flag. Image Credit: The Sherlene Brand.
Image Credit: Author Unkown
Courtesy of Global African Presence
I don't own the copyright.
Underwater sculpture: In honor of African slavery, the Middle Passage. Courtesy of Granada
Our 2015 theme was America, The Need of Africans
Eight Major American Riots: Rodney King Riots (April 20-May 4, 1992), Newark Riots (July 12-17, 1967), Detriot Riot (July 23, 1967), Walts Riots (August 11-15, 1965), Detroit Race Riot (June 20-22, 1943), Tulsa Race Riots (May 31-June 1, 1921), Chicago Race Riots (July 27-August 3, 1919), and Springfield Race Riots (August 14-15, 1908)
A Back-In-the-Day Black Live Music Social Club (rural area): Owned by Charles Graves.
Chuck Brown: Godfather of Go-Go. Family Bonding Center Services photo.
Image Credit: The Sherlene Brand
Miriam Mekeba. South Africa Singer who was banned from her country for 30 years. Don't own photo, courtesy of Elev8.
Letter from the FBI to Rev. M.L.King, Jr. Courtesy of IJReview
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Source: Facebook post
Black Inventors' Timeline
Source: Unknown. Black Owned Banks/Credit Unions,
Beauty Scar Creation, Sudan.
Photo Credit: Rebrn.com