Housing Is A Need And Not A Want
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"I was given 15 minutes to leave my then-husband's homestyle and our kids so that he could be free to be with his then-mistress." -The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness. For a short time, I revisited maternal family, of Rock Hall, MD, who I was disconnected from since age 13. I want a home in heaven, but is it a sin to want to own a home on earth? [A personal goal.]
As a child, until age 12, I lived in that white house to your right. As an adult, I have lived in a variety of homestyles: apartments, homes, townhomes, and remodeled homes turned into two-unit housing arrangements. While attending college, I never had the desire to live in a dorm on campus.
Childhood 3-BR home w. family room, Kent County, Johnsontown/Quaker Neck area, Maryland. Semi Indoor plumbing w. outdoor well. "Oh yes, I've washed in a pan. During the winter months, my mother would place a plain bucket, in the corner upstairs, and we used it as our toilet. We all took turns emptying it; I didn't like doing it."
After Maryland divorce, homestyles were in Newark, Delaware 4-BR townhouse after two rental units (1st a small 2-Br apt. on 3rd floor, then 3-BR row house) in downtown (4th St, 7th St) Wilmington, DE. It was my first apartment w/o my husband: just graduated Wilmington College during the recession era.
Washington, D.C. - Ward 7. My first time living in an apartment-building complex set. I lived on what seemed like the 4th floor with no elevator, but it was a nice experience for me and my kids. Very convenient to public transportation.
Vacate evening/a.m. New renters, if you want all/most of your security deposit back, you must clean unit until spotless. Then, before you leave, request that your landlord visit to approve/disapprove standard of unit.
Do you like a gas or electric stove? An electric stove takes a little longer to heat up. The baking process is a little different, with an electric stove.
Vacate evening/a.m. Manual oven cleaning, ugh. Several of my units, now, have had self-cleaning ovens. Oh, it makes cleaning so much easier.
New renters, make sure you know who is paying the water bill, you or your landlord.
New renters, sometimes you may have to furnish your own refrigerator and other big appliances. If you don't see one at a rental showing, you may want to inquire.
Union City, GA townhouse. I loved this townhouse spacing design. Most southern homes are spacious, and most are designed with fireplaces. Unit was formerly built for Atlanta's Hartsfield airport's pilots and staff; very modern layout.
Photo Credit: Jay B. If you know me, then you know how I love a creative building mural. A mural that tells something of the community to others who may be visiting for the first time. "Take pride in your community, no matter where you live. Find something, if it's just a street sign or a seasonal flower, to be proud of in your community." is my motto and what I teach to my own children.