Nov: U.S. Native Appreciation Month
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Artwork by David Behrens. How do you feel about revising Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day? Or, simply excluding Columbus Day as a national holiday?
Diversity Butterfly Activity Sheet. *Show me your skin-tone shades diversity butterfly. Indigenous/Native Americans/Indians.
Diversity Caterpillar Activity Sheet. Males can use, if you choose.
My people, we must build all American houses and buildings to withstand modern weather--call it what you may. We must prepare for our new, on-going climate. -Sherlene Stevens
I took this photo at a museum in the District of Columbia.
Annual Navajo Code Talkers Day, 8/14 yearly.
Our 2015 theme was We're Not from the Country of India.
Pic courtesy of Unity Church Hill Nursery.
My people, we must use what exists in our own lands--including energy resources. -Sherlene
Photo Credit: Source unknown
Native American Tribes List. Plants we grew: Pineapple, Peanuts, Pumpkin, Corn, White & Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Melons, kidney & Lima beans, chili peppersk, avocados, tomatoes, tobacco, cacao beans, and vanilla.
Totem Poles or Family Trees
2016 Theme: Our cousins, Asians and Middle Easterns.
“Wakan Tanka made me a Lakota .”
—Sitting Bull
Knowledge is power. History is powerful. Native American Day 4th Friday in Sept., yearly.
If your toes do this, you are probably of the Indian race.