Oct: Pretend No U.S. Businesses; Pre-Winter Cleaning; Generational Family Dysfunction Speak Out
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Halloween Social, 2018: Artificial Intelligence Virtual Healthcare: systems, professionals, and faith healers.
October is also Speak Out Against Generational Family Dysfunction.
Said I never participated or was a member of my hometown's local United Methodist Church region. Who? Here's proof. [Update: They just wanted to help my then-husband's family ... a lot of their male preachers on staff.] My former name Sherlene Stevens-Gould. So I tried to open an independent church in the area after this (2003).
Hometown, "Who are you? ... You've never worked here." Former public-school students, in my hometown, signed this letter to prove I'd worked a "long time" in community and local schooling system; Ed leave and employment contract (to complete teacher certification college... end date?! Owed contract wages and possibly interest. All former coworkers and staff are now gone.
Speak Out Against Family Dysfunction: Plans for what would have been the only independent learning center in my hometown directed by me and local school partnership. My hometown's locals said "No" (2002-2006)
My kids' homeschooling years that caused major social chaos in my hometown.
Daughter #1 forced into public school - traditional local gov.society dysfunction; Then, actual divorce and new to welfare & Section 8. High-school graduate of forced school system by mother's love.
My other girls, daughter #2 and #4. Daughter #2 forced into public school, too. High-school graduate of forced school system by mother's love; now a college student. Daughter #4. She is attending public school.
My son, child #3. He is attending public school.
My home office, one example of so many that I've tried to have including consistent housing.
Our HUD Section 8 Townhouse Rental, our first 4-BR Voucher. 2011-2012, Newark, Delaware (New Castle County Housing Authority).
Oldest daughter's room, bedroom #1.
My other girls' bedroom, bedroom #2.
My bedroom, bedroom #3.
My son's bedroom, bedroom #4.
A choice made by New Castle ... Delaware's Local Housing Authority: Forced downsize to a 1-BR Section 8/HCVP voucher. Forced divorce or ex-husband wouldn't move out of our hometown area. So I found a small D.C. 2-BR apt. with a 1-BR budget-approved apt. December, 2012 - spring, 2015. As of 2015, housing voucher oversight is resolved.