Various Ways To Travel Our Country And Neighborhood Roads
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Day trip: "Me, my dude and the minions are on the road!! This should be an adventure. First family trip in 5 years!! Lord send strength." [lol]
Sidewalk for walking, as a form of transportation.
21st century Montgomery, Alabama public bus
Trolley streetcar
Trolley streetcar
Overheads for travel
Maintaining our highway roads for travel is important.
"How would some even get to school without this form of transportation?"
Charter bus option for travel
When you want to travel in the shortest amount of time to a destination, form of transportation is important.
Public train anyone?
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How do you prep your car for travel in warm weather?
Make sure to lift wipers during winter storms.
Dad and son family-bonding time.
"Best hubby ever! He got me a new car today, and i love it....So blessed."
"Night out with my family--the best time."