Community Disaster Relief: Our List of Items to Donate






Note: This list will be reused and updated, as needed, for weather or natural disaster purposes only.


  • choir or musician volunteer time at local shelters (seek permission of authority first)
  • fine art materials
  • markers
  • crayons (single packs per child is suggested for sanitary reasons)
  • pens
  • single notebooks (for children journaling and posting important emergency contact numbers)
  • lightbulbs
  • lamps
  • cots
  • sheets
  • blankets
  • meal platters (be cautious of food prep when including eggs, salads, applesauce, mayonnaise, salad dressing, fresh fruit or vegetables, etc.)
  • bottled waters
  • coolers
  • ice*
  • pet food
  • baby food
  • baby bottles
  • toothbrushes (children, adult)
  • toothpaste (children, adult)
  • teething medication
  • baby cups
  • pampers (quality brands for shelters)
  • pull-ups
  • wet-ones
  • hand sanitizers
  • washcloths
  • towels
  • underwear
  • bras
  • panties (bikini preferred, all sizes)
  • soap*
  • sanitary napkins
  • tampons
  • toilet paper
  • deodorant
  • board games/games (children, teens, senior citizens)
  • outdoor-activity games and equipment (children, teens)
  • radio walkman and headphones (can find at Walmart, $10)
  • cell phones including minutes
  • plastic storage bins (small, large)
  • paper goods
  • paper towels*                    
  • cleaning solutions for everyday use*
  • bleach*
  • baking soda
  • dish detergent*
  • mops
  • trash cans (large)
  • trash bags (large)

How to kill mold and mildew naturally: air and sunlight; white vinegar and your favorite-smelling oil fragrance; tea tree oil; bleach and water; baking soda and peroxide. Source: Mother Nature Network (April, 2012),


Sherlene D. Stevens
Founder, President, and Program Administrator

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  • Food-Product Pantry and/or Distribution.


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