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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Note: First Posted on My Facebook Profile on January 7, 2021



Northern Queen Anne's County, MD (January 7, 2021)--Dear Charity Partners and the General Public:
There is no more anticipation of our political declaration: we now have president-elect Joe Biden and the Biden-Harris Transition Team, and two newly elected Georgia senators: the first black priest gentleman, and the first Jewish gentleman. 

President Donald Trump has said that it will be an orderly transition of the presidential transition of Republican power to the Democrats. ... It's no longer about the president, it's about his audience ... those who would still like him to remain in office.  It's about those who have feelings of failure, of never winning anything.

[Trump Supporters, I want you to know you are winners too of our society.  You participated in our democracy of voting; that's a great accomplishment of service to our country. This country belongs to us all ... Trump-Pence supporters and Biden-Harris supporters.  Let me assure you, you are a part of this country: you have been both heard and seen on national television. All of you--whether from disadvantaged circumstances or higher-earning citizens--are citizens of this country. You are part of the voices of this country, and I understand your fear and I hear you. Like Trump, I care very much for you and your feelings. (Bible language: Let not your feelings be so out of control that you kill, steal, and destroy opportunities for all of America, for each other, for each of the varied races of this country. Yes, we must maintain our liberties--of life (... how we desire to take care of our bodies as long as we obey our local and governmental laws), liberty (What is liberty really? ... as long as we obey our local and governmental laws), and the "pursuit" of happiness (What really makes you happy? Is it legal? What would make you really happy? Are such happiness of your desires or actions legal to pursue in your local community? in North America?]

Let us, per each ethnicity classification, get to know each other. Let such freedom and liberty continue. It isn't like we don't know of the hatred and discrimination embarrassment that exists.  We must start with new unity circles of new beginnings within this country, this continent.  We must start by recognizing and accepting the humanly emotional feeling defined as "fear." (Bible language: Amen, or the correct pronunciation of Ah-men.)

What Can Other Ethnicities Do Right Now?
It is my professional opinion, other ethnicities do this right now: accept the "fear of exclusion" of the Trump supporters and others of the white race who are not his supporters but think similar ... while protecting one's self, during this historical script-piece of life experiences, nationally.


With Love, 

(Princess) Sherlene Stevens