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"Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul." - A Psalm verse



A service of God In Christ's Purpose Assembly (ministry).






          Bible Study


*Note: Former broadcasts (Quran lecture series, former online revivals, and Genesis - Job 34:37) can be heard



Description: Verse-by-Verse King James Version Bible Outreach Ministry. Informal Bible study includes celebrity

and community family-friendly entertainment news. 


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Sherlene Stevens, the Christian host, offers modern-day translations of the Bible for learning: street ministry encouraging fine artists and entrepreneurs, and other local, bible-study meetings. A great setting for people involved in the fine arts, starting or growing entrepreneurs who desire to use biblical business-practice rules, and large families.


Vision: A show shared with Sherlene's audience family, and to those who are fearful of religious settings (or have experienced temple-, mosque-, or church-hurt), or simply "I don't do the attend-a-church-building thing, but I would like to study the Bible and social cultures."

Sherlene encourages the importance of family traditions, and constructive family behaviors to increase family-bonding opportunities. Broadcast Features: Music (Gospel, and secular MEI sound). Copyright 2009-2017. God in Christ's Purpose Assembly. All rights reserved.

Religious Background History


Sherlene is a former, United Methodist Church lay speaker (2002/2003) 

who attended the United Methodist Church for most of her childhood: 90% of

the community--in her hometown--are members of the Methodist affiliation

[be it Methodist, United Methodist, or African Methodist (AME)]. She has

not completed the full seminary processes or training.


She, like many others, has explored other denominations, ministries

and the Nation of Islam (or Islam), while attending college, after being kicked

out of the Maryland/Delaware/Pennsylvania United Methodist Church association

[because of cultural and social challenges]. 


If you don't have a church-home or group meeting leader (unordained pastor), Welcome!

Or even if you do fellowship at a local church, this

broadcast will encourage your unique household or

business. Unfortunately, there is not a local praise

and worship building location, only ministry outreach at this time.


Sharing the Good News in a Unique Way!


























Community Announcements and Featured Topics


Main Contributor of Celebrity/Good Deed Announcements

US Weekly Magazine 

Online Radio Talk Show Vision: To share the Good News and fellowship

with like-minded individuals in a safe and culturally-friendly environment online. 

Bravura Oratorical Gospel Genre
Unofficial new subgenre of Gospel, that she created.
(bruh voo rah) (Or ah tour rick le)

The MEI Sound  (pronounced the mee-long vowel i sound, mee-i).

Real human relationship or life language lyrics without cursing.


 Sherlene's Annual Internet Revival (Last weekend in May yearly)

Spiritual Kinship Revival, Highlights All Traditional Faiths


Click below, My sermon and revival highlights: an online revival event.


2016 Internet Revival

Message: The Parable of a Tree. The Parable of a Tree Explained. 

Scriptures: Old Testaments and Matthew 6:5-13.

Topics: Definition of purpose, helpers, and productive actions of purpose.

2015 Internet Revival

Intro of Sermon and song highlights 


Note: After 9/11,A book that inspired me as a Christian to create the Interfaith Lecture Series (Qu'ran and Bible lecture series).
Malcolm X Speaks (Gifted Student)
Author: George Breitman
Description: Topics includes of government and politics.

Setting is during the 60s. I encourage all educators to read this book,

perhaps include in history/political/education college curriculum.

Lectures are provided by an at-risk black male who grew up to become

an Islamic minister and a human rights leader.  


Malcolm helped to create a new religion in the U.S. without any knowledge of

religious order/regulations of forming a religious entity. As he learned,

he tried to provide lectures on his new views on many social topics of the day.

As Americans have learned, Malcolm views were not fully recognized until after

his death.