My Administration's Outline Plan



As my best self (my religious-self and my political-leadership self)--as a presidential candidate--I owe all Americans an outline of my agenda.-Sherlene Stevens



First 90-Day Actions (available no later than Jan. 31)

-January 20, 2017, 12 noon. My unique household

and I move into the People's House (White House).

All internal staff will be required to attend an immediate,

one-hour staff meeting (at 3:30 p.m.) and dinner

reception. It's the weekend ... an opportunity to get

adjusted before our country's new work-week.


In America, the farming dollar, has caused international

and domestic historical evilness and injustices. There is

an overall decline of America as being the symbol of the

pursuit of freedoms. To move our great country forward

in creating an improved American history, we must rely

heavily on citizenship responsibility and education.  I will

say this over and over again to each and every one of

you (the natural-born, illegals, legals) and Congress. -Sherlene Stevens


Based on my Republican Party's platform, I would like to

provide an outline of:


My Presidential Candidate Plan (Available noon, on November 11th in honor of our veterans)


My proposal has a goal of working with Congress to resolve two

important problems facing our citizens: Universal education

materials for Grade K-4/5 (three R's), and immigration reform

proposal that will provide our current illegal immigrants

(of five years or more) an opportunity to become legal citizens.


President Obama had his health-care bill/law (a strategy of Hillary

Clinton); and, I have the two described interests--we must modernize,

we must set a clear, transparent outline of our foundation on these

age-old avoidances. 


People who learn, work, and live in our Nation must know of our

point of view on these missions. Like President Obama, I will not

sway (avoid) from such efforts of having Congress perform its job

of creating such laws on Education and Immigration Reform.


Presidential Plan Proposal<--- Click here to read my Presidential candidate proposal.

'It' . . . is  America.



Sherlene Stevens

Sherlene Is It Committee