Family Conversations and Activities



  • Wear a Mask, Next 100 Days (Biden Administration)


  • Mr. President, Third Stimulus Check As Soon As Possible, Please.


  • Do You Remember How Cold It Was For Obama's First Inauguration? (Our climate is changing.)


  • Like the activities of the Catholics, is it possible for local people-of-color churches (or faith-based ministry) to not require that families or individuals join first before offering food or financial assistance to them, to the general public?


  • Lingering Discriminatory Practices Based On the Consistency of Community-Cultural Feelings of Others, of Families (We know that former white FBI staffers were racist, historically in this country.)


  • The Bee Populations Have Increased Because of Eating Cannibus Marijuana, How Will That Affect Our Made-With-Honey Product Food Items? 


  • California's Current Weather Conditions (1/17)


  • Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr Week (Beginning 1/16 - 1/23); His Actual Birthday (1/15) 


  • ... Every 4 Years and the Political Persuasion Activities Begins Anew (Jan. 20th)


  • Avoid Websites or Shopping Websites That Haven't Updated Their Copyright to the Year of 2021 (example: Copyright © 2021)


  • Community Neighbor: District of Columbia Statehood Goal of 2021



  • Some Families and Faithbelievers Will Continue the Global Christmas Season (now - 1/17 and Candelmas Day is in Feb. 2, 2021 ... end of the Christmas-Epiphany season)


  • Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Is Legal, [It] Doesn't Mean You Have To Consume It ... If Marijuana Becomes Legal, Nationally, [It] Doesn't Mean You Have To Smoke It.  "Like a Store Product Item, When Shopping, Just Say No Thank-You."


  • Humanitarian Effort: Free Those Incarcerated for Marijuana Charges


National Emotion-Level Alert, Today

  • AVERAGE-Range Level, Socially, For Most Areas of U.S. 



Motivational Quote

Words mean not only what you want them to mean. Words mean what they mean to the people who understand them. -Anonymous


A Script-Piece Within My Journal: 'Last Week, I Mentioned" Quote 

What ever they don't want you to know about, or learn about, is what you need to sincerely know. -Sherlene Stevens


Inspirational Quote

Food For the Soul 



A dash of faith in God

1/2 cup of freedom

2 cups of helping others

4 teaspoons of fun

1 whole, happy home maturely separated for individuality and personal space

1 cup of cleanliness, inside and out

2 cups of success

2 teaspoons of belongings

1 pitcher of love

1 large package of honesty

1 pound of helping others

1 full measure of forgiveness to all

1 full measure of humbleness

A generous supply of work to help reach a goal


Method:  Mix all ingredients until well blended into a small body. Distribute in the proper amounts in school, church, home, city, and nation.


To Preserve: This will keep indefinitely if covered with a layer of prayer several times a day.


Yield: If used in daily amounts throughout a lifetime, a happy life is guaranteed to you and all lives you touch.


--Author Unknown 



Sky and Cloud Watch Eagle (Nationwide or Southeastern)

  • Nature's Winter Stars In the Night Sky
  • Full Moon (1/28)

What To Wear This Week 

  •  Autumn Apparel Week Days For Most Areas of U.S., Northern
  •  Autumn Apparel Week Days For Most Areas of U.S., Southern

Southeastern Gardening

  • Tulip Bulb Planting or Store in the Fridge




Shopping, What To Purchase This Week

  • Holiday Valentine's Day Cards
  • Restock of COVID-19 Face Masks 
  • Wild Bird Food Seeds
  • Grass Seed 
  • Gutter Cleaning Service
  • Tulips to Plant During Winter Months

This Month's Trending Sales and Promotions

  • Tea Bags
  • Black Diamonds
  • Canned Soups
  • TVs and Electronics
  • Used Cars
  • Newborn Items
  • Wedding Dresses

Adults, this week, have you talked to a child, teen, or young adult ?


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