Family Conversations and Activities


  • Local Sky and Cloud Watch: Possible Extreme-Weather Conditions in February 2021 for Marylanders


  • 2021 Sky and Cloud Watch:  Month of February, Nationally


  • Sky and Cloud Watch: Solar Eclipse (12/14)


  • Sky and Cloud Watch: Meteor Shower (12/13 - 12/14)


  • International Cookie Day (12/4)


  • Bath and Body Works Company Brand's Annual $9.95 Three-Wick Candle Sale (12/4-5)


  • Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Is Legal, Doesn't Mean You Have To Consume It ... If Marijuana Becomes Legal, Nationally, Doesn't Mean You Have To Smoke It.  "Like a Store Product Item, When Shopping, Just Say No Thank-You."


  • Advent Season


  • Christmas Star (planet Jupiter and Saturn will be visible close together 12/21, something that hasn't happened since the Middle Ages)


  • Along With Wearing a Mask, Wash Hands Constantly


  • Businesses Online Start the year 2021 Productively;  Reminder: All Online Platforms Should Update "Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved." -- No later   than 12/31.


  • Some food-items can be pre-prepared beginning Wednesday 11/25. Place all prepared items in the fridge.  Before Wednesday 12/2,  all cooked Thanksgiving leftovers should be tossed out or packaged for your freezer before Wednesday 12/2.


  • National Giving Tuesday (12/1)


  • National Suggestion: Last Day to Mail Greeting Cards 12/18


  • Paper-Products Quantity Limit at Some Local-Community Stores and Grocers



  • The Earth Is Currently At Its Best For Us, Humans, As We Adapt (Continued Topic in 2021)


  • Humanitarian Effort: Free Those Incarcerated for Marijuana Charges


  • Back-To-The-Basic Foundations: Newbies at Cooking a Turkey for Christmas


  • National Shortage of Less Popular Flavors of Food Items and Beverage Items 


  • National Shortage of Refrigerators and Freezers


National Emotion-Level Alert, Today

  • AVERAGE-Range Level, Socially, For Most Areas of U.S. (Due to COVID-19 peaks)



Motivational Quote




A Script Piece Within My Journal: 'Last Week, I Mentioned" Quote




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Sky and Cloud Watch Eagle (Nationwide or Southeastern)

  • Hurricane Cloud Watch Season, Now - November 30th

What To Wear This Week 

  •  Autumn Apparel Week For Most Areas of U.S., Northern
  •  Spring Apparel Week For Most Areas of U.S., Southern

Southeastern Gardening

  • Tulip Planting or Store in the Fridge




Shopping, What To Purchase This Week

  • Holiday Christmas Cards
  • Restock of COVID-19 Face Masks 
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Wild Bird Food Seeds
  • Grass Seed
  • Gutter Cleaning Service
  • Tulips to Plant During Winter Months
  • Propane Gas Fillup for Autumn Evenings
  • Oil Fillup for Autumn Evenings
  • Firewood for Autumn Evenings
  • Electric Heaters for Autumn Evenings
  • Electric Blankets for Autumn Evenings
  • Pajamas or Basic Sweat Shirts and Sweat Pants 
  • Sweaters
  • Blankets
  • Solar-Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights

This Month's Trending Sales and Promotions

  • Turkeys
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Baking ingredients
  • TVs and Electronics
  • Used Cars
  • Newborn Items
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Traditional Clock Decor
  • Christmas Holiday Decor
  • Hannukah Holiday Decor
  • Kwanzaa Holiday Decor
  • 'Happy New Year 2021' Holiday Decor

Adults, have you talked to a child, teen, or young adult this week?


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