Donald J. Trump's Civil Trial


Consideration, here now is my background history of why I believe that I am qualified to cover/analyze the online public scripts of Donald Trump's appearance in court this week (Week of 11/6th):

1. I grew up in Maryland, a state known to vote Democrat.
2. I am a designer, and love fashion of any kind (thrift stores, used items, and regular retail brands).
3. I appreciate money, and what it can do for neighbors, families, and communities. In common words, I am not so religious that I want to live in poverty for the entirety of my life. I actually do, I want to be consistently financially wealthy in the higher-income bracket of the economy here in Maryland.
4. You could give me money or a financial budget, and I would know instantly what to do with it and where to allocate it. I believe this is a much-needed skill in today's economy.
5. I appreciate a good conversation with each neighbor category, both nationally and internationally. I know how to present myself both formally and informally.
6. I have studied other languages than our common English language.
7. I have studied international etiquette, traditions, and customs.
8. I have taken more college credits than anyone that I know focusing on humanity and business and leadership.
9. I once studied theology to be a Christian pastor.
10. I have an interest in studies of English: creative writing and journalism.
11.  I have an interest in children having the attention span to productively understand phonics and reading skills. Youth and young adults, read quality books!
12. I have informally tried to interact with parents of young children. (I could do better in such an activity).
13. Due to the loss of a major daycare company in my current community, I once tried to open a family center with a $ 4,000-a-month leasing opportunity budget.
14. I attended college to be a state-certified teacher (even if the major program didn't exist). Oops! I have had federal student loans and college money allocated on my behalf.
15. I worked in government for many years: transportation, and 4-H.
16. I have my family issues ... a part of being from a very large family and multi-racial identity. I'm a racial blend of a little of this and a little of that which makes up me and my humanitarian values.
17. I learned my humanitarian and leadership values from the late Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II of the UK (Europe continent).
18. I believe that I try to get along with all faith-interested groups and individuals.
19. I am a mom who went through a divorce with children.
20. I have experienced the emergency crisis of environmental exposures and issues.
21. I have experienced the emergency crisis of weather-related situations in communities.
21. I have experience working in healthcare settings for several years.
22. For over 11 years, I have been studying and analyzing HUD, Social Security Administration, Dept. of Human Resources, and many other federal agencies through no fault of my own. (Originally, I didn't request to be a SSA beneficiary. I requested to be a beneficiary representative on behalf of my then-living Maryland ancestors.)
23. I have experienced the emotional feeling of loneliness: In 2012 as a Write-In candidate, I ran to be U.S. president when I had nothing to do after abruptly becoming relationship single, and the non-custodial co-parent after years of homeschooling and being a stay-at-home college-student mom. Advice from a woman stranger: "You have an extensive resume, you should run for President."  And I did so.

24. I know that most of the country's financial survival is based on a good bit of the national street-drug economy. And lastly, I know that people have a healthcare diagnosis of using or taking street drugs and medicine prescriptions. Such a reality is not humanly embarrassing, but a humanly reality of living.

25. I recently lost one of the largest real-estate portfolios on Maryland's Eastern Shore: decades-long family-home properties and my inheritance(s).

26. I have experience of being a victim of fraud involving government or financial-welfare agency staffers.

27. As a humanitarian, I have now initiated an active social plan of redirecting Marylanders to refocus away from such conflicts that began decades ago. Matters are closed and concluded. What's done, is finished. Now, such conflicts are considered harassment to us, Maryland citizens. What I want now? I just my family's properties back, or at least the true value of the homes to be recognized that were sold under market value. I want homeowner companies to acknowledge the homes' claims initiated, or reimbursement of taxes paid if formerly overvalued homes and lands. (At the time of conflict acknowledgment, most neighbors in local communities observed Methodist/Methodist-related and Catholic faith membership, and maybe Jews and Muslims, too.)



-Sherlene D. Stevens

Trial Journal


11/6 - Trump testified close to five hours. He has been found guilty of over estimating his real-estate portfolio value to banks, and his overall yearly income/his net worth. 


11/7 - While I'm waiting for scripts of today's trial appearance, I want to make a personal opinion of something. My opinion is that if a low-income company brand wants you as a customer, they will try to claim that you are of low-income. If a high-income company brand wants to you as a customer, they will try to claim that are of high-income. Just saying, that's my life's experiences point-of-view any way.