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Traditional Schooling - Public or Private


Modern Schooling - Homeschooling and Charter Schools. Some families also consider such schooling as old-school activities adopted from earlier Americans.


According to data, students who mostly attend our public schools are Latin Americans next, students of color.


In case of a natural disaster, do you know your local schools' emergency plan for students and community usage?

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Brown vs. Board of Education: Remembering Linda Brown


Can You Imagine All Community Schools Closed In Your State?


Newark (New Jersey): Local Government Officially Regains School Control After 22 Years


One of The Richest Men In the World is Investing in Local Public Schools Fortune


Natural Disaster: Puerto Rico's School Children Enter State Public Schools NP


Delaware, First State Implements First School Evaluation Tool of U.S.


Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Is Still Up in the Air  WBUR


If You Think Realtors Don't Have a True Career, Think Again Moms and Dads  Palm Beach Post


New York Offers Free College Tuition, More States are Following 


School Choice in America 


Some Fifth Graders Were Learning How to Purchase African American Slaves


Me: Public schools and local-community citizens have the power to make rules for their assigned schooling systems, right?  Some public schooling districts closed abruptly, for one day, to honor International Women's Day. 75% of our public-school teachers are women, according to a recent employment poll.


Home School Chatter by the Trump Administration


Many Older or Traditional School Buildings, Lead Found in Water Fountains


2017 National Budget Audio Version, Discussing PreK - 12, Job Training, and College


A Home-School Co-Op Try in this Community


Homeschooling and Public-School Sport Activities


America's International Education System May Have Competition


Preparing Kids During Major Weather Disasters


Atlantic City, New Jersey:  Home-Schooling Tax Credit


Pre-Elect Trump Talks Home-School Voucher Proposal


Vice President Pence Discusses the Home-School Choice


Home School and Private School Students … Not so Fast… Public School Sports


Education Segregation Returns Nationally ... Beginning With Primary Grades


New York's Separate But Equal Public Schools 


The First Accredited Muslim College  


Public-Schooling Gifted Learners and the Common Core Strategy


Education & Age: America's Religious


Our Educated African-Americans


Dear Hiring Employers, nationally, most job seekers prefer to provide a resume (mail, in person) than to upload one online.  Together,--you, members of these United States, and I--How can we resolve this issue in the communities that you provide service?


*If I would have been the Republican nomination and presidential winner, my administration would have cancelled the debt of student-loan recipients (1990-2014) of past loans--not new student lenders--when elected. I would have, also, initiated the Education Choices to Success Act. -Sherlene Stevens (Feb. 2016)


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