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Traditional Schooling - Public or Private.


Modern Schooling - Homeschooling and Charter Schools. Some families also consider such schooling as old-school activities adopted from earlier Americans.


According to data, students who mostly attend our public schools are Latin Americans next, students of color.


In case of a natural disaster, do you know your local schools' emergency plan for students and community usage?

We know that our community basic schools, public schools,are allowing an opportunity of free education to adapt to everyday living in our local communities. So if a community has unproductive cultural or traditional habits, then what for the child(ren)? To me the question really is: How are we preparing such children to achieve experiences beyond their everyday circumstances? ... When educational and government statistic data reveals to us that it's in their best interest to do so, what are the societal supports, with those particular youth classifications, to be able to explore such opportunities to do so?


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How Can You Help: Materials For the Dysfunctional Community (Basic) Schools "I refer to them as basic schools because that's what I believe, on a national-level (a clear national curriculum for each subject taught), all of our public schools should be receiving: foundations of our common, basic skills that must be learned to achieve in all other learning processes.  Public schools are, simply put, local businesses with no real government (local, state) backing. Give public schools (aka community schools) back to the federal government to oversee and guide." 


Some Fifth Graders Were Learning How to Purchase African American Slaves


Me: Public schools and local-community citizens have the power to make rules for their assigned schooling systems, right?  Some public schooling districts closed abruptly, for one day, to honor International Women's Day. 75% of our public-school teachers are women, according to a recent employment poll.

If I would have been the Republican nomination and presidential winner, my administration would have cancelled the debt of student-loan recipients (1990-2014) of past loans--not new student lenders--when elected. I would have, also, initiated the Education Choices to Success Act. -Sherlene Stevens (Feb. 2016)


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