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Traditional Schooling - Public or Private


Modern Schooling - Homeschooling and Charter Schools. Some families also consider such schooling as old-school activities adopted from earlier Americans.


According to data, students who mostly attend our public schools are Latin Americans next, students of color.

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Some Fifth Graders Were Learning How to Purchase African American Slaves


Me: Public schools and local-community citizens have the power to make rules for their assigned schooling systems, right?  Some public schooling districts closed abruptly, for one day, to honor International Women's Day. 75% of our public-school teachers are women, according to a recent employment poll.


Home School Chatter by the Trump Administration


Many Older or Traditional School Buildings, Lead Found in Water Fountains


2017 National Budget Audio Version, Discussing PreK - 12, Job Training, and College


A Home-School Co-Op Try in this Community


Homeschooling and Public-School Sport Activities


America's International Education System May Have Competition


Preparing Kids During Major Weather Disasters


Atlantic City, New Jersey:  Home-Schooling Tax Credit


Pre-Elect Trump Talks Home-School Voucher Proposal


Vice President Pence Discusses the Home-School Choice


Home School and Private School Students … Not so Fast… Public School Sports


Education Segregation Returns Nationally ... Beginning With Primary Grades


New York's Separate But Equal Public Schools 


The First Accredited Muslim College  


Public-Schooling Gifted Learners and the Common Core Strategy


Education & Age: America's Religious


Our Educated African-Americans


Dear Hiring Employers, nationally, most job seekers prefer to provide a resume (mail, in person) than to upload one online.  Together,--you, members of these United States, and I--How can we resolve this issue in the communities that you provide service?


*If I would have been the Republican nomination and presidential winner, my administration would have cancelled the debt of student-loan recipients (1990-2014) of past loans--not new student lenders--when elected. I would have, also, initiated the Education Choices to Success Act. -Sherlene Stevens (Feb. 2016)


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