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Celebration of Life: Norman Lear, Script Writer and Humanitarian 

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Online Announcements of Christmas Meal 2023:

Food-Item, Financial Gift Cards $20 or more, and/or Financial Charity Requests

  • Meals on Wheels (National locations)
  • Helping Up Mission (Thanksgiving/Christmas Meal Activities, Baltimore, MD)
  • Central Union Mission (Thanksgiving/Christmas Meal Activities, Washington, DC)
  • Boys Town (Thanksgiving/Christmas Meal Activities, Boys Town, Nebraska)
  • St. Labre Indian School for Children (Thanksgiving/Christmas Meal Activities, Ashland, Montana)
  • Salesian Missions (Thanksgiving/Christmas Food Distribution, New Rochelle, New York) 


Online Quotes of Emotional Feelings About Our New Legalized

American Street-Drug Economy #Cannabis

  • ​They say they just want to live in peace, the drug-related community, but they, "they", are the ones causing the most chaos in our local communities.
  • They come in and take over our local communities with military-like leadership of our citizens. We've lost control of our own communities.
  • We can't get any new businesses in our communities because of the street-drug economy. No one wants to work, or can pass a drug test.
  • Maybe we should turn some of our traditional business buildings into drug centers and challenge schools into schools for drug users only--like juvenile detention centers.
  • Why is the Biden-Administration or our state leaders not saying anything about the new street-drug economy that's boosting the overall national economy?
  • Employers: Who can pass a drug test any more? Do you have any job seeker or employee that can? Do you?!
  • Abusing drugs is a health issue not a criminal issue, a mental-health national crisis in our modern times.
  • There are non-users left in this world: They believe that the entire world is consumed by this new economy, that there's no one left in the f#### wide world that's not on drugs or selling drugs. It's just not true ... there are non-drug users in our communities, too. Tell me right now that I'm right. Please, God, tell me that I'm right. (Oh, God, how ... when ... did this happen?!)



My Birthday Year (2023): 52 Motivational Quotes for Families

  1. "We need for people who are not supposed to be on welfare or SSA benefits to get off so that others who are in need can, who need temporary housing can, receive a roof over their heads, and basic necessities." --Author Unknown
  2. We need to think about veterans who have lost a limb who need such assistance and case management to receive basic necessities to living in our country, too.
  3. Government is just not as patriotic as it used to be. 
  4. Government staffers are no longer required or suggested to be dedicated employees, on the job for 20+ years; a time where we could track employment performance and citizenship loyalty. 
  5. Families need to think about such things when enrolling in welfare programs and how it will affect their family's privacy and household-budget goals.  Do you really want to live in such a way of adhering to a certain maximum income range to receive such help? Is there another productive way before you participate in these programs?
  6. I don't know: Indeed platform is my witness that I have applied for over 500 full-time job openings, online, since my fraud identity case matters began in 2006. So don't you stop in your search of a job opportunity.
  7. I didn't know that: Yes, when I was a part of such welfare programs, I worked all the while. In fact, I have never stopped being employed. I first began formally working at the age of 13 as a busperson, including an official member-volunteer of the 4-H Youth and Development organization at aged 7/8. 
  8. "One day or day one. You decide." --Author Unknown
  9. Do you know the stages of emotional development or maturity? Shock/denial; bargaining; anger; depression; and lastly the overall goal, acceptance.
  10. No I am not living in a nursing home, I work there.
  11. I agree. It is odd to be involved in a healthcare scam when you have worked in the healtcare industry for a number of years. That's how clever scamming can be to those involved. (Sometimes all it takes is a ... signature.) Please be aware that such mishaps can happen to you or someone else.
  12. "It's not what you know but what you USE of what you know that counts."--Author Unknown
  13. There is both good and bad in everyone. There are good cops, and there are bad cops. Strive not to be involved in actions that involve either of them.
  14. Scammers don't care what's your social income status is (low-income, middle-income, or high-income), they just want your things or your money.
  15. In the historical archives, places of worship used to welcome everyone, the general public. In modern times, churches are very secluded settings.
  16. Yes, I once tried to be a Methodist pastor, but it didn't work out. (I didn't realize in such a woman-dominant faith, membership, that their were so few female priests, at the time.)
  17. Yes, it's true that most of my aged family members that I knew are now referred to as "the ancestors."
  18. I do believe that you should be faith-led by those who look like one's self in the times that we are living in while realizing it truly shouldn't be that way in such modern times.
  19. Before the described mishaps, I purchased my own vehicles. My recent vehicle investment was truly based on faith. I paid the first car payment and then another. "Okay, I am believer." You can't think about the financial things that you have to do of basic necessities or it may become overwhelming, emotionally. You simply just have to work and keep working for the things that you need or want. 
  20. I am believer in the Holy Trinity of God (God, Holy Spirit, Jesus), but I truly think he wants you to do what you can, first. ---before He steps into your situations. 
  21. I don't believe that He expects us to just waste our time here in the earth realm by doing nothing every single day, doing nothing of the usage of our human bodies, or helping someone in need.
  22. I don't believe in any program that restricts the income that one strives to legally earn, in the pursuit of one's own personal happiness. 
  23. Health care settings should not be the only social setting that others get to  participate in. Hell, inmates and prisoners get to interact more outwardly than those described. 
  24. I have traveled many roadways; I've experienced seeing small trees grow into very big trees rapidly due to global warming.
  25. Don't anticipate your roadways to get any better, no matter your local area's roadway budget. 
  26. An idea: Have you considered purchasing one of those new flying cars?
  27. Due to global warming, perhaps it is better for technology to complete certain job tasks on our behalfs.
  28. How many of us will truly have access to internet services when current trees reach their full height?
  29. There is not one law in this country that can not be reversed in time.
  30. Women rule the world of most social organizations even if having a male public-figure representation.
  31. Why should you have to tell an official when you want to place something on your own property? Do we own? Or, do we simply lease property that we call our own in this country?
  32. Global warming is causing people to relocate or rethink owning a home. 
  33. Housing Urban Development (HUD) now supervises temporary housing in communities due to abrupt extreme weather conditions.
  34. Most housing in America is outdated yet, people are paying high prices to have consistent dwellings. 
  35. There are no lands in America where our governments have no access in some supervisory way. 
  36. Most senior citizens in America live in some form of welfare-based housing in modern times. Government-supervised housing places can be no true consistency of family generational-housing foundations in communities.
  37. Instead of them cutting me for "exploratory surgery", they should have performed a tummy tuck. (smiles.) "Why did you cut her?"(just so that there could be further SSA claim initiatives.)--asked the investigative medical teams.
  38. Do not attend college so long that your enrolled courses become outdated for your skill-set.
  39. "The black culture is becoming a majority, no longer a minority." --Supreme Court
  40. Why are we not further ahead in modernization of our country?
  41. Are people simply waiting for the good Lord, and feeling as if we no longer have a future on this planet? Are things that bad in economic times?
  42. Most people prefer to be entertained than to discuss issues.
  43. Having a mind to think for oneself is invaluable.
  44. "When they go low, go lower [if need be while being determined]." --Author Unknown
  45. Shopping malls and outdated school buildings should be remodeled into housing opportunities. 
  46. "I can do whatever I want to my humanly body, can't I?" --Women
  47. Example: $500 value of stocks may lead to $50 or more profit/gain. Whereas, $500 in savings, in a year's time, may lead to 5 cents of profit/gain. 
  48. To remain on their current welfare plan, in 2024, will the low-income become too afraid to receive any form of outside donations to help with their bare necessities of living? What about Thanksgiving, and Christmas gifts?
  49. Again, as a political topic. Please tell me why we have not considered national universal subsidized income (USI) of up to $2,000 a month available to everyone earning less than $100,000 a year? Why?!
  50. On applications requiring race identity, should we replace current identity phrases to white culture; black culture; latino culture; hispanic culture, native american culure, asian culture, etc.? 
  51. We are venturing back into time of our DNA identity, of global unison of brotherhood and sisterhood--for survival. You will see more of this productivity happening in the year of 2024.
  52. Due to global warming and environmentally friendly services, in my opinion, the reality in America is that there's no longer the separation of Church and State. 








  • January - National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month. TSB Theme: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month.
  • February - black race appreciation month. TSB Theme: How to Offer Encouragement to community-wide Citizens Who have a STD/VD and Still Want To Maintain a Healthy Sex Life.
  • March - White Race appreciation month. TSB Theme: Because The Faith Systems Say So: All Major Religions Practiced Were Created by the International White Race, Including American-Based Nation of Islam.
  • April - Bi-Racial race Appreciation Month. (black and white racial blending only.)
  • May - Global Female Appreciation Month.
  • June - Global Male Appreciation Month. 
  • July - Global multi-racial Appreciation Month.
  • August - TSB (Global) Children, Youth, and Young Adults Appreciation Month. Read a book (or ebook), magazine, newspaper in the presence of a child/youth/young adult.
  • September - TSB Family Self-Worth Month. How is your family valued in your local community jurisdiction? Are you a quiet family? a helpful family? Or, do you have no extended family at all? In other words, do your local public servants know your family for good activities or bad activities?
  • October - It's also National Pastoral Appreciation Month. Social Theme: We've Got to Have a Global Faith-Believing Conference: topics of discussion included by worship members vs. pastoral leaders.
  • November - Native American Appreciation Month. The different categories of housing: tiny homes, starter homes, larger spacing homes, and all other home styles.
  • December - Global December Festive Holiday Season


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