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Low-Incomers; Middle-Incomers; Higher Earning-Incomers--avoiding words like "poor"  (say 'lacking' instead) or "rich". 











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  • "A Day Without a Woman" Strike
  • American History in Pictures at this College. I thought historically "small" bags of picked cotton.Thankful but saddened, I didn't have to carry those bags!
  • Remark: There is nothing really wrong with the thoughts of the laws that early mankind created in regards to our Constitution. Like someone stated "What is wrong is that instead of having "united states," we have states that have a vision of not working along with other states, or the federal government ." We have citizens in our states that don't really want to work together as the North-America continent. Remark: What is really wrong is the unproductive actions, the ways of human beings being human beings (governmental staffers and other networks) that actually cause bad views of some of our much-appreciated civic and welfare-assistance laws.
  • History of American Japanese Population
  • Our Largest Dam is in Danger, California
  • Feb. 8--Truly the sky is the limit this weekend: eclipse, comet, and full moon
  • Super Bowl Weekend:  Houston, Texas Attractions
  • A Goal of Decreasing the Wild Horse Population
  • Jan. 25--Remark: I don't believe that a great country, like ours, should lower our stand on judicial actions involving torture.  Our Congress has addressed such actions, and concluded that it is immoral and unfair treatment of any mankind, in this country; most recent law.  We Americans have said, by a majority, that we believe all criminals--doesn't matter of the severity of the crime--has the right to a trial and humane conditions while imprisoned.
  • Remark: HOUSING HUD Confirmation Nomination (Ben Carson) Hearing Today, 1/12/17, beginning at 10 a.m.  Families and veterans, let's send a clear message--to the next administration--that we value affordable housing, local buildings, and community block grants.
  • Remembering Humanity Leader Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr 
  • Europe Continent: Bird Flu Time (Jan. 5)
  • First Time in History: A Congress Made Up of Varied Racial Identities and Skin Tones The Week (Jan. 4)
  • Veterans and Pearl Harbor's 75th Anniversary
  • Pipeline Issue Discussed Globally
  • To Judge, "Is This Child Native American?"

Dear First Noticeable Representation of People of Color President and Family, Thank you for showing us maturity in representing our country even when--I am quite sure--there may have been times when you just wanted to be anywhere other than the citizens' White House.

  • Remark: The BET celebration and Obam tribute was really good and well planned (It didn't seem like a quick-work entertainment-special project.) Posted November 16th.
  • How President Obama Could Address African Americans, During His Last Days of His Presidential Term
  • That These Were Listed as President Obama's  Best Inspirational Words   

Humanitarian Outline Plan, My Immediate Recommendation (posted July 8, 10:12 a.m.)

Modern:  Economic Boycott of  business or specific community areas*  Every minute of every hour of every day, there should be such boycott actions until resolved. (updated July 11) 


(updated July 18) I have created a humanity project plan: Hey Neighbor! Humanity Project (Family Social Equality and Racial Identity Equality). Economic Boycott of America.


Peaceful Police Brutality Protests, Nationally (posted on July 7th, sunset). Note: In 2016, there have been 491 police killings vs. 465 in 2015. Of those killed, fewer than 10% of suspects were unarmed.

Summer 2016, Top Protest Chants
"White Silence Equals Violence."
"Black Lives Matter."
"End Police Brutality."
"Stop the Killing."

Okay, My Chant Suggestion: "Money Talks, Before We Walk."  (posted July 7, 9:30 p.m.)


Remark: Deportation Protest Happening Now in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.


Finding Drug-Free Workers is Becoming a Challenge


Harriet Tubman on our $20 Bill


Drug-Laced Candy Targeting Youth


It's Now Lawful For New York Parents  to Eavesdrops on their Kids' Conversations


Mexico City Orders 1-Day Off to Traditional Cars, Next New York . . . Maybe


Remark: Georgia governor vetoes Religious Bill HB757.


Sewage Spill in Myrtle Beach


An Increase of White Death Rates


We are not living in reality, if we think that only welfare parent(s) and seniors

are participating in government-assisted programs: the reality of the decline of the

middle-class households in our country. -Sherlene Stevens (Jan. 8)


Ways to Stay Safe During Civil Unrest


The Look of Modern Libraries The American Conservative


Did you know that states--that would like to merge--must make 

the request known to Congress before doing so? Congress must agree --first, otherwise 

illegal actions of such states could cause action of removal from the Union (of unison

of the United States of America). -Sherlene Stevens, (R) Presidential Candidate


Internationally and the U.S. now have a limit of how much

cash that can be carried in wallets and purses (citizens or visitors): use

credit or debit card. Every citizen should own a debit card and at least

one credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover).


China's Financial Challenge has been unending for about two

years, now communicated more globally; also, Puerto Rico's and Brazil's.


Europe's Financial Challenge, Greece Is Not the Only Country of Worry. Economic challenges include government and private debt of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Germany. European Central Bank is the major financial organization of the continent of Europe.


Today we are thankful that we live in a country that has created its own freedoms which were made by a multicultural citizen population. At the age of seven, I began my public servant career pathway. I didn't think twice of serving in my home town community, for many years. I never imagined that the doors that I opened for others would one day read for me "Warning, this door will never be open to you again." Let's continue the opportunities, the freedoms and the foundations that we have already created for all of our citizens: the democratic systematic approaches of balancing our now population and efforts for our future generations. 


I believe that the Confederate flag should be housed in a local museum -although, I acknowledge it is a symbol of the State's (South Carolina) history. The question is, how long does the majority, of our citizens, want to remember such history? The flag is not being flown at someone's unique household for personal interest; it can be seen waving at a government capitol building.  Why was it not flown at half-staff on the day after the most current sorrow? Is it time to create a new symbol viewpoint at one of our state governmental buildings? You must decide, families or unique households.


"The sick (of mind or of disparities taught to them) reveal to us the existence of universal problems with which those who are well manage somehow to come to terms, without finding real solutions to them.  I always think of the sick as a sort of magnifying-glass which shows up an anxiety which we all have within us, more or less unconsciously." - Paul Tournier


For historical discussion of the meaning of the Confederate flag, please visit: or 


African-American Reparation: It May Be The Right Thing to Do, Is It Economically Affordable?


Overview of Any State's Common Welfare Programs  Politifact


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