Hurricane Harvey: Texas and Louisiana


News Now (August 21) - September 21, 2017, Special Report.



Things to Know

  • The rising waters is mostly in Houston, Texas communities, but most of Texas has experienced   Harvey's rainfall.
  • This is a new experience for weather scientists: rainfall, flooding, and waterland overflows.
  • Shelters and volunteers are needed with cooperative and organized self-starters.
  • Most Houston and Dallas (Texas) shelters are filled to capacity.
  • I have created a Facebook group page for available shelter/housing posts and announcements. Available in English and Espanol.
  • I have written leadership instructions for overall material donation dropoffs, and manpower.
  • I am suggesting that boat rescuers be in formation and ready to go, when approved by emergency and local agencies or police: utilized in 12-hr shift, rotational, formation at each community point.
  • Espanol-language rescuers are needed at diverse shelters of affected areas. 
  • Helpers where a helper's badge so that local, law enforcement will know who you are and why you're in said neighborhoods.
  • Drivers make sure that you have a full tank of gas, before in route to drop-off item donations.
  • I have created another Facebook group page for basic-needs donations and supplies dropoff and pickup point announcements. Read more
  • Share (Copy and paste) ... If you must call 911, do not drop call if possible.  Charge your cell phone whenever possible. I am also suggesting that free cell phones be distributed, by certified suppliers, to citizens in need.
  • Text SHELTER and zip code to 443362 for shelter availability; use FEMA app; or go to
  • FEMA administration has provided 5 million meals as of 8/30.
  • 230+ shelters are now open in Texas. Inquire of availability, before proceeding to a said shelter.
  • Metro Houston bus and rail systems remain suspended until further notice.
  • Airports are closed until noon Thursday.
  • Looters will face stiff penalties in any of the affected communities.
  • I am suggesting that rescuers acknowledge eco-friendly Sunday and resume on Monday if necessary: boat rescuers, and neighbor welfare checks. If necessary, if this isn't organized or not productive, you will leave me with no choice but to create a boat rescuers Facebook group, individual/family donation-need list, and shelter donation-need list. Helpers, I know y'all can do this. I believe in you--on purpose.
  • Facebook groups,  If you have created a "need help" post, and you have been helped, click on the X to the right of your post then click "Delete". By doing so, will eliminate repetition of said requests. If you want your social media post to be shared, include this in post (Copy and paste)

Happening Now 


  • What's needed mostly in many family shelters is cleaning supplies; baby products (formula, diapers, wipes, food); nonperishable foods; adult care (diapers, feminine products); toiletries (razors, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and body wash); and, bedding (cots, blankets, etc.)


  • Search and rescue remains active. 
  • Pop-up shelters and donation drop-off points (places of worship, entrepreneurs) needed, is now active.
  • Hotel and motel pop-up shelters needed is now active.
  • "Dickinson" Humane Society is now active.
  • NRG Center for shelter is now active.
  • Mandatory evacuation of Spring (TX) is now active. Proceed to Spring High School. 
  • Evacuation of NW Pines is now active. Proceed to Spring High School.
  • Cleanup in Shreveport/Lake Charles (LA) is now active.
  • Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Covington, Forest, Jones tornado warning expired at 12 noon.
  • Boat rescuers, delay going in to the Beaumont (TX) communities; other areas, Orange, *Port Arthur, Hardin, Jasper, and Tyler counties. Community area flooding is still active.
  • Due to disaster declaration, FEMA aid to individuals and/or counties is now active. Do you have an Immediate Support Form?

Corporate (Local and Business) Responsibility | Good Deed Challenge

"For you givers or those who like to give, do not give until you have received." -KJV Biblical Quote

  1. 96% of total AVON sale profits now - September 30, 2017 will go directly to diverse family-shelter organizations in affected areas.
  2. Rockets owner donates $10 million.
  3. Tampa Bay Rays to donate from the Rangers-Astro series.
  4. Some celebrities are donating $25,000. Yes, celebrities have businesses, or is their actual business brand.
  5. Walt Disney Company pledges $1 million to Red Cross.
  6. Fed Ex donates $1 million in cash and transportation support.
  7. AT&T waiving fees of their customers in the affected areas. More info at Disaster relief 
  8. Comcast may be waiving fees of their customers in the affected areas. More info at Disaster relief 
  9. Grande may be waiving fee of their customers in the affected areas. More info on their Facebook® page.
  10. Uber donates space to the City of Austin for shelter spacing. More info at Disaster relief