Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief:

Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, and

parts of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, and Mississippi 



Things to Know

  • Helpers where a helper's badge so that local, law enforcement will know who you are and why you're in said neighborhoods.
  • In case of power outages, a full freezer will hold its temperature 48 hours (2 days), or 24 hours (1 full day) if half-full.
  • Drivers make sure that you have a full tank of gas, before in route to drop-off item donations.
  • I have created a Facebook group page for basic-needs donations and supplies dropoff and pickup point announcements. Read more
  • I have created a Facebook group page of available family shelter or if you are in need of a shelter spacing. Read more  Available in English and Espanol. El número de teléfono de emergencia de Florida (800) 342-3557.
  • Many of the local shelters are filling fast.  Neighbors are asked to seek shelters outside of their local communities.
  • Many Florida neighbors have abandoned their vehicles in centralized areas--hoping to save them.
  • The eye of  the storm is expected to cover the entire area of the state of Florida.
  • Facebook groups,  If you have created a "need help" post, and you have been helped, click on the X to the right of your post then click "Delete". By doing so, will eliminate repetition of said requests. If you want your social media post to be shared, include this in post. (Copy and paste means share the announcement.) Available in English and Espanol.
  • Share (Copy and paste) ... If you must call 911, do not drop call if possible.  Charge your cell phone whenever possible. I am also suggesting that free cell phones be distributed, by certified suppliers, to citizens in need.
  • Looters will face stiff penalties in any of the affected communities.

Happening Now



  • Florida Update - There are still 75, 000 people without power in the affected communities.




9/11 7:51 a.m. EST

  • The storm is now on a northwestern path. It is assumed that is will be just a tropical storm on Tuesday.  
  • The storm is assumed to be either a tropical storm or tropical depression as it travels through northwestern Georgia and Alabama mid-day/late Monday - Tuesday evening.
  • The storm is assumed to be on a path towards Memphis, Tennessee.  It will be a minor storm that may create flooding and power outages in local and nearby community areas.
  • Be alert to tornado watches and warnings.
  • Coastal areas such as Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina are experiencing flooding in community areas.

9/10   4:59 p.m. EST

  • The storm is now a Category 3, 110 mph winds, with a northward path. 
  • The central part of the storm is currently in Naples, Florida.

10:25 a.m. EST

  • The storm has returned to a Category 4. Strong winds and lots of rain is happening now.
  • Many local communities are without power in South Florida.
  • Most South Florida shelters are filled to capacity. over 30,000 neighbors are in shelters.
  • Georgians welcomes Floridians, southern-style. , call 1-800-847-4842 , or stop at a Welcome Center.
  • Georgia neighbors should expect power outages beginning tomorrow. Purchase or create blocks of ice now.
  • Many communities will be without power for weeks, if not months.
  • Tornadoes has been sited all around South Florida and nearby areas.
  • People in mobile homes should stay away from their windows. With heavy-duty tape, make a big X on each window if necessary. Close curtains.

9/9   8 p.m. EST (El número de teléfono de emergencia de Florida (800) 342-3557)

  • The storm is now a Category 3.  Storm water-surges will cause most of the flooding in communities.  
  • 911 central system in several areas are no longer responding to calls or evacuation requests until further notice. 
  • Electrical power outages are happening. Some communities will be without electric for days if not weeks.



  • The storm is now a Category 4 with 155 mph winds. it is expected to cross over Florida on Sunday.
  • 40% of South Florida's gas stations are out of gas.
  • Miami and South Florida seems to be the central concern at this time.
  • Airports are now delaying and cancelling flights out of Florida.
  • It is expected to cross over Georgia on Tuesday.
  • 6,000 Americans are currently trapped on the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Many of the nearby islands have flooded streets. You will here reference of areas of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Turks, Cato, St. Martin, Barbados, and Bahamas.
  • More than a million people have received evacuation orders. Friday is the last day to evacuate, before 7 p.m.



  • The storm is still a Category 5 with 185 mph winds.  
  • Georgia citizens (Metro Atlanta and North Georgia) are now under mandatory evacuation.
  • A total of 37 counties in Georgia are now under a state of emergency.
  • South Carolina citizens are now under mandatory evacuation. North Carolina citizens, who are in the path of the storm, are urged to be prepared to evacuate.
  • Florida weather-victim citizens are traveling to the Georgia airport and areas.
  • Postal services are now closed until further notice in South Florida.
  • Some Florida counties will begin opening shelters tomorrow before noon.
  • Gasoline is becoming a challenge due to the rapid responses of millions of people in the path of the storm.
  • Price gouging, of needed basic supplies, has begun. The Florida price-gouging hotline number is (866) 966-7226.



  • The storm is now a Category 5. It is the strongest hurricane on U.S. record.
  • Florida road-toll fees are now waived as people are now evacuating.
  • Airports are now closing or closed.
  • Schools are now closing or closed; such buildings will be used for shelters if necessary.
  • FEMA is now active in the state of Florida.
  • Red Cross are sending 1,000 volunteers to Florida.
  • The national guard (7,000 troops assumed) will be active, beginning on Friday if needed.


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