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We should maintain the rights and freedoms of religious beliefs; as long as such choices do not hurt anyone. We must acknowledge that most of American religious beliefs originated overseas. Our reality, we are of an international-faith body even during times of global strife. 





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Are you familiar with the "Sharia law?"  The belief--by Muslims or Islamic faithbelievers--that citizens' needs should be provided without cost by community or political leaders: free housing, free healthcare, free food, and free clothing for all.


Muslim faithbelievers desire to live in obedience, order and (personal) destiny and achievements. Other Muslims believe that they should never participate in politics or voting. There is an increase of African-Americans becoming/returning active to Islamic principles. As with any faith, please make certain that your Imam (Islam religious leader, similar behaviors such as a priest in a church setting) expresses what is required of your religious participations-- internally and externally. 


We currently have the most recognized Islamic faith-believing population of citizens in our country, today. How will this affect public-school calendars of acknowledged holidays? Curriculum? Uniforms? Parents and School Staff Participations?