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Written 8/18: The National Guard have been notified to maintain social order in the community of Ferguson, Missouri.  These guards are trained to do "what ever" it takes--as similar activities that are typically performed in times of war.


We realize that, every weekend, there are similar social dysfunctions that are happening in Chicago, Illinois.

Written 8/12, 2014: Due to budget cuts, the Social Security Administration is no longer providing earning record statements or Your Social Security Statements (Form SSA-7005-SM-SI).

"Let It Be Known That Your Aspiring Madam President Is Against Such One-Stop Schools Due to Potential Conclusion Labels of All Students Participation." Are you for or against, Parents and Communities?

Families, remember to support your local Aquariums, Zoos, and Museums.

JET (April 22, 2014) wrote an interesting article addressing ridiculously high electricity bill concerns per household. Federal lawmakers are now investigating to see whether industry titans are gouging prices ... If you suspect that this is the cause for your unique household, contact your state's public utilities commission to file a complaint.


The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History located in Detroit is in need of serious funding reported by JET (April 22, 2014). The museum houses the largest Black historical artifacts in the country. To donate visit



Did you know that our states took over the education system in the early 90s, just a decade before No Child Left Behind law, federal-ruled policy.


Sherlene's point of view is that Obamacare is not simply a health care program--it is a written law.  A law that must be obeyed or a possible arrest may occur within your given state. The law states that "every one" must have some form of health care coverage (private, by your employer, or by our government) beginning January 1, 2014.

Majority House ruled to decrease the Food Stamp (SNAP) program by over $38 million. Posted September 19, 2013.

If our government defaults on its current bills, it is almost guaranteed that we will lose the House of Representatives.