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FRIDAY, February 28

  • NationalPublicorCommunitySchoolsWeek
  • ChristianFaith:LentenSeason
  • IntroductionofGlobalEconomicRecessionDueToCoronavirus
  • LeapYearFeb.29
  • MardiGrasSocialEvents
  • YouMustBe100%WhiteToSelectAsYourRacialIdentityontheCensus

National Emotion-Level Alert, Today

  • Mid-Range Level, Socially, For Most Areas of U.S. Because of Coronavirus Health Care Crisis

Motivational Quote

"A person who is willing to accept restriction and barriers and is not afraid of them is free. A person who does nothing but fight restrictions and barriers will usually be trapped." -L. Ron Hubbard


Inspirational Quote

Let God fight your daily struggles or battles--

-Psalms 97:2


Scripture: Clouds and darkness are always around about him [God].


           Me: He knows how to deal with such burdens unlike us humans.


Scripture: Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.


            Me: Such is his daily work of conquering the daily clouds, darknesses, burdens, and injustices. These are his daily tasks--not yours, faith-believer and promised generations.


Traveling, What To Wear This Week 

  • Autumn/Winter Apparel Week For Most Areas of U.S., Northern
  • Spring/Autumn Apparel Week For Most Areas of U.S., Southern


Shopping, What To Purchase This Week

  1. Lawn Care Equipment
  2. Grill
  3. Garden Tiller
  4. Grass Seeds
  5. Garlic Seeds to Grow Now In Egg Carton Containers
  6. Tulip or Spring Bulbs and Store in Refrigerator 
  7. Asparagus Crowns To Plant
  8. Potatoes Can Be Grown In Containers Now
  9. Raspberries or Blueberries Can Be Planted In a Sunny Area of Your Garden Now
  10. A Sump Pump 
  11. Umbrella
  12. Jacket
  13. Coat

This Month's Trending Sales and Promotions

  1. Valentine's Day focused items and pink or red home décor 
  2. St. Patrick's Day focused items and green home decor


Adults, have you talked to a child, teen, or young adult this week?



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