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Saturday July 20, 2019


  • #NoCBSTVViewingForDirecTVCustomers,Nationally
  • #StateRoute60FreewayClosuresThroughMid-November
  • #41MillionAmericansAreExperiencingWeather3-DigitHeatWaveThroughSunday
  • #Native Americans or Native Americans of Color are not considered our country's definition of unlawful citizenship or of the illegal-immigrant classification.)
  • #IceRaids (Illegal citizens from other countries that are residing in North America)
  • #SouthernCaliforniaEarthquakes (July 4 and expected on-going)
  • #GlobalBalloonsHeliumShortage
  • #BasicIncomeDistributionofU.S.Governmentof$1,000ToEveryNon-WorkingCitizenandUndocumentedCitizenWithNoTimeExpirationTermLimits
  • #HowCanGroceryStoresAndRestaurantsStopWastingFoodNow?
  • #FarmersMarketSeason
  • #FleaMarketSeason
  • #GarageSaleSeason
  • #BuildMoreHomesThatCanEndureSevereClimateandNaturalWeatherChanges

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  • High-Level, Socially, For Most Areas of U.S.

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  • Summer Apparel Week For Most Areas of U.S. 


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  • All Things of Sewing Items and Materials Deals

Staples® Brand Company's In-Store Back-to-School Deals (July & August)

This week's Staples® deals (July 14 - 20)

25 Cent Items, single notebooks.


50 Cent Items, limit 30 quantity: major colors basic 2-pocket folders, Elmer's 2-qty glue sticks, Staples composition notebook, Crayola crayons 24/pack, Staples college loose leaf notebook paper for binders, Staples 3' X 5" white index cards 100/pack.


97 Cent Items, limit 5 or 30 quantity: Staples mechanical pencils, Crayola 10 + 2 bonus pack broad tip markers, Crayola colored pencils 12/pack, Tru Red ballpoint pens 12/pack, Dixon #2 pencils 12/pack.


$1.92 Items, unlimited quantity: Staples 1" 3-ring binders.



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